Thursday, January 31, 2008

2 hours ago

I had just gotten home, and you know what?

I am uber happy!!!!!

Bring on this new job!

What to do

So I'm about to pack up my stuff and well I have an issue. I have the Pats and Celtics schedules up on my board and I do not want to take them down because the seasons have been going so well. I kept the Sox schedule up until after the World Series HOW'D THAT WORK OUT FOR ME!!!!!

I sure hope the person who replaces me is a C's fan!

Yesterday they threw a suprise lunch for me at Silvertones! And of course it involved a roast and props. A funny line I thought you'd get a kick out of was "If Kimberly is not wearing pearls you know it’s not going to be a good day”. Funny funny people aren't they.

I'm starting to go through my desk and i've found two bottles of self tanner. I can't even explain that one!

I hope to report back later! Gosh this is sad.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Wishing you a very very happiest of birthdays!

Kate is one of those friends I wish everyone had, she is the sweetest, kindest most caring person you could ever meet! And funny as hell!
You know she's one heck of a gal when you fly to Chicago to watch her run her first marathon! :)

Love you lots!!!!


If you see the picture below my ring is hanging out in an unsafe place on my finger. It is not secure whatsoever. So here's my question: what products have you seen to make it more snug.

You might ask "why don't I get it resized" well here's the thing in the cold weather my hands shrink beyond belief, so I need a "fix" for now.

Any thoughts?
On Christmas Day I was in Mass and while reaching for the Bible my ring flew off and landed two rows in front of me. Thank God (pun intended) I was at Church and not on the street. Of course while everyone else is praying i'm crawling on the floor. Now do you see why I need the help!

Next on my list: mani.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dear, Big Day Bootcamp

You were a waste of 25 minutes this morning.



Dear Kimba,

Wait until this afternoon.


I've been checking out the "Fitness TV" onDemand and I have to say they have some good workouts on there. Next up is Bunny Bootcamp, I heard from a gal I work with it really kicks your butt!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Meme Monday

I haven't done a meme in a while. And I also got home after 7pm and wanted to at least something.

I got this Meme from Melissa at Pretty In Pink and Green

4 Jobs I've Had:
1) Target I worked in "softlines"clothes, shoes and accessories
2) Nanny for two boys 7 and 9. They would call me their coach as I took them to tennis, swimming, baseball and golf. And before each practice I would help them warm up, the best was when I would take them to golf. I would get myself a few buckets of balls and spend an hour and a half at the driving range. All the while I was getting paid.
3) Teacher's Aid for a 6th grade class every afternoon my senior year of high school
4) Parts Coordinator for a German Analytical Instrument company

4 Movies I've Watched Over and Over:
1) How to lose a Guy in Ten Days
2) Chevy Chase's Christmas vacation
3) Dazed and Confused
4) Ten Things I hate about you
It really took a while to get this list, I do not watch many movies.

4 Places I Have Lived:
1) Madison, WI
2) Whitewater, WI
3) Boston, MA
4) Charlestown, MA

4 Shows I Watch:
1) One Tree Hill
2) Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, Insider, Extra
3) 60 Minutes
4) Biggest Loser
I watch many more, but not many of them are on right now.

4 Places I've Been:
1) Bahamas
2) Nantucket
3) Martha's Vineyard
4) Detroit
I thought Mo-Town was a good fit in that list!

4 People Who E-mail Me Regularly:
1) My boss
2) JCrew
3) A of Fave Couple
4) my mom

4 Favorite Things to Eat:
1) anything Mexican
2) eggs
3) skittles
4) cheese (any and all)

4 Places I'd Rather Be:
1) Pretty happy right here at home
2) on a boat fishing (assuming it was July)
3) Beach
4) just leaving the gym

4 Things I Look Forward To This Year:
1) Our wedding/honeymoon
2) The birth of A & B's baby boy
3) Liane's wedding (not my speech though) :)
4) Super Bowl, The Sox Season and of course the Celtics outcome

I hope you all stayed warm today! :)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Did you know?

We watched part of Edward Scissorhands this weekend and Winona Ryder's name in the movie is "Kim", her boyfriend in the movie kept calling her "Kimba". I had no idea, funny random thought if you ask me.

We went to the Cape Saturday to look for our rehearsal dinner place and we found exactly what we wanted. Our whole thing for the weekend is to keep everything close. And to have our guest run into each other on the street.  We also stopped at the hotel and they are completely redoing the whole place. It was a bit tired looking and needed to be updated. The funny thing is it is the same hotel Music Guy's sister used so when the guest go back it'll be like a whole new place. 

I'll post details about the rehearsal this week. 
Is it tacky to have two something blue? I have two thoughts and I think I want to do them both. I really need to get my flower ideas in order stat.  

Last week at my current position, early mornings and late evenings here I come! 

I hope you're having a great weekend! I love how we were suppose to get "flurry's" it's a lot more than flurry's if you ask me!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A tad early for this....

I got up early this morning and did a Tae Bo DVD, it was part of a Yankee swap gift last year. I have a feeling come noon I will not be able to lift my arm above my head. I'm planning on doing some cardio after work tonight as I didn't do the full DVD. I'm not sure I'm going to break this one back out anytime soon. I'd rather listen to the annoying ladies on Buff Brides. Well let me rethink that.

I'm meeting with the lady I am replacing today to go over some things. And then later I have a meeting to discuss the type of replacement for me. That should be fun!

Music Guy found a condo online that we're both a fan of. How could this place not be perfect, they had a lighthouse in the bedroom and a barn star in the kitchen. Only difference is I have 15 barn stars around the house and 300 lighthouses. Now that Music Guy sees how other people decorate with the same decor I think some will be missing when I get home this evening.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Gouda Football

We watched the Patriots game over at J & G's and we brought this wonderful oozing bundle of joy.

Crescent-Wrapped Gouda

Crescent-Wrapped Gouda Ingredients
7 ounces round natural Gouda cheese
1 egg, beaten
1 8 oz. can crescent dinner rolls

Instructions for Crescent-Wrapped GoudaHeat oven to 350 degrees. Cut cheese round in half crosswise to form 2 circles; remove from wax. Separate dough into 4 rectangles; firmly press perforations to seal. Place one rectangle on top of a second; repeat with remaining rectangles, making two double-thick rectangles. Press each into a 6-inch square; place cheese circle in center of each. Pull corners of dough to top center of cheese. Press dough tightly against cheese. Twist dough in center to seal, twisting off excess dough. Press seams to seal. Repeat to make second gouda wrap. Press out excess dough. With canape cutter or paring knife, cut out decorative shapes; place on top of each gouda wrap. Brush with beaten egg. Place 3 inches apart on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake 18 to 22 minutes or until golden brown. Cool 10 mintues before serving.

Summing it all up, I took the Crescent and wrapped it around the gouda and put it in the oven until it started to brown and ooze. I did not use an egg, but I'm sure it adds more to the crust.

Just cut with a knife and dig in. Some people like to use crackers, but i don't see the need with the crust as a "holder"!

We had a very nice weekend. Friday we stayed in and rented Superbad and I was fast asleep by 10pm. Saturday we went to the gym and then ran around to Costco, Target, Best Buy and two Circuit Cities. Why you may ask, Music Guy talked me into buying a new TV. Which really was needed. The TV we had was one I got when I was a Sophomore in High School. I really do think it out weights me. This is the best time of year to buy one as the Super Bowl is coming and they drop the prices and they go back up the Monday after.

Speaking of Super Bowl, Lets Go Pats! It was a fun game to watch with a group of fun people. What was not so fun, the game after. My poor Packers, not even "poor" I'm a bit use to seeing Brett Favre throwing an interception in a big game. It sucked and I was not happy.

Sorry for the lack of post, with everything going on last week and just the stress I've put on myself when the weekend came I had no energy to be creative. I'll kick that!

Some TV shows I'm all about:

Snoop Dogg Father Hood
One Tree Hill
Biggest Loser
Cashmere Mafia
Cheers (I never watched it nor watched reruns, I am now though, I heart TV Land)
Sex and the City (again never had HBO, reruns)

All of my other shows are reruns now.

Speaking of Sex and the City, does anyone have a good place where I can rent the DVD's. I really think I'm going to be a big fan but I do not want to spend $200 to catch up. I've been DVRing it but it is always all over the place.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Here I am....

Wow what a week. I am looking forward to a long weekend! A week filled with interviews and me and my new boss on our blackberries counter offering with a recruiter while in the same meeting knowing what each of you are up too. Typical week.

So yep, I GOT IT!!!

Now it's on to find someone to replace me. Is it possible? HA!

Thanks for ALL your support, it is just so wonderful to be able to put myself out there like this and have such a great group of ladies there for me!

Ok now i'm freaking job+big deal job=Kimba freaking out.

Why can't I go back to the day when we were strolling around Harvard acting like smart people. :) Those were the days!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesday update

Thank you for your sweet comments! It's a fun and stressful time for me and it helps to know you all are here for a little (lot) support!

I really will have a recap soon, things have been a tad busy the last week.

I am going for a new job at work and had my interview today and meet with another person tomorrow morning. The interview was suppose to be yesterday morning but with all the snow it was pushed back. It obviously was a good thing as I was able to have more time to prepare but that also means I have more time to stress. It went very well today we'll just see how tomorrow goes!

On a fun note I received the below necklace from the super talented and super sweet Kelley from KEP Designs this weekend. I'm hoping to get a great picture of me sporting them to show you guys!

Oval 14mm Lilly jade with fresh water pearls.

Off to get ready for my next interview and to also keep up on my real job!

Monday, January 14, 2008

My girls....

Of course leave it to Libby and CDM to have such thoughtful sweet post about our Engagement Party. It was a great action packed weekend and I'm waiting to get the pictures to put together the full weekend recap.

Pictured are none other then five fabulous ladies in my life. I'd say I have one good looking wedding party!
Kate, Amy aka "A of fav couple", Kimba, Sara, Jenna and MOH Liane.

More to come promise!!!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Times like this...

I absolutely love living in the city. I went for a run this morning through the Navy Yard (while listening to The Samples) as it is unseasonably warm on the East Coast. I knew come tomorrow morning it would be back to the 30's, It was wonderful while it lasted! It looks like it will turn out to be a nice weekend. By nice I mean 40's and dry.

I was able to go to the gym after work and get some weight training in and walked home. So of course I am unable to lift my arm! Not too bad, but enough to remind myself even though it doesn't hurt while I'm doing it doesn't mean I should tack on 20lbs just because! Or does it?

I wish I had more to write about, next week i'll have full weekend and party recaps.

BTW, I started this at 1:40pm.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Feels like my birthday outside....

But no it's not The Ides of March it's only January 8th. It was nice getting up this morning and heading to the gym having the Jeep say 50 degrees. Speaking of the gym we went after work last night and it was so packed people were standing behind machines waiting for them to finish. Hey sorry if I sweat on you, but you're a tad close for my liking. I know it's the first of the year and they finally opened on Saturday morning but I can't wait for the novelty to wear off. Once a few weeks go by and people give up on their New Years Resolution I'm hoping it'll get back to normal.

I've had a few funky dreams the last few nights about Nantucket. Reading Sarah's post yesterday made me laugh out loud and remember my own dream. I was going to post about it yesterday but figured it wasn't all that exciting to anyone but myself, 9 times out of 10 those are my normal post! So here it goes: Sunday I had a dream I lived on Nantucket and communed to the city by the Commuter Rail. Now those of you who live in the area are familiar that the Commuter Rail picks you up in Plymouth. But no see in my dream I took the train from the Straight Wharf, that's right no Hy-Line the train. I think it was because before I fell asleep I watched the episode of Sex and the City when Carrie goes to San Fran for her book tour via train. I do not have a fear of flying, trains, cars or boats. But it was just very odd. Last nights dream was even weirder. We were still on Nantucket (not sure if i took the train there from the city) and we had to go to the store so we all piled in Jeeps and went to the top of a waterfall (which I've yet to find on ACK) and took a raft down the waterfall to the Stop and shop. Couldn't tell you what happened after that as it was time to get up. I told Music Guy about my two dreams and he so nicely sported one of his Nantucket Permit t-shirts in my honor to the gym.

Not that exciting, just odd! I'm over my head in work work work. That and I'm hoping to hit my work gym at around 4:30ish to do weights. Wish me luck! ha!

Also, I think i've just booked our DJ. As most of you could figure out the music is a big thing and we never found a band we loved. If we were going to have a band it would have had to be Martin Sexton and I think we found out that was about 10k. So a DJ it is!

Hope you're enjoying it being 60'!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Dear Vineyard Vines,

Did you really have to up your prices on ties? Really, really did you? I think $65 was a good price but now they are $75. I already was on the fence with using you for our groomsmen ties and I think raising the price seals the deal. Do you even understand the reaction I get when I tell people I might not use you. I might be over thinking this and maybe an extra $200 or so might not seem like much when we're spending so much to begin with. But listen we have to buy 13 ties. Do the math that's a lot. 

Just think about it, i've been with you from the beginning and have made you a lot of money when I trot around town using one of my zillion totes. And the lovely men in my life have a nice supply of your ties (at $65). I won't even get into the clothing I own.

Lots of Love,



We decided that on Friday night we'll have the people who are coming into town over for a little get together. I can't be in more than one place at a time so we'll bring them to me! Good idea?

So here's my question what should I make and of course what should I wear?

I think we'll do something in the crock pot, maybe meatballs for sandwiches or chili and they can eat whenever. Maybe a taco dip, (personal favorite so that's a must) but I need some ideas. I've been googling for recipes and thought this was a better way to find some! 

Tomorrow is suppose to be 50, I'm all over that! 

We looked at a few open houses today we are in love with this one. If you look at the night time roof deck picture you can see they have lights on railing. How cool is that. It doesn't really have a "view" but heck we're not in Beacon Hill anymore. It's Music Guy's perfect place, the style is pretty modern and that's him, not me, but I'm a fan! The couple who own it finished the renovations and got transferred to Seattle all in the same month. There is a condo for sale right next to were we live, when I say next to us I mean we look at it daily. We loved it in pictures and thought this is the perfect place to buy. We went to the open house last weekend and completely hated it. It has a private roof deck and we thought it was pretty sweet but when we went up there it sucked. Do you see a common theme here outdoor space is a MUST! When we were moving in together we looked at about 50 apartments before we (I) found this one with a deck! We kept telling the broker we have to have outdoor space and he kept showing us ones without and finally I had to drop him. Annoying. 

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! I haven't worked on a Monday in weeks, YES a routine!!! 

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Red, white and navy???

I had to return something at Target and end up getting these shoes to wear next weekend. I didn't have any "winter" shoes to wear with navy and these have a low heel so they're perfect. I got home to show Music Guy and it occurred to me i'm going to look like the American Flag! Navy dress, white sweater and red shoes. I'm too much even for myself sometimes!

Happy weekend! We had a busy busy day and now Music Guy's sister J and her hubby G are on there way over to watch the Steelers game. 


Friday, January 04, 2008

Karma will get you....

I forgot to add this below. This morning I went to Starbucks to get a Venti Latte and there was a homeless man who was standing outside next to a vent blowing out warm air. This kind of pulled at my heart, soon enough I'd be in my cozy office enjoying a $4.15 latte. I've seen this guy a few times and he doesn't sit and beg or holler at anyone he just sits there. I got him a coffee and set it down next to him not two seconds later some jackass in his big suit kicked it with his foot. Sure he might not have meant to, but the guy kind of laughed. I looked at him with this f you look and shook my head. The lid did not come off so not much spilled but that's not the point. The homeless guy looked at me and smiled and I went on my way.

This is not something I've ever done, it was just something about seeing him on the second coldest day we've had.

Karma is a bitch you big suit wearing asshole.

Dear JCrew,

I was about to post a not so nice message to you as I ordered a sweater last week while you offered your 20% off and free shipping and never got a conformation email it shipped. Normally I would be ok with it as it was a simple white cardigan and really you can find them anywhere. The issues would have been I wanted this exact one,

as I'm wearing my navy Lyndsey dress. Get it white and colors. (yes people I am "that" bride who is going to sport her wedding colors to her wedding related get together)

While tapping away at my desk the lovely mail lady came and delivered my sweater. No conformation email just the package and while I was starting to wonder if you stood me up, you found the right time to come through. So thanks! And thanks to J for the JCrew gift card and thank you to Preppy Sue for the free shipping code. Such a group effort for one simple white sweater.

Now that I got that out of the way.

Big fan of this week being over, coming back on Wednesday threw me for a loop. Not much planned for the weekend and by that I mean I didn't plan anything because I have so much I need to get done before next weekend. I have my family coming in Thursday, my MOH Liane and her fiance are coming in Friday. I can't wait, she has never been to Boston and it'll be nice to finally be able to show her where I've been for the last 6 years.

Saturday we have to finish up our registry and we have lunch plans. Our gym is suppose to be open so that's a must. Also Saturday there is a surprise 30th birthday party for a friend of ours we might attend. How's that for no plans, I'm doomed! :)

I'm about to book our trolley for the wedding party, it was really the only why we could all travel together and enjoy ourselves. It will be used from the church to the beach for pictures and then to the club. I'm wondering if it's worth it, $1000 bucks for that. I guess I need a little more time to think about it. Thoughts?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy Happy New Year....

Just getting back into the swing of things. The nice thing about the work week is it is already Wednesday! Glass is going to always be half full this year, not that it really ever isn't.

Our gym moved across the street from where it was and is completely new. Music Guy took a tour on Saturday and said it is really nice. All of the cardio equipment has their own TV's and everything is brand spankin' new!!! Down side, they're not open yet and the old one is closed. I called today and they said they're hoping to open tomorrow or Friday. That's helpful, which is it? Good thing I'm also a member of the gym at work but that doesn't help the other party in the house who belongs. Heaven forbid I get up at 5am to workout and they're closed. HA!

Biggest Loser Couples started last night, I don't think it will be as popular as the singles. I could be wrong it is a good time of year for a weight loss show. But all of the extra baggage that comes with them is a bit annoying. It also was the first show and it'll take some time for them to get use to working out and being away from home. We shall see! Also SVU was a good one!

Here we are New Year's Eve at J & G's.

Awww watching the fireworks!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Thanks Coach Carr!

What a crazy Capital One Bowl, I won't get all cocky about it as I know NMB is a Gator. I'll just say GO BLUE!!!

Wisconsin lost and Michigan won not exactly how I wanted it to turn out but at least one of our beloved teams won their bowl game.

We went to the Warren Tavern for lunch and spent a good part of the day taking our Christmas decorations down and cleaning up. It was nice not to have to go anywhere as the weather this afternoon was simply annoying. Rain...snow...rain...snow. Annoying doesn't really sum it up. 

We had a very nice New Year's Eve! I forgot how much I missed living in Beacon Hill and being so close to everything. The Liberty Hotel was really nice, super trendy but nice. I was surprised as it was a little too posh for Beacon Hill it's like a nightclub. If you're in the area I'd definitely check it out. 

Hope your team won their bowl, it's a fun time of year in College football!