Sunday, October 03, 2010

Keep it in the family...

As an Irish Catholic, that is a common stereotype of ones family...Being Irish, Catholic and a Midwesterner the heart on your sleeve is the only way to go through life.

The above is here nor there...I am gearing up for next weekend, my absolute favorite cousin is coming to Boston for a visit! Makes me smile she's coming all the way here just to see me!!

My mom sent me this picture last weekend while she was going through old pictures.

That is my cousin Kelly (left) and yours truly Kimba (right), we may be years apart, but we're as close as ever! Her parents, (ovbi my aunt and uncle) are also my godparents, she's the sister I never had!

Love you Kell, can't wait for you to get to the Bean!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

The ATK 600

After starting this blog in 2006, I would never imagine some of my dearest friends would be some of my readers, IRL and on here.

To think about all of the fun we've had over the years, I couldn't possibly name them all, but a few do come to mind.

Of course the first ever Kimba blog meet up, Libby comes over with mint, Jim Beam and a shot glass - now that's a Derby Party! Speaking of Lib, meeting her for drinks on Valentine's Day at the Liberty Hotel, is a dear memory!

Lisagh on her Grosgrain Garage Boston Tour, we need to copy that weekend and do it all over again! Harvard, Upstairs on the Square, Mel, shopping, phone chats with Suz (she couldn't miss the fun), Coll and I being the sassy tour guides and E and I matching with the Elves outside of Joe's on Newbury. Lib running from her exam to ensure she didn't miss a second!

If I had the time I would list each and every time E and I have gotten together, are we done mentioning the peeing on your lawn? There is never enough time in the day when I see that girl! One December morning that poor girl had to tromp around Boylston Street with me and 4 oversize Vineyard Vines shopping bags after an early morning 40% off sale!

Suz coming to Boston to see the Red Sox and of course me, she is truly the best person in the world! I tear up just thinking about how much I adore her! She has more passion than anyone I have ever met!

Diving to Lib's graduation party with Coll, trying really hard not to ask if she's pregnant, but knowing she'd tell me soon enough! :)

Dinner with C, J, E, K in the private booth and then to end the evening at the new Hard Rock in Boston, classy and classic!

A trip to LA is not complete without a date with C and La Scala, I want to jump off the plane and run to Beverly Hills to see C and get a famous chopped salad! I can't wait to meet the new additions to her and J's family! So happy she was able to tell me in person!!

So many more fun blogging meet ups to be had, stories to be told, laughter and tears to be shared. And that was just in person, the rest over the blogging world, email, online book club, it's all wrapped into the joy and love I have for this place! So here's to 600 post over here at ATK.

Love you all!