Monday, January 17, 2011

Blogging into 2011

Well before the new year I said, I will blog more in 2011. Why not?!

So here I am on January 17th, figuring out what the heck to blog about. I could go on about the holidays, but I'm kind of over the holidays.

One fun fact, one year ago today I was on my first trip to LA. We got drinks at The Beverly Hilton and saw the ballroom where the Golden Globes were held the night before. It poured rain for days and days, I fell in love with LA and visited 6 more times in the first and second quarter.

Speaking of Golden Globes, last night was a little boring. Though I also was watching after a HORRIBLE Pat's loss. (I'm not ready to get into that right now) I'm bummed Jeremy Renner didn't win for The Town. He was AWESOME in that movie, but I guess losing to a boxing movie in Lowell wasn't a bad trade off.

Really I got nothing.

Baby steps...