Friday, August 22, 2008

Dear Kimberly,

You know you're doing pretty good with being less then a month away. A few things....

-It's ok if your brother hasn't RSVP'd yet...he'll be there

-What ever hasn't been done will get done, really in the grand scheme of things it really all has already been done.

-You had an amazing bachelorette party and though you already knew it you have the best bridesmaids (*FRIENDS) ever! More then you could ever dream of. *(I am so blessed, they are truly the best gals I could ever ask for)*

-You are now more than happy with the idea of letting the wonderful helpers in your life (MIL-tobe, and others) help you and take things on and do it better than you could ever think!

-Telling the Cake lady doing a tasting on the Cape on Wednesday's just won't work so sending her a picture of what you want is ok, more than ok!

-Don't forget one big thing...when you might be stepping outside of your "I'm not that bride" zone you have Sara to pull you back in!

-Big one: your mom is coming out tomorrow for the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And she will be with you when you have your hair and makeup done for the first time! Though we all know it'll look great! Nothing is better then mom being there! She is a trooper!

-Last night you and your husband to-be when out to dinner for your "one month until" dinner. And it was wonderful yet pretty funny to laugh at everyone who was so serious. Great dinner and a great bottle of wine and going home was the best!

-There is one more gal who is just nice enough to speak up and say "Spain"...

-Oh and you have a whole blogging world that you have not updated for so...cut the shit!

-There will be more to come, but for now! Just enjoy....I know you've heard for weeks, months, years that you need to step back and enjoy! I would say step back right now and enjoy...get things done...but enjoy!

-Though Kimberly, I understand you and Music Guy have planned this whole wedding and the stress is warranted, enjoy!!! No really enjoy!!!!!!!!



Friday, August 08, 2008

Honeymoon help!

First blog post of August, sickening Kimba!

I am calling all of my preppy jet setters for some advice on what is a must see for our honeymoon!

Here are the details:

We're going to Spain and will be spending most of our time in Puerto Banus and Marbella.

Any thoughts for those who have been to or know people who have are much appreciated.

We're on the Cape and it only took us 3 hours to get here, traffic and weather was the problem. But no matter how long you have to sit in traffic just getting down here makes it all worth it.

We're meeting with the Priest tomorrow morning and the rest of the day will be spent on the boat fishing. Very much looking forward to that!

Not much wedding news to report, we got our invites out which was huge! I talked with our cake lady today and the only time she could do tastings was on Wednesdays so to sum it up I pretty much told her I didn't cake to come in and just get it done. She's on the Cape so I would have had to take time off of work to do it. Which would be fine if I actually cared, but hey she has been voted Best of Boston and Best of the Cape. I just need to send her an email of what I want it to look like, easy enough for me!