Monday, March 30, 2009

VV Customer Service is above Par

I've never really had any experience with Vineyard Vines customer service as I've never had anything go wrong, all of my online orders came with no issues and all of the products have been great. I was beyond pleasantly surprised when I received the below comment on my post.

Hi Kimba. My name is Quinn and I work for Vineyard Vines. First of all - thanks for all the support! You certainly have quite a lot of experience with our products and I'm SO sorry to hear that the Fairwinds Fleece has already got a hole.

As I'm sure you know from all your previous experiences with us - we really pride ourselves with providing top notch customer service - so replacing the defective fleece for a new one is a no brainer. Feel free to give us a call at 800-892-4982 or email me directly at and we'll get you sorted out today.

It seems like there are a lot of people who are big fans of V.V. on here - so we'd like to extend a 20% discount for the next week to all of you in thanks for all the feedback. Just enter KIMBA at checkout and your cart will automatically be adjusted. The discount is good for everything but gift cards and licensed products (college, mlb, and nfl products). It's good through Sunday, 4/5/09.

I particularly like Puttin' on the Grits comment that we'd be upset if we had a hole in our boat - we DEFINITELY would!

Have a great week! Look out for our new catalogs in the mail!


I quickly emailed Quinn and was able to get the return info and tomorrow I will pop my fleece in the mail and will be receiving a new one! He was fast, professional and even had a VV sense of humor anyone could appreciate! I can't say enough how impressed I am with their customer service, I was truly blown away!

NOT only am I able to return my fleece with no problems, but there is a little perk in there for you, my fabulous readers!

Now through Sunday (4/5) you can receive 20% for your order, Just enter KIMBA at checkout and your cart will automatically be adjusted. The discount is good for everything but gift cards and licensed products (college, mlb, and nfl products).

Tomorrow I will post a few items I will be adding to my VV collection!

Cheers to Quinn at Vineyard Vines and to the best readers in blogland!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thumbs Down!

Let me start out by saying, I am the BIGGEST Vineyard Vines supporter this side of the Vineyard but this post will not support that fact.

If you have followed me for some time you'll know of my "pinky" it is my pink VV fleece that I got years ago that I have worn day in and day out and have loved loved loved. SO this last Christmas my MIL asked what I wanted and I said I would like a new "pinky" but in navy and with the logo on the bottom (Fairwinds Fleece). So come Christmas morning I opened it and was thrilled! She actually had to search the Cape high and low to find it!

Well I've been wearing it but not like I did the "pinky" I kind of save it and don't want to wear it out. Even though "pinky" is holding up strong in ALL of it's wears and washes.

Here's my story:

First I noticed it would get very "fuzzy" and "pilly" everything would stick to it as if I washed it with cheap towels, which I did not. And then today.... I found a hole...see below.

So there you have it, three months and not that many wears and I have a freaking HOLE in my $115 fleece. Vineyard Vines can you help me, are you now using cheap material and still charging the same crazy prices.

I spent almost $1000 on ties for my wedding, I have 4 totes, 1 mini tote, 6 pairs of flip flops, a long sleeve T, 10 count them 10 short sleeve polo shirts, 3 belts, 2 long sleeve polo shirts, 2 fleeces (one defective), 2 pairs of lounge pants, 5 koozies, 1 puzzle umbrella, 1 headband, 1 pair of croakies I wear daily, and speaking of daily I use the clutch as my wallet daily, MG has 5 ties, two from other wedding where multiple were purchased (not counted in his 5 or the 1 from his own wedding) KEP Designs wedding was 1 of the 2, 6 pairs of "whale" socks, 2 swimming suits. And the thanks I get is a hole.
I was thinking of returning the fleece after I couldn't get it to "wash" correctly, but there is no way they'll take it back with a hole. Just sayin' VV, I'm one gal who would stick by your side regardless of the amount of your stuff I see in TJ Maxx, but now, I think we might have to take a break.
**My signature gift to give family members is a VV tie that reminds me of them. My dad gets golf ties, my brother has light houses and a ton more. Guess I should rethink that.
OH and I see your fishing boat every summer on the Nantucket sound while we're fishing in the same waters. Really??? Really a hole??? Now that I think of it, your 27 foot Regulator has cut us off heading to the gas dock in Edgartown.
***Sorry tried to put spaces in to make three separate paragraphs, but it wouldn't work.***

Friday, March 27, 2009

'cuse is in the house oh my god oh my god....

In light off all of the bracket chatter I had to share this fablous picture of Fave B and little Fave W sporting their fave Orange!!!

If you haven't already noticed Fave B went to Syracuse and bleeds Orange!!!

I have 'cuse in the final game so i'm pulling for them right along with the fave fam!!!
*I stole this picture off of B's Facebook, hope he doesn't mind!!!

The Timothy Geithner Show

Preface, many financial firms across the country are talking about Timothy Geithner and his effect on the economy, I would like to say today at this firm just for a few minutes and a laugh that was not the case.

My very very sassy colleague Em overheard me joking to another colleague about my "love" for Timothy Geithner in which colleague #2 said "he looks like a weine". So Sassy Em kept to herself and walked to the printer and then came over and put the below pic on my wall! Gosh it made for some great comments from those not in the know. Sassy indeed!

SO not to be out done, I played along and framed my fave Geithner picture and added it to my "framed pic collection" on my desk.

My framed pictures are one of MG and I at the beach on our wedding day, a picture of us at Great Point on Nantucket and the one you see is a gal I work with at our wedding. And of course the new addition, Timmy G!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Desperate Housewives
Brothers & Sisters

One Tree Hill

Biggest Loser
Law & Order SVU
Real Housewives of OC/NYC/Atlanta 

?, i can't think of anything.

Kath & Kim (only when I think of it)
The Office
30 Rock
Grey's Anatomy

Honorable Mentions:
90210 (new one)
Lipstick Jungle
Private Practice
Samantha Who?
*I was only doing a list of shows currently on this season

DVR'd - a recording is set in case we have time to catch up
30 Minute Meals
Boy Meets Grill
Northeast Angling
On The Water
Divine Design
Keeping Up with the Kardashian's
Gilmore Girls reruns, I teared up when it ended
*Days of Our Lives (this may or may not actually be true, I cannot confirm)

Here are a list of must sees in the Kimba household i.e. most are mine. Pretty normal, I assume after I publish this post I will come back with more. All of these shows are DVR'd and most are watched when we have time. Our DVR recordings normally do not get watched, but it's good to have them. *One recording may or may not ALWAYS get watched, I cannot confirm. The nightly news with Brian Williams is a staple if I'm home in time. Fox 25 or 7 news always is on when we go to sleep. CNN, MSNBC are fillers for any slow nights. Now that Baseball season is upon us, we can scratch the above list and replace it with two simple powerful words, the Red Sox! A shout out to the Celtics and Bruins, a C's game does not go by without watching 95% of it!

Any fun shows are must watches in your house?


Monday, March 23, 2009


Blogging on my phone is not working so well!

It is freezing in Boston, brrrrrrr!


Sunday, March 22, 2009

My political crushes continue

As some of you may remember I have myself a mad crush on Ex-GOP FL congressman Joe Scarborough. Well you can now add US Treasury Security Tim Geithner, I think its a combo of his good looks and his job that I am attracted to. Being the biggest deal in the financial world just summed it up for me. Please tell me i'm not the only one!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Not only is it my birthday today, but it is also my very very best friend & Maid of Honor Liane's! How can you not be BFF's with someone who was born on the very same day (and year) as you were! I had to share a few of my favorite pictures!

Celebrating our first (19th) birthday together at the Phi Sig house, now why wouldn't a fraternity want to throw us lovely ladies a par-tay?! Why did we feel the need to wear tiaras? *If you hadn't noticed I spent a good part of my freshman year in college tanning and bleaching my hair, ugh! The frat boy in the picture I fell hard hard hard for, and only Liane can tell you how excited I was when he asked me to his formal and now well I can't even remember his last name! HA!
A trip back home to visit Liane at school!

A trip back home visiting Liane at RZ!

Cocktails and girl talk at Liane's!

Liane's first time seeing Fenway!!!

At my Madison wedding shower, with my two MOH's, JJ on the right (MG's sister!) how cute is Liane wearing my wedding colors, that's how she rolls!

Liane has a fear of flying but flew out for my batch party! All of my hot bridesmaids!

One of my favorite pictures!!! Taken at Liane's engagement party!

Music Guy and Liane breaking it down at our wedding!

Gosh we're cute, at my rehearsal dinner!

I tried to find a picture of us from her wedding as I was her MOH and mine as she was my MOH of course, but was unsuccessful. Hummm?!

Love you lots Lainee Beans and miss you terribly all the way out East!!!

Happy 2-7 to me!

Yay for me!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How would you monogram this name?

Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland

I'd go by Jack Bauer if I were KWFDGRS. 

Just sayin'

Yay for health and Lilly!

I'm on the upswing and feeling good!

Thank you for your very sweet thoughts! I have had a few people around me the last couple of weeks who have been sick as heck and I can't say I'm surprised I finally got it. And no I did not get a flu shot. So add that to my list of to-do's for next year. 

I DVR'd the Jubilee Lilly show on Martha today and was so happy to come home and watch it! How fun was it to see our own blogging gals and my fave Jewelry Designer KEP in the audience, I can't wait for them to get home and they update with their own stories and pictures! Just like my gal TCP I wore my Lilly scarf to work today, it added a little pop to my black suit! 

Did you watch? 

All i can say is having it stay lighter longer and seeing all of that pink and green I AM READY FOR SPRING!!!!!!! 

Cheers to All Things Lilly!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Down for the count....

I kicked off my birthday week with the stomach flu! Spent the last two days resting in bed, working in bed, blogging/twitting while laying down. Because well laying down was about the only thing I could do to not throw up.

I'm feeling better this afternoon so that is a huge plus! Yesterday I couldn't eat or drink a thing but today I was able to have some ginger ale, toast and applesauce! I am even going to try to have some chicken noodle soup tonight! Crazy kid I am!
I hope you are having a good week, hopefully I'll be back in the swing of things tomorrow! Though I enjoy a little Days of Our Lives I am starting to see reruns on The SoapNet and I need to draw the line!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Cape Bound

It was 63 on the Cape today, we took advantage and got out of the city and headed to the Cape.

I decided it was a perfect day to go for a run on the beach, so that is what I did! And it was just what I needed!

You can't see it too well but if you look closely the little white speck is the slow ferry heading over to Nantucket! How fun would it be to be on board! Though I'd prefer the fast ferry! Also the piece of land you see in the back is the Hyannisport Club where we had our wedding reception!

Though I might not be blogging daily, it's always on my mind! I thought what is preppier then my blog in sand!

Though I took a bunch of pictures I sure got a great workout in! If you saw a crazy lady doing pushups and crunches on the beach, you should have said hi, it was me! Dork! :)

Monday, March 02, 2009

Aren't we just too cute!

Check out the two pictures M took of us! I have the hardest time uploading pix from our Mac so please forgive me.

I know most of you are huge The Bachelor fans, but this gal is watching another the other Bachelor that is on Monday nights, 24, Jack Bauer never lets us down!

The snow was not to bad by the time I was up to shovel and to tell you the truth I don't mind shoveling at all. I think of it as a little extra workout! Though I prefer my morning workouts with less snow blowing into my face.

How did you ladies fare with the snow?

I would actually rather talk about the snow then the fact the Dow was under 7000, and stayed that way at the close. First time since 1997. So what were you doing in '97? I was a freshman in High School, nuff said, it's been a while.

Sorry this is so random and short, but like i said Jack's on!

Hi, welcome and thank you to my new followers!!!

Sunday, March 01, 2009


As you can see I changed my layout so I could add the "followers" tab!!!

I would like to add the twitter app to the sidebar, any idea how to add it?

We had a wonderful time last night, we talked so much we forgot to snap a lot of pics. I swear if Libby were there we would have had more pictures! M did take a couple so I'll post them as soon as she gets them off her camera!

It seems a lot of us in blogland are getting some snow, be careful all!