Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fog Happens

A very famous saying on Nantucket....

This is what we saw pretty much every morning on the Cape this weekend!

These pictures were taken a few years ago when Music Guy and I were out fishing, a bit scary when you're out on a boat with only the GPS which does not show other boats coming at you!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Jeep Jeep

Ladies I would like you to meet the soon to be additional to our family. 2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited in Rescue Green Metallic. We test drove one on the Cape and that was all it took. In a few months we'll trade in our cars and get the Jeep. I know you are all about your BMW's and Volvo's but we've come to find out we're a Jeep family.

Can you imagine how sweet this is going to look in 20 years on the beach on Nantucket. We will be "those" people!
I think Kimba, Music Guy along with A & B of fave couple will enjoy having the top down and doors off!

We had a fab-o weekend on the Cape, weather was iffy but we ended up making the most of Saturday on the beach where my cell phone some how also took a dip, but it's still working! Sunday we went out on the boat and I actually went into the "real" ocean no beach no inlet. Open ocean. It's crazy how you can get thrown around and the waves really get you, it was only 8 feet but hey, when you're 5'8'' there is no touching the bottom. So then what do we watch before bed last night.... Discovery Channels Shark Week "Ocean of Fear - Worst Shark Attack Ever", USS Indianapolis. And we had a few cocktails with dinner so everything was a tab more dramatic!
Got up at 5am to head back to the city this morning, in the POURING rain, well worth it!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ok is about me?/!

I have been tagged by the great Midwest Nest (love the Midwest and this gals nest) and Jen Marie (she is too too fun!)

The rules:

One: Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.

Two: You need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names/pseudonyms/blogs.

**I kind of feel my blog is all about my random facts and habits, though now i have to think about it** Maybe I will switch it up and do just facts....

1) I told my friend Kevin as soon as the Sox win it all, I will get a tattoo of the Sox "B", we shook on it....Nope..didn't do it! (but I do have a "tat")

2) I love to clean my bathrooms...yep...I have all of the products in both, no matter when it is I am ready to clean! But if you're over and it's not clean, sorry!

3) I can pee anywhere.

4) I never ask Music Guy if he likes my seersucker skirt or anything preppy, because he is not preppy, what does he know!

5) I could go weeks without coffee.

6) I can not go minutes without my blackberry.

7) I think I am a great driver, but i've been hit by a snow plow (in a NorEaster, not my fault).

8) If anyone was to ask me what my all time favorite blog was, I could not do it, unless they gave me a Miller Lite, I might then say Suz.
(She is on vaca, and will laugh the hardest when she gets back, and too loves beer.)

And I do heart the person who let me pee in her yard, and the gal who knew it was happening and the two ladies J & K who I wished were there to "cap the night off". BUT big big hugs to the one and only Coll, who is the greatest driver errr... gal ever (no really ever)! By the way, Coll and I live within 5 min of a JCrew and about 7 min of eachother...trouble?

Friday, July 27, 2007

Happy Campers

Most of you know I am a huge Sox fan BUT when Football season rolls around I am super pumped. Though I am not a fan of Monday Night Football ads in July, nope can't agree.

Well though it is July I am so happy to say Mini Camp opened today! Lets GO PATS! Ok ok my girls reading me from Wisconsin will not be happy to see that. As when you are born in Wisconsin you are a born Cheese Head which is true. But when you live in Boston for 7 years you well kind of have a soft place for the Pats!

That being said I am not wishing my summer away but am so happy to see a little Football in my news!

Ladies I have been tame through the baseball season as I do not want to jinx anything (i love my BoSox) but I am full throttle come football season...all bets are off! You thought my news on E's lawn was something wait until the ball is snapped!

Is it wrong...

That I drove to work and parked for $45 just so I do not have to head back to Charlestown to get my car and can get on 93 ASAP?

That I went to Starbucks and got two Venti Latte's (at once) for myself?

I think not!

Happy weekend! I've been so crazy this week I'm ready for a nice little weekend on the Cape. And dinner with our Priest on Sunday!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Meet my new Blackberry

We are NOT getting along.

Monday, July 23, 2007

I crack myself up

Saturday afternoon on the Cape we had to head to the AT&T store to upgrade Music Guy's phone (still trying to figure out why I agreed to tag along).

To pass the time (45 minutes to be exact) I played around with the new iPhone which was pretty sweet! Before we left I went to the Internet option on the iPhone and pulled up "All Things Kimba" placed it back on the charger and left! I mean if someone is going to be waiting for that long why not get in a good read. Again, I really only crack myself up!

I love that if you buy the insurance on the phone from AT&T, Verizon or TMobile you can't actually go into one of their stores and get a new phone if yours breaks...You have to call an 800# and they'll ship you one. Which is completely awesome when you've been waiting in the store for a good hour. Luckily my big month told the guy that was not acceptable and he went to the back and found some old phone for Music Guy to use until his arrives today (read as I'll believe it when i see it).

A pretty low key weekend, Friday evening we had some couples over for decktails, burgers and the Sox, a very good combo! Saturday we got up first thing and headed down to the Cape for the night. The weather was very windy so we didn't end up doing any fishing or even get on the boat. Sunday I left the Cape early and got back to the city ran some errands then parked myself on the couch for a Lifetime movie and nonstop episodes of Bridegzilla and 1 and a half episodes of 90210. I think the Soap Network is a new fave! The things I find when the guy is out of town!

Not in the office much this week, off site meeting tomorrow...Wendesday all day meeting...Thursday I have a training class...Friday well nothing thus far! Happy Summer eh!

Friday, July 20, 2007

We love our get togethers

I've been chatting with a few of my favorite bloggin' Boston gals and we've come up with a date for our next outing.

Saturday August 18.
Location TBA

If you have any interest leave a comment and as the time gets closer we'll put together a little agenda!

FYI, i will be on my best behavior!


The oh so smart Libby reminded me that the oh so wonderful Coll suggested our very own Peppy Pub Crawl in Boston!

So that's that, crawlin' in Bean-town decked out in our pink and green with the best gals around!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

You guys are too much!

Thank you all for such sweet comments, it's a crazy time in my life and i'm so lucky to have ya'll!

Now lets see some Brew Crew pictures!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's not easy being green

One thing I forgot to add was that all of the dresses are one color antique. Which being fair skinned with light hair it didn't show me how it would really look. I know they have that color as it does not get dirty as cream or white would.

I would like an off white or a light cream, not the BRIGHT white but not ivory. Ya know?

I'm bring puffy back

I was not a fan of this dress, i liked it at first, but it just was to "wedding dress" for my taste. But again, you have to try to know!


I would like to see what this dress would look like with a navy or cream colored sash, just can't get the picture with the RED.

I tried this one on for my mom!

One thing is this place only had one size for all their dress, and I swear they were a size 6, and well i'm not there yet! HA! So not many back shots, but you can get the idea!

Some more pix!

Some more of the dress I really liked. The dress is from Alvina Valenta If i were to get this dress I would take off the bling, not my style.

Just one....

As I was trying to get the pictures loaded I saved one dress picture and then thought oh crap these will stay on the computer and Music Guy might see them. So as long as I have one already on why not share it. This is the dress I fell in love with. A few things I'd like to change but for the most part this is along the lines of what i'm thinking!

Maid of Honor and Midgets

I can't post the dress pictures from home as I do not know how to delete them from the desktop and I do not want Music Guy seeing them. Not that he really would look at them but you know how it goes! I'll post them right away!

Before I went dress shopping I stopped into Liane's work as I could not pass through town without seeing my Maid of Honor! Is she not just the cutiest!

I posted this picture for Libby, yep those are little dogs on my skirt!

Now it's off to the races!!! Our long time family friend Chad DeSelle has been racing for most of his life! Here is a picture of myself, Chad, his father Mark and one of their pit crew guys (and good friend of ours) Dave. When you go to the races to cheer Chad on you cannot wear green or eat peanuts, that's just how it goes!

Just hanging out in the pits with Chad's wife Katie, his sister Adrianne and his cousin Jamie. The only one missing in this picture is Adrianne's twin sister Rene! Rene and I have some great stories, she's a few years older than I am so she would call into school for me when I was in High School and get me out early and we'd go get our nails done or just bum around! We only told my mom about it a few years ago!

This is suppose to be a picture of my mom and Chad next to his car but I some how messed it up, i'll try to repost it!

My mom took this picture so show you really have to start the kids young! I'd say this picture speaks for it's self!

Chad is the second car in the picture, he got second place in his "heat" race. One more lap and he would have won, which would have been sooo neat to fly 1500 miles and have him get a win for me!

Kimba and moms

Just hanging out in the stands, there is Rene with her little girl Lauren

More racing pictures of Chad

As you know Midget cars can not start on their own, they need a push truck to get them going, learn something new everyday eh?

Just some more racing pictures!

Thanks for comin' along for the ride (nice pun Kimba)! We had the best time, I ran into a lot of people I went to High School with (being in my home town and no one seems to leave) one kid Johnny had the best line. We talked about what we were doing now, he just became a fire fighter (YAY!!!) and I told him what I did and he said "Wow you've come along way from smokin' butts in the back parking lot"! At my High School the "cool" kids would hang out in the back parking lot with their big trucks. Looking back...not the best idea!

Stay tuned for dress pictures!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm backkkk.....

It's been a very busy last few weeks chalked full of vacations and well work!

I will give a full recap (promise) once my mother sends me all the pictures!
I had a wonderful time and it was so great to catch up with everyone.

But now back to business!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Only you Kimba

I have a very fun weekend planned ahead of me!

Wedding dress shopping
Milwaukee Brewers Game

Midget Car Racing!
What? You've never been to a Midget race, you always have to explain to people it's not a bunch of short people running around, but actual cars!
Every Sunday in the summer growing up we'd go to the Midget car races at Angell Park in my home town! I have some very dear friends who race/families of racers that just mean the world to me. It will be so fun, my mom and I will be getting a "pit pass" and I will have tons of pictures to share! Yep, this collar up pearl wearing chick is a hick at heart! Giddy up!
Have a great weekend, weather in Boston looks promising!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sketchy's back

I am so happy to report my girl Sara is back to blogging!

I got to have lunch with her today AND she got back on the blogging wagon! I should buy a lotto ticket!

Lots o great blogs starting up again!

I'm bring the title back........

It's great when you're at the gym and you're about half way through your cardio and you pick up the pace. Hopefully that keeps up! I got up early this morning and went for a run in the Navy Yard. And let me tell you I picked a bad morning to go for a run, it was muggy as shit. Now I don't swear much on my blog so that tells you how damn muggy it was. After a very cool shower I was still sweating. Stupid running, I would have been fine getting up and having some coffee watching the news. But no I have to get all fancy and go for a run. Oh please!

If you're looking for a refreshing cocktail this will hit the spot!

Strawberry Vodka
Diet Tonic Water
Splash of Diet Sprite

It's very light and not very sugary.

Anyone have any good summer cocktail suggestions?

I'm sooo excitied I'm having lunch with my girl Sara today, we're going to Cosi which has the BEST bread! Whatever I ran already today, i can have two. No?

By the way today is my Thursday!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What's with the title thingy...

I was very happy to see the Lands End email in my inbox this morning! They have free monogramming on their Lighthouse Luggage line. Now this is what I'm ALL about a rolling cooler what is better than a monogrammed rolling cooler. Again another example of All Things Kimba. Something to keep my ice tea's cool while still looking all tres chic!

I'm heading home this weekend to look at wedding dresses with my mother, it should be fun! We have a couple of appointments set up in Madison and in Milwaukee. I would love to find "the" dress back home. But I'd rather like to find it in New Hampshire and not pay any taxes, hey I think saving money is smart when it comes to weddings darn it!

I am flying into Milwaukee and driving to Madison for our first stop. My mom is going to pick up my Grandmother and they'll both be there which will be really nice for my Grandma. Then it's back to Milwaukee for more shopping and we're staying at my brothers, I can't wait! Saturday evening we're going to a Brewers game at Miller Park. My bother is a huge Brewers fan, it's like me with the Sox, so I'll have to sport a Brew Crew hat just for him! I know I'll come back with great pictures!

I know I didn't post last night about my week off but like being crazy at work it's crazy at home after being away, tiding up knowing I'll be gone for a long weekend. I had second thoughts about planning a trip away after being gone, but this was the only weekend I could justify being away with the second half of our summer being all booked. And I wanted to catch a baseball game and they were home this coming weekend. Oh and Music Guy will be at a bachelor party.

Hope you guys are having a good week, it's a bit chillin/muggy here in Beantown, hard to pick out an outfit I tell you!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Ok i too am not able to add a title.

I will do my holiday recap this evening, nothing crazy so don't worry I'm not holding out!

I do have a question for my preppy gals!

I need to find a pair of men's Nantucket Red Cargo shorts. As some of you know Music Guy is not preppy whatsoever. He owns about 3 polo shirts and is just not preppy. But after showing him a pair of the new Castaway shorts asking why can't he be "normal" and want to wear them. He said you know I would wear a pair of ACK red cargo shorts, I said do they even make them? He said, oh yeah I saw a guy with them on the other day. So I've been trying to find a pair online and am having no luck, can you ladies help me out?/! This is for a good cause! :) Baby steps...baby steps!

I look like a tool at work with my really tanned read as red/tan/freckled skin. About 10 people (no joke) have commented. I'm thinking, hey I spent six freakin' days on either a boat or the beach what the hell do you expect. I don't look like a lobster, I look like I just had a vacation, what is so wrong with that, sorry if you're jealous. Ok now that I have that out of the way.

I'll be back later with a full recap!

Happy to hear all of you had a wonderful 4th! And Suz had a wonderful birthday!!!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

To my fave Mets fan.....

Here is to you Suz for a very wonderful Birthday.....
This gal is the salt of the earth...She will make you laugh and smile even when she doesn't mean to!
I love ya and see you in Boston in OCT where icy cold Bud Lights will be waiting at the Kimba pad!!!
July 8th, i know:)!!!!

Friday, July 06, 2007

How goes it....


I've been having a fabulous relaxing time down the Cape the last few days! It was so smart to take the extra day on Tuesday, it feels like a real vacation! Of course we're eating and drinking like we're on vacation, but I've also gotten some good runs in so I can justify it! No?

What would be a vacation if Kimba didn't get burned. Tuesday I laid out on the deck and read while everyone went on the boat. They got up at 6am and headed out while I snuggled and slept in! Some times you just have to give some of your favorite actives to get a little beauty sleep. And I had some things I wanted to get done so it worked out well! I went to the Hyannis Mall and picked up a new book "In her Shoes", i know again a little behind the times. But I've never seen the movie so I wanted to read the book first. Then headed out on the deck and read and relaxed for a few hours. And then got my legs fried, I even had on sunscreen but the part that got burned hasn't seen much sun so it serves me right.

I'll give more of a Holiday Week update when I returned, but wanted to stop in. I've been keeping up on your post so I don't feel so "out of it"! :)

Hope you all had a wonderful safe 4th and rest of the week!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Plans changed........

I am going down Cape tonight! I will have my BlackBerry and Laptop so there is no reason to be here tomorrow!

Have a wonderful 4th and I'm sure I'll be checking in beach side!

Weekend update

What a wonderful weekend, the weather was perfect and my golf game sucks!

Friday I didn't do a darn thing, i was in bed by 10pm and loved it! I didn't end up fall asleep for a couple hours as I was reading and watching re-runs of Roseanne, yep you heard right Roseanne!

Saturday I got up and headed out right to play golf, I sucked it up pretty bad. But practice makes perfect. So I will be doing a lot of practicing this coming week/end. I am taking off to the Cape tomorrow after work and I took the rest of the week off. It really is a much needed vacation for me. I have been so stressed out the past few months that this is all I can do to slow down.

Sunday was pretty uneventful, I cleaned and waited for Music Guy to return from VT. Speaking of him, he left for the Cape this morning so it's another night alone. No big deal for me, I still have a few chapters of my book I would like to finish. And I'd like to get to bed early and get to work early so I can leave and beat the traffic.

Has anyone tried Coca-Cola cherry zero? It is super good!!!

Not much else going on, just trying to slow down and get ready for vaca!!!