Friday, March 30, 2007

Miss Kimmie you are a rock star!

ETP of course!

C does it again, how freakin' cute is this little guy!


I am so happy it is Friday...

I wore my lovely reefs to work this morning...Yippy!!!

I also locked myself out of my desk drawers...Booo!!!

Don't ask...

We have plans with Fav Couple tonight, which means it will be a very fun evening. Then it's off to the Cape for the rest of the weekend. A good time to get out of the city! We also need to buy some patio furniture which I can't wait to have!

That's about it for now. I found my spring summer fragrance "beyond paradice" by Estee Lauder it is lovely!

BTW, have you placed your ETP order yet? If're missing out!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"Something Blue"

This bride put her soon to be hubby's initials on the bottom of her shoes for something blue!

Too cute

This is exactly the dress I would love my ladies to wear, of course in navy. And I would like the sash to be a bit more "hydrangea" color, but one is cute!


My fellow Boston gal Libby blogged today about steak! 'nuf said!

Big Boy Seasoning Salt goes great with steak and burgers. I figured if Libby was going to get everyone hungry for a big piece of meat why not fill them in on the little secret from Detroit!

Happy Happy Hump Day

What a wonderful day! I was up at and at the office before 8am and had the worlds best workout yesterday. I spent a good portion of an hour and a half going through Fitness TV onDemand. Did a few ab workouts some body sculpting oh and a 10 min butt video. But that was of course after 25 minutes on the treadmill at the gym after work.

And I'm feeling pretty good! So that means it will catch up with me tomorrow!

Just stopping in to say hi! You guys all have some great spring post, keep em' comin'! :)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Wedding me this....

I like the ribbon, I think it would be very cute if the back of your dress was similar!
I would have this look with a combo of light blue hydrangeas.

When I see hydrangeas I save all ideas, this is a bit to much "something blue" but I like the name tags. But do you really need to "tag" them? Assuming they would be all the same, maybe the maid of honors is a bit different (not in mine) or is it a photo opt?

I like the ribbon!

At one point when I was looking on the knot, i thought this was very cute, but now it kind of hurts my eyes!

Love this cake, (stole the pic from MMM). I want to included our monogram as much as I can (only if it's tasteful of course). Don't worry I'm not going to go "crazy" with rJk. That's right I'm thinking he's initial will be before mine. I know typically the ladies goes first but I like how it looks. But we have time for me to flip flop back and forth!

Get with the times Kimba

For the first time I saw A Scent of a Woman last evening. Music Guy said I would like it, "Its your type of movie". So of course I figured I would hate it as I LOATHE movies...
And I know E can agree with me on her "love" for movies!

I am here to report I thought it was a very cute movie! Please who doesn't enjoy a nice film with Bradley Whitford in it! I did however fall asleep with about 5 minutes left but I can be sure USA will replay it this week!


Even though we got snow on Saturday evening my spring allergies have sprung. First thing first pop a claritin, good times!

We had a wonderful weekend. Friday was a good low key evening, watching Miss USA was kind of fun. Saturday was a surprise birthday party for a friend at the 21 Amendment in Beacon Hill it was a great party and he "said" he was surprised...Who knows! I have come to realize I dislike that place. The stone walls and dark wood make you feel as if you're in a cave and you get a bunch of drunk top of the Hill brats..."Lets go to the 21st Amendment..yeah that's cool, I love that place man". Many things are wrong with that statement but the thing that stands out is if you call it "21st Amendment"...If you know Beacon Hill and know the area you refer to it as "21A", that's it.

The whole weekend was spent running around and cleaning. I do not remember a weekend that has flown so fast. But it was eventful and we got to see some great friends which is always a major plus!

The next few post will indeed be all about weddings. That is really all I am letting myself blog about today/this week. A few weeks ago it was announced that one of the positions on our team was getting eliminated and I will be picking up her work. That's all I'm going to say about that.

I am all set for spring. I tend to wear skirts the most at work and the days of throwing on a skirt suit with heels (no nylons) is fast approaching (Lord I hope so) I need to get some more self tanner cloths. I used to fake bake with the best of them, but now that is a BIG no no in my book (and I'm sure a lot of yours) with so many great self tanners/bronzers out there, there is no excuse for going tanning. That is just plain stupid!

Any suggestions on a self tanner you've tried and are a fan of? I currently use Estée Lauder Towelettes. I think they are great, but I might need to try L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning, Towelettes, I'm sure they are pretty much the same and much less expensive. (AND it'd be a reason to go to Target!)

I went to Trader Joe's yesterday and spent way too much time looking at everything! I got some good items but realized I can not do all of my shopping there. And the people who shop there annoy the crap out of me. I mean that's all fine and great if you bring your own bags but don't hold the line up looking for the right size tote bag to fit your tofu and wine in. Just pull one out and get a moving. If you get a half a cart of groceries you really do not need to travel with 15 different sizes of tote bags, you're not about to spend the month on the Vineyard (seriously that's what the different sizes are for)! Regardless I found a really good light airy Chardo Pino blend!

That's all I have!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Workings for the birds...

And so I am a bird. Which makes me think, what type of bird would i be? Seagull does that count? Of course I need to tell you what type of Seagull I would be, I think the get a bad wrap.

A) They annoy the bloody hell out of people who are attempting to eat on the beach (or some damn kid feeds it, nothing ticks me off more)

B) Or the other kind that are in mall parking lots, i remember as a youth my mom and I would laugh at the dumb Seagull that would be flying around Madison in JANUARY...

I would be hanging out in Nantucket on Nobadeer Beach or better yet Great Point. And when it gets a bit brisk for this warm chicken errr...Seagull I would head to...Um..I'm not sure, maybe you guys can help me out on a good place for me to "winter"?/!

Now that I got that out of the way...
*the real post*

Last night we had a WONDERFUL dinner at the Tavern on the Water in the Navy Yard in Charlestown. A evening out with that crew is always delightful. We had the best appetizers (calamari my fave and some cream cheese crab wong tong, good thing i worked out like a mad-Kimba this week) and the dinner was to die for! I had Crab Asparagus Haddock it was crusted haddock and the asparagus was also crusted. Bit too much "crust" for my liking but it was so good. I love that place! I can't wait until it warms up and we can rock cocktails on the deck as the sun goes down over my city!

Weekend details...

Tonight I am staying in to watch Miss USA (my brothers girlfriend is Miss WI) and to make quesadillas. I promised Music Guy the reason why I wanted to make them WASN'T because it was something to smother sour cream on wink wink!!!

And tomorrow we have house guest. Our friends are in town from NYC, my fave necklace designer KEP and the one and only TSK (he doesn't have a link he's just great) will be staying at Rancho de Kimba. The reason they are in town will come on Monday, you'll see why I'm not saying anything!

Which means I will be CLEANING tonight and tomorrow, I'm a freak about having people over and cleaning. I kind of wish we would have hired help, who am I kidding!

Sunday will be a "normal" Sunday (i think...) Then it's back for the last week of my birthday month :(!

Have a great weekend and let me know where this Seagull should winter!

OH my mom is coming out for Easter!!! She can finally see our wedding site!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday fun

Another busy day here for Kimba. But I was able to get a hard core workout in this morning. And for about 2 hours afterwards I was in a major gym coma! But all is well.

Tonight we are heading to dinner with Music Guys parents and his sister and her fiancee for a little Kimba birthday dinner! I am very excited about it! It is kind of spring'ish outside and the restaurant we are going to is very spring'ish!

I didn't dress as springy as i should have so might have to run home and jazz it up a bit! HA, who am I kidding!

OH, I finally got my new setting and I love it. I am trying to get a good picture to post soon!

More later! :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

For my girl Suz

Here is a pic of my hair a day later (in line flying home WAY to early) Liane and I got it done for the par-tay! They did a super cute job, wrapping my hair around the "pony" part was a big hit.

Why i'm just not ABLE to blog

I have not been good at blogging the past few weeks and i'm here to tell you why....

1) Our home computer shit the bed (i hate to swear in my blog so you know it's bad).

2) Work has been crazy and now and then that is when I do a lot of my blogging (off hours of course).

3) I've been planning for a few parties which have left me uber-stressed.

4) I've been trying to keep up with of my blog friends!!!

5) I have been trying to use most of my free time getting my buns in to shape (no pun)!

6) I've had more of a social life as of late.

7) # 6 is a lie...

8) But I have been very busy and when I sit down to do a daily/weekend update I tend to get side tracked as so much happened.

Long story short, i've felt this is a one sided guys give and i just take!

How about a fresh start...i'll post some wedding ideas! Everyone loves wedding ideas! :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bestest Friends

Awww, one of the main reasons I miss Wisconsin. Here is the lovely bridge-to-be (with her "lovely" maid of honor) at her fabulous engagement party this weekend!


I'm back! Catching up on the billion of emails that were waiting for me as my freakin' Blackberry died on me!

My time home was wonderful and the party was a huge success (if I do say so myself)! I have some party pictures of the wonderful bridge with her maid of honor (me)!

I had a great birthday, Music Guy of course made it very special!

Thank you for all the well wishes, you guys are too sweet!!!

More later, promise!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Birthday Suit

No no no....not that birthday suit!

My birthday outfit does not disappoint! I'm wearing my black pinstriped skirt suit with a lovely pink Lands' End v-neck sweater with kFi monogrammed. A Kimba sweater for Kimba day!

Thank you for all the comments and emails, I'm having a wonderful birthday!!!!

Goodness where has the day gone, I started this at 10am! I just got back from a very nice lunch with Music Guy, I'm going to hit the gym and make a half day of it. :)

I'm going to Wisconsin this weekend but will be checking in! Oh I can't wait to go to the Lands' End inlet, woohoo!!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Searchin' for my lost shaker of salt....

The spring like weather we're having in Boston is having in inference on the music I rock to while at the gym and I'm loving it! I tend to listen to the same "jams" while working out, I guess I fear change and get stuck on the same playlist day after day.

But yesterday and today were very different.

While walking home last evening (which took me 23 minutes, normally it's about a half-hour!!) I listened to my boy Jimmy Buffett (I will have to blog about how much love I have for this sailor) and at one point found myself with "fins up". Nothing is better than an iPod full of Buffett and listening to it over and over. Makes you feel pretty good about yourself and life! How on earth could anyone be anything but giddy listening to (personal fave) Volcano!

This morning on my commute I could not stop listening to O.A.R. When ever I hear them it makes me miss all of the fun outdoor shows I've attended!

Another good one would be Radiohead (Ok Computer)! Last Fall Music Guy and I saw them at the Bank of America Pavilion, first time for me billionth time for him. It was so sick, the weather was out of this world, perfect sunset over the harbor with the skyline in back. It was an unforgettable show from start to finish and not just because it was on a Monday...oy!

I could go on and on with the old standbys (The Samples) but I feel i've been there done that!

Any spring and summer tunes that get you all pumped up?!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Beware the Ides of March

YEP, that's my big day...March 15th

Poor Julius Caesar was assassinated on my birthday. A few years prior to my arrival in America's Dairyland, but still the same day!

One smokin' Maid of Honor

A weekend recap is forthcoming!

I wanted to quick jump on and show you the dress I'm planning on wearing for the Engagement Party I'm attending in Wisconsin this coming weekend for my wonderful friend Liane! She is a wonderful bride to be. Her Maid of Honor is 1,500 miles away and even though I feel I haven't put all my effort into my responsibilities she is always telling me how great I'm doing and I'm just the perfect Maid of Honor! Awww! :)

That being said I found this super cute dress from Ann Taylor this weekend while I was returning a very cute and way over priced sweater to JCrew. One thing that made me really think "you do NOT need this" is when I was watching Entertainment Tonight with Lara Spencer and she was wearing it. I thought hum...this C list celebrity has the same sweater as I do, nope not happening and I forced myself to return it!

Anywho, back to the dress. I didn't try it on as I had come from the gym and thought it would be a bit wrong to put it on and get it all yucky!

For some reason I really love it. I have one similar from JCrew but that one has smaller polka dots and is a few years old so if you're going to host a party you better look good! Right?

My mom and I are going to look at wedding dress this weekend while I'm home, should be fun right? I need to do some self tanner or I'll blend into the color of the dress.

Giddy up for great weather this week!

Just like our fave Monogram Momma it is also my birthday week, I'm trying to think of a fun treat to bring into work but everything seems to annoying to haul around on the bus. Maybe Music Guy will drive me? Yeah right! Or I could be normal and just pick something up downtown when I get here, but that seems to defeat the purpose!

I'll check back in and give you the low down and recipes from the weekend!

Friday, March 09, 2007

I am going to hell

I'm again off the wagon.

I went to Subway for lunch, was in the mood for a healthy sub. So I order my 6" turkey on wheat with extra lettus with light mayo....And get the combo meal and yes get a Diet Coke. I am in the middle of picking out my Light Lays chips and as I turn around I (read as God) dump my whole soda all down my CREAM sweater and dry clean only skirt. Oh and I'm wearing my tall boots and some soda runs down the inside of my boot, AND gets into the bag and on the end of my sandwich.

All I was really thinking was YEP I knew I shouldn't get the diet coke but oh well, shame on me! So I sent Music Guy an email saying "I want to make dinner tonight" And when I say "I" I mean myself (i'm the worlds worse cook) so it would be a little errr...treat for him to not cook. All along i'm thinking taco salad or some type of Mexican. Well we finally connect and he wants to make a white pizza because I gave up pizza for lent and if it's "white" it's not really pizza. I still am puzzled about his way of thinking but that's not here nor there. THEN it hits me...I had TURKEY for lunch, a diet coke and was thinking about pizza for dinner. There I go, eating meat on Friday having a diet coke and googling recipes for Mexican Pizza.
I'll be seeing Howard K. Stern in hell.

Anywho, just got my shopping list from the boy and i'm off.

Have a good weekend, hope to be up and blogging more next week!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dumb dumb dumb...

Did anyone watch The Wedding Bells last night on Fox? I thought it was DUMB...I did enjoy the wedding chatter but how on earth could they keep the show going? I mean there are only so many shows you can have with crazy Bridezilla's? Or wait, maybe not. Of course I'll keep watching as long as it's on the air!

I'm off to get my hair highlighted. It is in MAJOR need, I am hoping my lovely stylist doesn't want to chit chat as I'm trying to finish my book. She's great in all but she always seems to talk about her boy friend or if it's an off week, how she needs to find a man.
The last time I was in was after I had gotten engaged, she noticed the ring and asked about the details of the engagement. After I had given her the short and sweet version she started to go on and on about the new guy of the day, for the first time in my life I was about two seconds away from saying..."Listen up, I pay you which means it's my time". But of course i just sat back and listened to how great his body is. Plllhheeezzzz!

I am so freaking sore. I have worked out everyday this week and have been kicking my butt as I was on the mend with the hoof issue. Though it's a "good" sore it still is annoying!

Ok I'm off to take this bitter mood elsewhere! :)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I have to

complain about the cold and wind. It is nuts!

Long story short, I missed the bus I was planning on taking this morning so I thought it would be a great idea to start walking.
I mean I was all bundled up hat, scarf, one glove (yes one glove) my super heavy duty skiing jacket and mocs. Seemed like a swell idea. Start walking and soon enough another bus will come by and you'll have gotten a little exercise in and still get to work on time.
Funny thing is, when I was walking buses kept passing me but I was never near a bus stop, so yes I ended up walking to work this morning in the damn cold.

I had a very pleasant weekend!

Friday evening we spent time hanging out with Fav Couple, very fun. Always lots'o laughs!

Saturday ahhh, what a day! I believe it was near 60 in Boston and it was heavenly! Sara and I spent the day on Newbury St. Checked out a few bridesmaid dresses and people watched. A few restaurants had tables set up outside for lunch, we were dieing to partake but figured the wait was way beyond our tolerance for a burger and beer! So we opted for Charley's on Newbury and had a great lunch. Our bartender was a a-hole, but as long as our beers were cold and to us fast we were fine!
Saturday night we met up with some friends in Beacon Hill and had dinner with Music Guy's parents who had just returned from their tropical vacation! Nothing is better than being with two very tan people during the whitest time of year!

Sunday was spent starting my spring cleaning, a trip to Target was also in order, cha ching... I hate that I can not walk out of there for under lets say $80, this time it was a "tad" over....

I started my Buff Brides DVD and like i figured it has to be muted. The chick on it is so bad, she has you throw your arms around as if you're throwing your bouquet and tells you as much. Also ask you to do some weird ab move and think of yourselves reaching across the room at your new hubby. Nonetheless it was a good buy, it will be good to add it in to mix up my routine!

On tap for the PM is well trying to stay warm! Brrrr...

Well C this is all i can muster up for now, work work work! :)

Friday, March 02, 2007

What Weather?

Here in bean-town we had pouring rain and it was going sideways up down and all around. So what does one preppy gal wear to protect her wool suit and super cute updo and headband?

Well a foul weather jacket of course! HA. I got the one in red for Christmas for when we're out fishing in foul weather dauh! :) Oh and it comes equip with a bright yellow hood in the event i fall off the curb or out of a boat they'll be able to spot me!

Dear Vineyard Vines

I have a fondness to with your company. I love your style from your tote bags down to your whale stickers. I even get excited when I see you in the Nantucket Sound fishing as we blow by to catch bigger fish! Your slogan is to have fun and enjoy life. You have really come a long way from your days of just making ties.

Which brings me to why I'm writing to you. I am getting married in September 2008 and I've pretty much decided on the colors and theme of my wedding and with that came the perfect tie. It was light blue with the cape in navy. This was perfect, all my colors and even the spot of my nuptials hence theme. Now i'm not going to get all Bridezilla on you because I know you will come up with something that is even better. But when I do find it please don't mess with me again, Music Guy nor my friend will be able to take it.

Phiz Up,


Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday already??

This possibly has been the busiest craziest week of my life. That being said, bring on the weekend!

This week has been full of conference calls, meetings, fire drills and then the normal crazy reporting that needed to be done lets say um.. yesterday.

I finally got my Buff Brides DVD (I'd include a link but it seems my works server thinks it's some porn site and I can't access it). So I'm looking forward to starting that, I just hope the chicks who are "teaching" on the DVD aren't mousy and annoying...That would be a deal breaker. Ok not really, I can always mute it!

I am starting to read Sophie Kinsella's book "The Undomestic Goddess", I have never read any of her books before but I hear they're all very good. This one is starting out pretty funny! I know I am behind the times with her books, but hey you have to be late to the party now and then!

I wish I had something a little more fruitful for you on this sunny cold Thursday! Snow? That is a good one...

We're suppose to get some snow! I just checked what my morning commute looks like and it looks ANNOYING! Wintry Mix/Heavy Rain and wind. Does that not just scream ugly outfit day? Naw, nothing a cute sweater can take care of!

I have a free moment so i'm going to run to the gym and get back for yet another series of conference calls. Giddy up!