Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Back to work

It was back to the office today....and damn I was busy and couldn't even check up on all my fav blogs! That is what i'm planning on now.

Music Guy had to go out for work tonight so it was just me and mom hanging out. So what did we do? Took ALL of our Christmas down....It was kind of fun to walk around the house and look for all the Christmas nick nacks...expect for the 10 things I found AFTER I had packed up the boxes, i was so close to just throwing it away. Screw it i'll replace it next year!

Also because the Guy is gone i'm catching up on all my Rachel Ray and oh doing ALL our laundry. I have found so many great 30 min means, the one that I will be trying is her Deviled Frittata and Heavenly Angel Hair Pasta YUM-O!!!

I have to go switch over the 4th load of laundry and see what ya'll are bloggin' about...Giddy up!

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