Monday, March 02, 2009

Aren't we just too cute!

Check out the two pictures M took of us! I have the hardest time uploading pix from our Mac so please forgive me.

I know most of you are huge The Bachelor fans, but this gal is watching another the other Bachelor that is on Monday nights, 24, Jack Bauer never lets us down!

The snow was not to bad by the time I was up to shovel and to tell you the truth I don't mind shoveling at all. I think of it as a little extra workout! Though I prefer my morning workouts with less snow blowing into my face.

How did you ladies fare with the snow?

I would actually rather talk about the snow then the fact the Dow was under 7000, and stayed that way at the close. First time since 1997. So what were you doing in '97? I was a freshman in High School, nuff said, it's been a while.

Sorry this is so random and short, but like i said Jack's on!

Hi, welcome and thank you to my new followers!!!


Heidi said...

I think the same thing about the snow! Just another workout!! We missed that snow storm! Hope everyone is warm and dry out East!

Oh I loved thee! That is the year I graduated from highschool. Also the year, I pledged my sorority. Fall '97 baby!!

dmmlandcruiser said...

In 1997, I was 27, working, and in 3 weddings that Summer!

I watched Both Bachelors last night.

1)Jack rules
2)Jason blows

CBM said...

So cute, Kimba! I'm sorry I missed it. :(
How good was 24 last night?!

Rebecca said...

I just can't get into the Bachelor. I know - probably the only girl in the world who doesn't, but I just doubt the sincerity of it all.

I sound jaded and cynical, don't I? Hmmm. This coming from an eternal optomist. I don't know, maybe it's because I think all reality shows are generally scripted....? But I'm glad you girls enjoy it!!

Donna said...

We are so hooked on 24 also. Isn't this the best season! And how will Jack et al. get out of this mess?