Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tote talk vol 87893743

Ok, so you all remember the Burberry tote I didn't like.

Well I decided to give it a test drive last night and low and behold I love it! I've been using my Lands End tote since the wedding so downsizing didn't seem like an option for me. But after I took out my wallet, and a few extra things I like to have with me the stuff left was just random crap. Like who needs 6 pens in their bag? The only thing is I like to carry files around with me to and from work to read on my commute and though they will fit, it doesn't leave a lot of room.

THAT said, thank you all for your suggestions and thoughts on the subject!

The lovely Nina asked about the points I used to buy it. Well at work they use to have this points reward system that executives could give out for "a job well done" or for really any reason. (It is the same reward company that Airlines use for their miles rewards) I think they are about 5 cents a point, so I had enough to buy the tote and an elliptical!!! The reason I had so many points was because I have not used any in the 3 plus years i've been there. I was holding on to them to get something big!

Ah yes, the elliptical... it was to arrive on Dec. 30 but because of the big snow storm we got it was delayed. So it finally arrived two weeks later and is still sitting in our foyer until the contractors are finished with our bedroom project. Which should be finished tomorrow!!!

Has anyone seen the Slap Chop ad, it is so funny, it's with Vince the ShamWow guy!

halsea bags and more

I am loving the new company halsea they have super cute and super preppy bags, accessories and a travel collection!

They have some super cute designs but I love love love the Boat Canyon collection, and I've been eyeing the clutch. I've always wanted a clutch wallet and I might have to add this little gem to my wish list!

Check out their website and find a store near you! I hope Blackstones in Beacon Hill picks up their line, it would be great to have them sold in Boston! I'm always looking for new designers and I think one takes the cake right now!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Blogging meet up

Feb 28th it is, fun preppy details to follow!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Blogging Meet up!

I've been wanting to get a blogging night together in Boston but knew I had to wait until after the holidays to hopefully get the best turn out!

If you'd like to join in the fun (I can promise, it is a damn good time when we all get together) leave a comment with what date works best for you.

February 21 or February 28 or suggest another date.

Looking forward to seeing some old blogging buddies and meeting some new ones!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, no work for me tomorrow, we're on the Cape and it's been so relaxing!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We tote ya so....

My Burberry tote came in the mail today and well, I don't like it.

I should have gone with the basic Kate, but noooo I had to be all crazy and go for the Burberry. I'm up in the air on what to do with it. Maybe if I hang on to it, it'll grown on me.

What to do...what to do...

**I got it with points so it's not as if I can just return it.

ETP and ME

I was thinking the other day when I was going through my stacks of Engligh Tea Paperie and I was thinking the lovely Chloe has known about 90% of my note card orders before I do! How you ask...

I have gotten multiple cards from my mom over the last year and half that were surprises and ended up on my doorstep without me knowing. And one time C even added in return labels because she is just that sweet!

The one that has meant the most to me was my "Something new" note cards from my wonderful Maid of Honor Liane. She had this whole box full of "something old, something blue, something borrowed and something blue". Talk about being spoiled! I will search through my pictures and post each one of them as it was the most wonderful gift I have ever gotten!

Ok back to my story, my something new where note cards with my new name on it! And of course Chole had to make them up and send them to Liane for Liane to then give to me. It was really thoughtful on Liane's part to use ETP and also said she knew it would mean even more to me knowing who made them up for me!

So all of that being said, I would march (click) your way over to ETP and check out preppy fabulous designs. I am over the moon excited for the St Patrick's Day Shamrock, I know just the person who would enjoy a set of these (I'm not talking about me!)!

I wanted to write this post because when ever I use my ETP cards I always smile because of who is behind the company a truly sassy English gal who always makes her readers laugh and her clients happy!

*AND no she has no idea i'm writing this post!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Drink Up

I am in love with Poland Springs Sparking water, The Raspberry Lime is a personal favorite! While over at J & G's last weekend J had gotten Raspberry Lime Adirondack sparking water in a twelve pack cans.

So while I was shopping at Stop & Shop I found their brand of that is exactly the same but 2 dollars less. And who doesn't love drinking a water called "Zazz Seltzer"?! I highly recommend it!

You know it's bad if I'm blogging about H2O!
wow, i didn't notice when I took that pic it would be a "wedding ad" rings and the picture, classic. I about 99% of the time don't wear my rings when i'm home, not sure why, they bug me I guess.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Tweet Tweet

I too have gotten on the twitter truck and am enjoying every minute of it!

If you'd like to follow me you can find me at
Leave a comment if you tweet and i'll add you!

The snow and very cold temps are coming this weekend, watch out!
I am staying close to home and am very happy about that!

Have a great weekend all!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Top It Off Accessories Sale

HERE I AM! My blog has been locked for about a week and I was able to get blogger to reset my password, though the password was not the issue. It seems someone tried to "hack" into my account. I tell you people, if I was trying to do some hacking blogger would be my first stop!

On to bigger and better news, I wanted to quickly remind you all the great sale Top It Off is having for the month of January. They are offering 50% off your total order purchase with the code Cheers(discount will be applied when the order ships) and Free Shipping through the month of January.

I'm a huge fan of their belts, I love the black crab belt, I pair it with a black suit and pink button down for work. I also wear it with black pants and a black top and my pink scarf when i'm feeling sassy in the office.

That is just one of many items i'm a huge fan of. The also sent me a lovely super preppy pair of pink and green flip flops I blogged about this summer. I pretty much have worn them in, which is not easy but it is if you wear them to commute every day and I wore them in the sand and they got a little dirty. But they're holding strong! If you notice on their site they have some new styles coming out in February for those of us who are taking a mini spring break or just want to think spring!
Head on over and add a little pop to your already preppy style!