Sunday, March 15, 2009


Not only is it my birthday today, but it is also my very very best friend & Maid of Honor Liane's! How can you not be BFF's with someone who was born on the very same day (and year) as you were! I had to share a few of my favorite pictures!

Celebrating our first (19th) birthday together at the Phi Sig house, now why wouldn't a fraternity want to throw us lovely ladies a par-tay?! Why did we feel the need to wear tiaras? *If you hadn't noticed I spent a good part of my freshman year in college tanning and bleaching my hair, ugh! The frat boy in the picture I fell hard hard hard for, and only Liane can tell you how excited I was when he asked me to his formal and now well I can't even remember his last name! HA!
A trip back home to visit Liane at school!

A trip back home visiting Liane at RZ!

Cocktails and girl talk at Liane's!

Liane's first time seeing Fenway!!!

At my Madison wedding shower, with my two MOH's, JJ on the right (MG's sister!) how cute is Liane wearing my wedding colors, that's how she rolls!

Liane has a fear of flying but flew out for my batch party! All of my hot bridesmaids!

One of my favorite pictures!!! Taken at Liane's engagement party!

Music Guy and Liane breaking it down at our wedding!

Gosh we're cute, at my rehearsal dinner!

I tried to find a picture of us from her wedding as I was her MOH and mine as she was my MOH of course, but was unsuccessful. Hummm?!

Love you lots Lainee Beans and miss you terribly all the way out East!!!


Donna said...

Happy birthday dear Kimba! Hope you had a wonderful day!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Happy Birthday to both of you! Such cute photos!

Liane said...

Holy old school! I love you and there is no one else in the world I would've rather shared those times with, that includes my husband!
Love, your pledge sister

PS-It's Brad Pickett

Kimba said...

Ahhh yes "Pickett", how could I forget! xo

Sarah said...

AHAHA we are TMT (too much tan) twins. Photos from my freshman year in college I look like George Hamilton.