Monday, September 24, 2007

Mini Re-cap

Happy Fall!

This will not be much of a blogging week. I will be in and out of the office all week, and my mom is coming!!!!

I was really looking forward to this weekend as we had nothing planned! Friday was a house cleaning evening for me, no joke I was excited!

Then there was Saturday...

I had a lot of errands to run, normal Target, grocery store and the oh so fun car inspection.

I was finishing up my morning with a trip to Trader Joe's. I should know better then to ever go on the weekends, the place is always packed and annoying. I got to the check out had all of my items rung up and I looked into my tote and my wallet was not in there. I quickly ran to my car praying it must have fallen out. Nope, you guessed it while at Trader Joe's some asshole stole my wallet from my bag. I know it happened there as after I left Target I went through a drive thru and got a diet coke and used my debit card and then went straight to the store.

I have a feeling it happens often at that location. It's a shitty part of Cambridge and the place is always crowded. Also the manager was all to quick to come up with a solution. The lady checking me out called him over and he said "Do you want to file a police report" I said "I guess, I don't know what to do this hasn't happened to me before", replies "me either" and had the police on the phone in 2.5 seconds. And gave me my groceries and quickly asked me to wait in the parking lot. A bit pushy to get me away from other customers.

So I waited for the police to come gave them my info and story. One officer asked if I noticed anyone peculiar strange. I had to laugh and say "of course it's Trader Joe's" He laughed but I don't think he found it as funny as I did!

So that's that, I spent the rest of the afternoon dealing with the Bank and my Credit Cards. And trying to remember what I had in there. Here are a few items that I should not have stressed about but did.

Banana Republic Gift Card
JCrew Gift Card
MBTA Pass (Friday after work I stopped at Haymarket and added $25 to my balance)
Lilly receipt for a return that has yet to show up on my credit card for a credit

That's all she wrote on that subject, thinking about it makes me sick.

Sunday we went to a few open houses in Charlestown, saw a few we liked but didn't love the location. Music Guy's parents came over to watch the Pats game. And that is about it! A little stress but all in all a very low key weekend!

Hope you guys had a great one!

Promise to come back on a happier note!


J said...

I am so sorry about your wallet! I can't believe someone would actually have the audacity to take it out of your bag. People can be awful.

It's totally understandable to stress about your T pass and gift cards because they can't be replaced, while your credit cards and bank card can. My wallet (actually my whole bag) was stolen when I was in college and I was most upset about losing giftcards and my sunglasses (and all my jewelry but that is a whole other level!).

And thinking on the bright side of things, now you have an excuse to buy a brand new wallet!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your wallet. What a horrible experience!!

Mel said...

i had my wallet stolen at a grocery store in east hampton last summer. i was really upset about it -- you're handling it very well! it took me a few weeks to get everything back together, but the credit card, DMV, etc people were very understanding because they deal with this all the time. best of luck getting organized and i'm sorry it had to happen to you in the first place.

Libby said...

My condolences, you know how I feel about this. Hang in there, you'll get it sorted out, I promise.

Mrs.Preppy said...

I am so sorry to hear about your wallet being stolen! You feel so violated when something like that happens. I would have stressed out about the gift cards as well... that is awful! Maybe the culprit will be outside of the size ranges at those stores and not be able to use the gift cards!

Future Mrs. S said...

Oh man..that's the worst. I agree with are handling this very well. Good luck sorting everything out!

hello sunshine! said...

Ohhhh, that's terrible! I think I know which TJ you're talking about (my bestest bestie went to Boston College for her BA and MA, so I was there a LOT) - it is a pretty crap location. Honestly, I'd be freaking out WAY more than you are, precisely because of the gift cards ;)

Rebecca Jill said...

I had my purse stolen from church about this time of year about 3 years ago. The church is right on the main road Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, so there's a lot of people that walk in and out of there.

Of course, it had my wallet, but also all of my keys. My car was parked in a public pay lot in downton Chapel Hill, so we had to make sure they knew the situation, so my car wouldn't be towed.

Calling to cancel and getting everything replaced is such a hassle. But eventually, everything gets back to somewhat normal, but it does make you nervous about it happening again.

IrishEyes said...

I am so sorry this happened to you!! A definite heads up for me to hang on to my purse. I have been way too lax leaving it in my shopping cart while I gather items on my grocery list and I could see this easily happening to me as well. This will be a warning to definitely be more alert. Thank you for sharing your horrible ordeal and maybe saving us the same experience.

Southern Cupcake said...

Sorry about your wallet Kimba. I hope it all gets sorted out without too much trouble.

hqm said...

That makes me so mad!!!!!
Glad to hear you are taking well and sorting out all of your accounts!
Someone out there trying to be Kimba....they could never get close to the real thing!

Kimba Rimba said...

Poor person (no pun) who took my wallet would be sadly disappointed if they tried to "be me". That wallet won't get you far!

I was ONE Subway stamp away from a free sub, grrrr!

Tickled Pink & Green said...

Getting your wallet stolen is horrible. I once had my whole purse stolen while in London with my passport inside. Now that's even worse. You've made me think of this whole incident, which has a (shockingly) happy ending BTW, and I think I'll post about it soon.

Always turn in a police report - because you never know. I ended up finding my purse.

Anonymous said...