Monday, January 22, 2007


I was tagged by Mrs. P at Preppy Chic Blog

6 weird things about Kimba:

1. I loathe taking showers, a perfect weekend would be to wear lounge clothes and not shower until Monday morning.

2. I always have conversations with myself out loud, i have often catch myself while out in public.

3. While sleeping at night I kick my legs around, and toss and turn. I need at least three pillows. I also need to have the covers wrapped under my feet.

4. When I replace the toilet paper i have to have the side you tear it off facing up. I have also been known to change it when i'm at other peoples houses.

5. When I was younger (1st grade) I tried to get my mom to change my name to "JC" (no meaning) because I hated "Kim" and "Kimberly". Now I love my name "Kimberly" but am not a fan of being called "Kim". (But do love Kimba)

6. I hate to read books but love to collect them.

I am tagging:

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Jenn at The Preppy Wedding
Susan at I "heart" pink and green
Jennifer at Seersucker Stories
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Sorry for those who might have already been tagged!


Sara O'Brien said...

I didn't get tagged... guess I'm not COOL enough :(

Got your card in the mail today! So cute! Love you TOOOOOOO!

Kimberly said...

The only reason I did not tag you was because i hated to stress you out after you just did your 100 things! LOVE YOU :)

Erin said...

Thanks for the tag, I'll have to get to thinking hard about this if I have to narrow it down to only six things!

I feel you on #1. That is often how I spend my weekends.

Anonymous said...

Ha - you would be welcomed in my bathroom - I can't stand when TP is facing the other way :)

MC said...

I don't always shower during the week, is that bad?