Sunday, January 27, 2008

Did you know?

We watched part of Edward Scissorhands this weekend and Winona Ryder's name in the movie is "Kim", her boyfriend in the movie kept calling her "Kimba". I had no idea, funny random thought if you ask me.

We went to the Cape Saturday to look for our rehearsal dinner place and we found exactly what we wanted. Our whole thing for the weekend is to keep everything close. And to have our guest run into each other on the street.  We also stopped at the hotel and they are completely redoing the whole place. It was a bit tired looking and needed to be updated. The funny thing is it is the same hotel Music Guy's sister used so when the guest go back it'll be like a whole new place. 

I'll post details about the rehearsal this week. 
Is it tacky to have two something blue? I have two thoughts and I think I want to do them both. I really need to get my flower ideas in order stat.  

Last week at my current position, early mornings and late evenings here I come! 

I hope you're having a great weekend! I love how we were suppose to get "flurry's" it's a lot more than flurry's if you ask me!


Libby said...

It is a lot more than flurries if you ask me too!

Kimba, this is *your* wedding and if you want to carry two something blues, heck even three, then that's exactly what you should do.

Melissa said...

I agree. It's your wedding. If you want two something blues, then do it! :)

Traci Anne said...

Random - so my Google reader just popped up with 25 new entries... from you! Finally, you're showing up on my reader!!

Kimba Rimba said...

Lib & M,

You're right! I do love blue!


I took my blog off of private today. :)

suburban prep said...

I have a few something blue.
My engagement ring has the main stone of sapphire.
My parent's gave me a necklace that was my granmother's that was sapphire and then they also gave me another necklace that was sapphire.
My garter had a blue ribbon with a medal attached to it.

LooLoo said...

I think I forgot something blue so please, carry two, one for me. HAHAHA

Kate said...

I don't think it's tacky to have 2 , but maybe one of the two could be borrowed, old, etc. to fulfill one of the other requirements:)

IrishEyes said...

I totally agree with the other posts. . .it is YOUR wedding and YOU make the rules!

Have as many 'blues' and 'something olds' and anything else as you want!