Friday, September 28, 2007


I found my dress!!!! It's a Carolina Herrera and the first dress I tried on yesterday!
**If you click on the link above that is my dress!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Meetings and dresses

I'm checking in before I spend the rest of my day in a windowless conference room!

BUT this evening will be fabulous. My mom and I are going to L'elite on Newbury as I've been eyeing this Watters dress for months. It actually was one of the first dresses I ripped out of a magazine. Hopefully I won't be disappointed, regardless it will be a great "night out" with my mom! And then tomorrow evening we're heading West of Boston to do some more dress shopping. She is only here for a few days so we're packing in a lot! Which is typically how I do things anyways. :)

Hope you Boston ladies have been enjoying this summer like weather!

Libs, the magic number is 2!!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Little wedding update

We've decided on our Save the Dates and Invitations. Below is a similar version which I found by googling "nautical wedding invitations" and a few other nautical phrases. And we liked the idea of incorporating boating into our theme. I am all set with using a sailboat or anchor. Don't get me wrong I was planning on using anchors and boat rope and still love the idea but I've decided to be more original. Attending enough weddings in one summer will do that.

I will be using actual boat rope at the church with flowers and a lot of other cute details I'll fill you in on when I have them more set.

The difference with our Save the Date is we're going to use the "real" lines you get from the GPS (at Hyannisport). Which is three "numbers" not two. And Music Guy refuses to use "Chart your course", but that's just a minor detail so he wins.

Thanks to who ever Beth and Michael are for the tip!

Thoughts/plans of our engagement party are in full swing.

Giddy up!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Mini Re-cap

Happy Fall!

This will not be much of a blogging week. I will be in and out of the office all week, and my mom is coming!!!!

I was really looking forward to this weekend as we had nothing planned! Friday was a house cleaning evening for me, no joke I was excited!

Then there was Saturday...

I had a lot of errands to run, normal Target, grocery store and the oh so fun car inspection.

I was finishing up my morning with a trip to Trader Joe's. I should know better then to ever go on the weekends, the place is always packed and annoying. I got to the check out had all of my items rung up and I looked into my tote and my wallet was not in there. I quickly ran to my car praying it must have fallen out. Nope, you guessed it while at Trader Joe's some asshole stole my wallet from my bag. I know it happened there as after I left Target I went through a drive thru and got a diet coke and used my debit card and then went straight to the store.

I have a feeling it happens often at that location. It's a shitty part of Cambridge and the place is always crowded. Also the manager was all to quick to come up with a solution. The lady checking me out called him over and he said "Do you want to file a police report" I said "I guess, I don't know what to do this hasn't happened to me before", replies "me either" and had the police on the phone in 2.5 seconds. And gave me my groceries and quickly asked me to wait in the parking lot. A bit pushy to get me away from other customers.

So I waited for the police to come gave them my info and story. One officer asked if I noticed anyone peculiar strange. I had to laugh and say "of course it's Trader Joe's" He laughed but I don't think he found it as funny as I did!

So that's that, I spent the rest of the afternoon dealing with the Bank and my Credit Cards. And trying to remember what I had in there. Here are a few items that I should not have stressed about but did.

Banana Republic Gift Card
JCrew Gift Card
MBTA Pass (Friday after work I stopped at Haymarket and added $25 to my balance)
Lilly receipt for a return that has yet to show up on my credit card for a credit

That's all she wrote on that subject, thinking about it makes me sick.

Sunday we went to a few open houses in Charlestown, saw a few we liked but didn't love the location. Music Guy's parents came over to watch the Pats game. And that is about it! A little stress but all in all a very low key weekend!

Hope you guys had a great one!

Promise to come back on a happier note!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Matchy Match

The lovely T from London sent me her pictures from ACK!

KEP and TSK's web-site, Save the Dates and invitation's were all in white and navy little did i know the ties would be raspberry. So like always Music Guy and I matched! Gotta love it!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

One Year from today.....

We will be celebrating with our dearest family and friends!!!

Here's to one crazy busy year ahead!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

City Nuptials

Friday I attended my first City (Boston) wedding. It was at by far the best room in the city. It was held at the State Room at 60 State Street Downtown. It was super Chic!

They had the ceremony in the room pictured below. People get pretty excited about watching friends get married on the beach. There is something to be said about watching friends get married over looking your favorite city.

After the ceremony they moved us upstairs (overlooks the view below) for cocktail hour. They seamlessly moved all of the tables (preset) out and set up the dance floor. Pretty slick!

She was one beautiful happy bride!!!!

J Lester, Kimba and A of fave couple. I am wearing my JCrew Lyndsey dress in Navy. If it wasn't so expensive I would use this exact dress for my bridesmaids.

Kimba, B of fave couple and Music Guy.

Well I forgot my camera so I am using pictures a friend of our sent out and most of them are people pictures. But at least I was able to share a few!
No more weddings to attend for a while only wedding chatter. My own is 1 year and 2 days away and my MOH who I'm her MOH Lainee's is 298 days away!!!!! Woohoo!!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Happy Happy

Birthday Music Guy!!!

Two years ago today we were sitting on the Budweiser Seats at Fenway with J & G!

Off to the Sevens in Beacon Hill to watch Sox Yankees!

haha! The word verification is "mybsox"

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The soon to be....

Mr and Mrs Hickster!!!!!!!!

Congratulations you two!!!!!

Music Guy is lucky enough to stand up for one of his very best friends!
A wonderful rehearsal dinner this evening and a fabulous wedding tomorrow evening!
Cheers, we love you!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wednesday 9.5.07

We arrived on Wednesday late afternoon to a beautiful house of course not before our Cab driver dropped MurDogs laptop on the ground, that was not sweet.

We got all settled in and A of Fave couple and I walked to Stop n Shop to pick up a few goodies for the house but mainly beach eats. The boys headed for a Miller Lite & Coors Light run. We got back and all sat outside talking about what a great few days we have a head of us. Mainly the Raw Bar party at the brides fathers house that evening.

One of many goodies were our Welcome Bags. I will have to post pictures of the gifts inside. They are to die for! Most of it is branded with their circle K! No one can top that!

Here is a great picture of the brides father's view of Sconset Beach and beyond. Oh and the raw bar. This house was breathtaking!
The Sconset Sunset

We left their and went to The Chicken Box, I was praying for a surprise guest to show up, but no luck! Maybe next time Jimmy!

Thursday 9.6.07

Today was a Town day.

Our house was only about a 10 minute walk to Main Street and we made the most being that close. A and B of fave couple and I walked into town to do some shopping. Music Guy met us a little bit later for lunch at The RopeWalk. We were lucky enough to score a table outside, that is the best way to do lunch there! A got a super cute Nantucket basket necklace charm, I'm now wishing I would have gotten one. Guess I'll have to go back soon!

We had a Kick-off BBQ at the mother of the brides house that evening so we spent the day in town and before we knew it, it was time to get ready!

Cute shot of A & B of Fave couple

Music Guy and Kimba. Not the best, but hey we're on vacation!
It was a great party, we got to meet some many new people and by this time all of our friends (sans J Leaster, J & G arriving Friday) were finally all on island. It was truly "kicked-off" the weekend! After the party we all (the "kids") headed to the Boarding House and took over their patio. At one point the bar broke into a dance party and after a song went back to normal, very strange!
**also this evening is where my fave vv pink fleece went missing, 4 years strong with that fleece**

Friday ACK 9.7.07

Friday seemed to be the only beach day it was warm and not as windy. A had some friends vacationing on the Island (with cars) so we tagged along with them to Nobadeer Beach. One of my favorite things about Nobadeer is that you can drive on the beach and they are pet friendly. It also is right by the airport so it gives you a little action. I also feel not many people pick Nobadeer as there are no lifeguard or no facilities which is not ideal if you're with kids.

I had to be back and ready by 5:30 so we had to pack up a little earlier then we all wanted to. But we got some good beach time in!

Becky and I met for a drink at the The Gazebo as both our guys were in the wedding party and we figured we'd meet up and be each others date! (The Gazebo also sells cigarettes for $9.00 a pack if anyone is interested)

Here is a picture of me with Becky and her boyfriend the Best Man Rufas at dinner

The Rehearsal Dinner was at Caption Tobey's in town. It was so much fun to have the true Nantucket feel. I only have this one picture for now.
It was a lobster theme complete with lobster suckers with their names attached!

After our Rehearsal festivities the plan was to meet the rest of the wedding goers at The RopeWalk which is my favorite bar on ACK! It was a blast!
On to the big day!

Wedding Day! 9.8.07

I only have a few pictures to show for the wedding day as most of them are people pictures, but you can see the fab detail!

Here are the handsome groomsmen...Coors Light and all! They were wearing Seersucker pants, navy blazers and a Raspberry vv crab tie! Which I am so happy Music Guy now owns!

Bridesmaid flowers
KEP's dress was very pretty! Eyelet, perfect for Nantucket

A view of the Bridesmaids walking down the beach like stairs to the cocktail hour


The circle K was their wedding logo

Cocktail table with seersucker table clothes great centerpiece

Another look

Here is a view from the stairs, in front of the tent was a pool, sorry no one ended up swimming

Name cards in sand

In the shells on the table were candles

What would a post be without a picture of dinner: they had fillet, halibut with lobster sauce and a potato "pancake". It was delish!

Raspberry Wedding Cake

Of course a sparkler send off!

Many more details to come!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Recap on hold

When sitting down last night to give a recap on our fantastic weekend, I thought tomorrow is when most of you will be reading it and that was not the time for the recap.

For me today is about remembering those who lost their lives, the families we keep in our prayers, the soldiers who fought and are fighting for our wonderful country. I am sure most of you are like me who think about them everyday but today it hits home even harder.

Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm back.....

I will send a recap of our ACK vaca this evening.

I was able to catch up with most of your blogs yesterday so I don't feel so out of the "loop"!

One quick funny story, Wednesday night at the Kick-off Clam Bake I ran into a girl (whom I do not know) that told me she reads my blog! Her husband told her to introduce herself, it was great! She called Music Guy "Music Guy" all weekend, he was a little freaked out at first but quickly was able to adapt! We're going to refer to her as "T", she is friends with the groom and lives in London, I do love my readers!

I am able to grab a quick lunch with All Things Sketchy, and I mean quick, but we have a few things to catch up on that just cannot wait.

Any thoughts on Britt at the VMA's last night, didn't think so it was again another train wreck courtesy of Ms. Spears.

One more wedding to go this coming Friday, it will be another fabulous affair!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Friends and beaches

I didn't end up going to the Cape this weekend. I had too much to get completed around the house and at work before we take off for our next wedding round. But of course I made the most of staying in the city!

I headed to visit my girl All Things Sketchy in Marblehead to check out her new digs. Sara and her man Ben just bought a wonderful new house and I was so happy to finally see it. Because of course when they're having their house warming party I can not attend, yes you guessed itI have a wedding.

We went to a bunch of little super cute shops and got a bunch of little super cute things. I got a pair of crystal starfish earrings which Sara said "is so Kimba" and she got a pair of silver starfish earrings to match her necklace. If you know her she loves starfish! It really is no wonder we get along so well! Our next stop was an accessory store that was having a 40% off summer sale, I got a bracelet that matches the earrings and necklace set we wore in J's wedding. And Sara got a pair of madras flip flops.
Our final stop was the best In The Pink. They were also having a 40% off sale on their summer items. I got two dresses and a clutch for the price of one and a half dresses. Both I will be wearing to the rehearsal dinner and wedding this weekend. The rehearsal dinner dress is from Day Lilly the Kinsey Dress Seersucker I am going to pair it with the jewelery I wore to J's wedding and strappy silver heels. They show it with gold in the picture but when I had it on silver dressed up the look. **Side note I prefaced in my last post I will still be wearing white, linen and seersucker this weekend, so no comments about it**
The next dress I will be wearing to the wedding is from Social Butterfly the Laurel Dress Solid in pink. The bamboo ring is gold so that calls for gold stud earrings and strappy gold heels. To top off both looks I got the Patio Clutch in parade pink.

After that it was time to go home! It was such a blast to see Sara outside of our once a week quick lunch! She's just wonderful!

Sunday morning Kateson and I went to Cranes Beach in Ipswich. It is her favorite beach and I can see why, every where you look was the most breath taking sights!

Monday was spent cleaning and packing and the evening ended with Music Guy and I having a "cookout" (just the two of us) with turkey burgers and a potato veggie bomb and watching the Sox!

I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend and have a great week! I hope to check in from ACK along with a lot of great pictures!