Saturday, April 25, 2009

Random Thoughts...

While having drinks at Fave A's house last night it came to me I started dating my now husband when I was 22. Gesh, why was I exclusive so young. 

You all know the term "Dress for the job you want not the job you have", i'll take that thought and apply it to this, "Dress for the activity level you want, not the activity you are". So with that I am in gym clothes blogging/twittering

Off for a run, and yes my foot is still sore, so if my next update is from the ER, you can all say "i told you so". 

Everyone wave Hi to my new blogging LA buddy Paisley Peunia, she is so super cute! Speaking of blogging BFF, my super super fave Suz, sent be the best email this morning, she wanted to let me know my boyfriend Joe Scarborough was on The Today Show, love it!

I was coming back from getting coffee this morning and a realtor was showing these young gals the one rental on our street and said this place is great if you're drunk and forget your keys as the door is always open, if it's ever locked just buzz the people above and tell them you just got back from the bar and have beer. SO what do I do, look at him give him this look and say "wow", and walked in our house. Yep, I am now old and don't want riff raff on our street. You can slap me now, i deserve it. 

My wonderful friend Kate is running the Kentucky Derby Marathon today, good luck Kateson, you'll be great!!!

Off to enjoy the 80 degree day we have here in Boston!!!

Chalk this post up to "ALL THINGS KIMBA, ATK". 

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jacked Up

If you've been following me on twitter you know i've been running a lot the past few months. Well yesterday I was about to head to the gym and I noticed my left achilles was hurting and ended up taking the day off from running. Well today it's 10 times worse, if anyone has ever had achilles problems they know how freaking painful it is. 

I'm super bummed as it's very nice out and what a perfect day to go for a run outside around the Charles River. My right achilles is the one I've had looked at over and over from different doctors so now that i'm having pain in my left I official have bad achilles. Darn Greeks!

I've blogged about it my darn feet before. No way no how will I be back in any boot, so i've decided to let my heel heal. 

So on this beautiful day I'm inside watching the Celtic's first playoff game and trying to force myself to read Class with the Countess, more on that later.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A few fave ATK Tunes

Alon: Right Now (Na Na Na), Beautiful, Don't Matter

TI: Dead and Gone, Live your Life, Whatever you Like

Ne-Yo: Miss Independent

Flo Rida: Right Round**

I thought you might like to see a few songs I listened to over and over on iTunes (30 seconds each over and over) Feeling pretty sassy getting in touch with my gangsta side!

**Right Round is the only song I own, and did listen to it on repeat for an entire 45 minute run!

Sox = Spring

The Red Sox are on and I am ONE happy girl! 

Another All things Kimba moment:

I got these new shoe inserts that have grip on them as my shoes are a little to big after a few wears. So Monday I put them in my shoes and thought these are different but hey if they work then great. No real issues with them, just felt different, but what do I know, I've never used grips before. But thought the color blue was an odd color to have as the top of the insert, use to tan or black to match the shoe. Well I was cleaning out one of my desk drawers and found the package they came in (it was a 3 pack), for some reason I turned the package over and read the directions....SEEMS the "blue" side goes down. Yep, for three days I've had these fancy new inserts in upside down. 

Tomorrow I will try a new pair the right way, stay tuned.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Take me out to the Ballgame

Tomorrow it starts, it all starts...OPENING DAY!!!! PLAY BALL!!!

I may tear up tomorrow afternoon watching our one and only Knighted Teddy Kennedy throw out the first pitch!

I would love to see the 2009 season bring us another one of the above pictures, Teddy going strong holding the World Championship Trophy.

This makes me think about summer and with summer comes a change in menu's, so if anyone out there has a good potato salad recipes please share! I made potato salad this afternoon and while it is still chilling in the fridge, I can tell it is sub-par.

LET'S GO SOX and cheers to the one sport that screams summer is almost here!!!!!

**Though we may actually see Opening Day on Tuesday, with the steady rain predicted.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

World Autism Awareness Day

My very dear blog (but real) friend E is doing a giveaway as today is World Autism Awareness day, her daughter C has autism. I have learned so much about Autism after hearing E's stories and doing some of my own research to be more informed.

I know I have 9 min left until her giveaway is over, but it is never over, get informed and stop on over to every ones fave Picnic, she is the best mom, friend and is one person you would love to always surround yourself with!

Vineyard Vines Faves

**I spent a lot of time on this post and now blogger is not allowing me to upload pix. :(

In light of the fabulous 20% discount VV has offered us (and I do say us because you better bet I will be using it!) I thought it was a perfect time to showcase a few things I don’t think I could live without and have caught my eye!

I always thought if I were a guy I would be the best dressed fellow, luckily MG is pretty easy going and doesn’t mind if I pick a few things out for him, though he had to set a few ground rules.

Baseball Tie: I think it is a perfect tie to wear next Monday for opening day!

Bull & Bear Tie: When you’re feeling good about the Dow, this would be a good way to show it off.

Gingham Tie: Screams summer

Golf Tie: I would like to see them revamp their golf ties, maybe I’ll do a mock up and submit, not likely, but a thought! Maybe a golf cart, actually it’s have already been done

Jersey ¼ Zip: Enough said!!!

Lobster Printed Seersucker Club Shorts: These kind of go without saying, but I like the clean look they have.

Rip Stop Cargo Shorts: MG said if I could find Nantucket Red Cargo shorts he would wear them, I have tried to find them for two summers and FINALLY I have found them! They might be a little more “pink” then what I was going for, but I think with a classic white button down they’ll be ideal!

Now of course those are just a few great items I’m a fan of, Spring/Summer could not get here soon enough!

I own a lot of polo’s and find them to have a great fit, the classic polo’s are the only ones I go for as they’ve never done me wrong. I would love feedback on the other style’s they’ve put out over the last year.

A few goodies:
Polo Dress: I would love to see one in white with the navy whale, but then again, I don’t know if a full white dress is good for anyone who plans to wear it to “knock around”.

I can get behind this whole outfit!!!
Stafford Stripe Rowayton Ruffle Shirt:
Classic Twill Skirt:
Whale Cut Out Buckle Belt:

Seersucker Reina Dress: It looks long enough I could pull it off on a Friday at work with a cute white button up sweater. I am a huge fan of pieces I can work with for the office and for play.

Seaa Life Jackie Capri: I love this color combo!