Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Thanks Coach Carr!

What a crazy Capital One Bowl, I won't get all cocky about it as I know NMB is a Gator. I'll just say GO BLUE!!!

Wisconsin lost and Michigan won not exactly how I wanted it to turn out but at least one of our beloved teams won their bowl game.

We went to the Warren Tavern for lunch and spent a good part of the day taking our Christmas decorations down and cleaning up. It was nice not to have to go anywhere as the weather this afternoon was simply annoying. Rain...snow...rain...snow. Annoying doesn't really sum it up. 

We had a very nice New Year's Eve! I forgot how much I missed living in Beacon Hill and being so close to everything. The Liberty Hotel was really nice, super trendy but nice. I was surprised as it was a little too posh for Beacon Hill it's like a nightclub. If you're in the area I'd definitely check it out. 

Hope your team won their bowl, it's a fun time of year in College football!


N M B said...

:( How did we lose that game?....I sure hope he enjoyed his last game as coach! ARGH!

Midwest Nest said...

My team won the Cotton Bowl! 'Ol Mizzou showed them we should have been in a BCS Bowl. Although going to Dallas turned out to be a nice distance for most Missouri fans.

KK said...

My team won. But it was the Independence Bowl, which according to an article on Yahoo, is the worst bowl game of all! :) :)

dmmlandcruiser said...

Oh do I feel for you! My wedding was the same night as a Red Sox/Yankees game and the pitching matchup was Pedro/Roger. Trot got a home run in the 9th to win the game so we considered it to be good luck!