Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wednesday 9.5.07

We arrived on Wednesday late afternoon to a beautiful house of course not before our Cab driver dropped MurDogs laptop on the ground, that was not sweet.

We got all settled in and A of Fave couple and I walked to Stop n Shop to pick up a few goodies for the house but mainly beach eats. The boys headed for a Miller Lite & Coors Light run. We got back and all sat outside talking about what a great few days we have a head of us. Mainly the Raw Bar party at the brides fathers house that evening.

One of many goodies were our Welcome Bags. I will have to post pictures of the gifts inside. They are to die for! Most of it is branded with their circle K! No one can top that!

Here is a great picture of the brides father's view of Sconset Beach and beyond. Oh and the raw bar. This house was breathtaking!
The Sconset Sunset

We left their and went to The Chicken Box, I was praying for a surprise guest to show up, but no luck! Maybe next time Jimmy!


Anonymous said...

Aw, no Jimmy - that's too bad, he was fabulous on Saturday night (9/8) & he mentioned the 'Box, so perhaps he saved his visit for sometime this week ... bummer!!

Love those gift boxes ... and that raw bar :)

suburban prep said...

looks so great.
Have a wonderful time.

Future Mrs. S said...

Everything looked so perfect! I'm sure our weddings will be just as beautiful. Loved your's looked great!

CFB said...

Being from the south, we don't get to Nantucket very often. I spent a week there this summer at my friend's boyfriends family home.His grandfather actually used to own the Chicken Box!!! I had an amazing time. The things you talk about in your post (like stop and shop) brought back some memories.

Preppy Wedding said...

Everything is super cute!

Kimba Rimba said...

Coming from you Jen says a lot :)!