Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloweeeny

I didn't end up going to the rally nor leave my desk at all yesterday. But I did see the replay on NESN last night and it was crazy! After seeing it on TV I was happy I was desk bound.

The hoof is hanging in there, annoying more than anything really. Oh and painful!

I think I'm the only one wearing orange in my office, don't people dress for Holiday's anymore? Like red on Monday for the Sox, and some sort of turkey pin for Thanksgiving? But to paint the right picture, I have on a orange JCrew cashmere sweater with a black suit. The festive pumpkin sweater is for tonight! :)

Hope you and your family have a good Halloween, I can't wait to see pictures! Of kids and dogs! Speaking of, I've seen 4 dogs in costumes and not one kid?/!

Short and sweet, i'm all over the place this week.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Updates along the parade route!

Keep rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin'

Fred Durst said it best....

Reason 987649048938 why I love living and working in the city. In '04 the victory parade was on a Saturday, but today is the parade. But no sweat I work about a good 7 minute walk from where the rolling rally ends. Yes it will be insane but so worth it!

I'd like to add a few of the headline and links from (though I am more of a Herald fan)today:
Parade Route
Possible Papelbon dance locations
Sneers and loathing in NYC
Boston ready to paint town red

The Possible Paps dance locations really cracks me up! I can't wait to see the team and the Mayor do the River dance. Big shout out to The Dropkicks for their press during the Sox run!

Not much else to report, worked wicked late last night and hope to not to have to do the same tonight. But we're heading to a little Halloween party so it's worth it to get out early tomorrow errr...5pm.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Thank you Red Sox!

What a weekend of Sports here in New England!

Our weekend started out with a nice dinner with Music Guy's family at Figs. If you live in the area and have never been I suggest you make a reservation there soon. The Charlestown location is the original and slightly larger then their Beacon Hill location, but both are pretty tiny but worth the wait!

The rest of the weekend I laid low and rested my foot, which by the way is getting better. It's funny how staying off of it really helps the healing process. The Sox games were unbelievable, Red Sox Nation is one happy bunch today! Or as Fox likes to call us just "The Nation", very fitting! Bring on Rolling Rally II!

The Sox played in 14 playoff games times that by 4 hours per game = 56 hours of playoff emotion in the month of October. If you really want to get into the numbers us Sox fans have devoted this season they played a total of 176 games many of which went into extra innings and rain delays. Keeping up with the same numbers that would be 704 hours of Sox baseball from April to October! No I didn't watch every game but did know what was going on during most of ones I was not able to watch. We do love that dirty water!!!

All I really need to say about the Pats is you can "run up" the score any day in my book. If the NFL(teams and coaches) is going to say you only won THREE Super Bowls by cheating then what can you say about 52-7 and the fact they have not scored less then 34 points all season oh yeah and haven't lost! thankyouverymuch.....

I had an extremely intense meeting first thing this morning (perfect timing after going to bed on the latter side of 1am) and the week seems equally as insane. But hey we're World Champs! And my boy Mikey Lowell is the MVP! (I would post a link but it's taken too long on the Boston Newspapers sites, a lot of work getting done today it seems!)

Another positive about a crazy Monday is I'm wearing pink and an argyle sweater!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dear Red Sox,

Please win tonight.

We want to see the team dance! (And Libby jump on the couch)



Thursday, October 25, 2007

What is with people...

First off. Wooooohooooo! Go Sox!!!

I thought being called out for my Equal was a bit much. BUT that is nothing compared to some random lady asking me why on earth I would wear a heel while in my boot. Who cares about my choice of footwear on a foot that is just fine. If you expect to see me hoofing it in tennis shoes and a suit (only for commuting in my book) around the office you're crazy. And another thing the boot is a heel in itself.

Not much to update on the wedding planning front. Our engagement party details are pretty much set. It's going to be in January so it will be something nice to look forward to after the the holidays are over.

Here's to a great game tonight!!! Giddy up!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

You do this right?

I was getting coffee at a meeting this morning and realized they did not have any Equal, Splenda or Sweet n Low, I did what any non sugar fan would do...used the packets in my purse. No big deal right? I guess it was. I had about 5 people call me out on doing so and they all got into a discussion on how sweetener is overrated and sweetener fans are always having to be accommodated. Who the heck asked them anyways...It's not like I asked for a Decaf with nonfat soy with my Equal. Moving on...

10 hoursto first pitch! I'm ready!!! There is a little rain in the forecast but it doesn't look like enough to postpone the game, which God knows would not be good for us working Sox fans. And God's a Sox fan so we should be fine!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Guess what's back....

This's back on. In honor of the Red Sox I have a baseball err...softball size ankle. I think it'll heal quick, hope so before I go home in two and a half weeks. In the mean time I'm a taking it easy.

Awesome I know! Hey my co-pay for the boot was about $400, guess I'm getting my moneys worth.

I'm trying to update my blogroll, I've added a few but have been meaning to add more. Let me know if I do not have you added!

It's really hard not to think about the Sox game tomorrow night, and I'm more than 24 hours away from first pitch. Focus...Focus....

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sox Winning = Happy City

Despite most of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts staying up past their bedtimes last night to watch the Sox clinch the pennant we all sure had a skip in our step first thing this morning!

Hollywood and Soccer have their Becks...

And we in Red Sox Nation have our Becks... See you Wednesday!

I was not ready to have my season over and thanks to you it's not even close!!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Paper Source

I've been told no bride will ever been the same after her first trip to the Paper Source. And I concur. I spent time their both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was the quicker trip of the two (Music Guy was along) I picked out the paper and envelops for our Save the Dates. I was pretty happy we picked out the style in no time. We both agreed on it and we were out the door.

Not so quick....We got home and the paper we picked out was different than we thought. It was as thin as printer paper. So Sunday afternoon I headed back to the Back Bay to get heavier paper. They do not carry the circle paper in white in anything other than normal paper weight. Which means I had to buy a circle cutter and bigger sheets. Which is fine expect for the dumb bunny who helped me showed me the type I wanted but decided to sell me larger paper of what I had just returned.

But the second time wasn't a bust, I spent a good hour plus looking through all of their books of invites. It is a lot easier to choose when you're looking at it in person rather than on line. I found some really clever ideas and a lot of really stupid ideas. Cowboy boot anyone? I also wrote down some of the couples websites to stalk their wedding site for even more ideas. I was disappointed in some of the couples. I was imagining them to be a little more classy but it looked like they only got their invites right. Very strange. So at some point this week it's back to return the paper.

We had a great weekend. Got a lot down around the our place (i'm having company next weekend so i've got to make sure it's up to par for her). Friday night we headed to Ironside in Charlestown with the Hicksters to watch the game. Even though we got their an hour before the game was to start we still had a good 10 people a head of us for dinner. We ended up watching a few innings and heading back to our place and getting pizza. Which I think is just as much fun! It was so crowded I felt i was getting hip checked every two seconds. Some dude figured the way to get my attention to move out of his way was to push me in the back and then to stand there as I didn't move the the side he preferred. At that point I just looked at him and said F'in go around me. So I was not apposed to leaving after another 20 minutes.

Saturday was housework said paper trip and the Sox. We went to Lir on Boylston St to watch the Sox. MurDogs sister had reserved tables and it really was a pretty good place to watch the game. We knew during the 8th it was going to be a long game so we shared a cab with A & B of Fave couple and headed back home to stay up until almost 2pm to watch the Sox lose. That sucked. BUT they'll come back tonight! Great Pats game, this team is the real deal!!! Fun as hell to watch.

Am I the only person who still watches Desperate Housewives?

Also Am I the only person who watched Keeping Up with the Kardashian's on E?


Thursday, October 11, 2007

My MOH dress...

I wanted to quickly show you the dresses Liane picked out for her fabulous bridesmaids!

They are Bill Levkoff black with a black sash. They are super cute and will look great on everyone! And being two pieces we'll be able to mix and match for Christmas parties or any formal event. Which who could not be a fan of that idea!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

There and back.....

Hope you guys had a great weekend! Go Sox Go Pats!!!

This is going to be a great week, I can't wait until Friday evening.

I had a great QUICK trip home, some much needed quality time with Liane!

I ran by the store to pick up a veggie tray (no joke was only $7.99, where as here it is $17.99) and found myself very excited to see Wisconsin Cheese!
We had such a great evening!

Bride and Maid of Honor....."Now it's only down to 15 choices..."

We meant business!!!

Liane decided on a super cute bridesmaid dress! I have some pictures but i'm going to try to find it on line and post!

You really just saw my whole weekend back home, it was that quick. I'm looking forward to going back in a month with Music Guy and his parents for the Wisconsin vs. Michigan football game!
More later!

Friday, October 05, 2007


I wanted to give a little shout out to my girl Kate who will be running the Boston Athletic Association Half Marathon on Sunday for Dana Farber and The Jimmy Fund.

Two years ago this weekend J and I were in Chicago cheering Kate on as she completed the Chicago Marathon!

Good Luck!!!!!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Can't talk people busy

Gosh I love that Fed Ex commercial!

Well the last quarter of the year has started and it was started with a bang. My outlook calendar is booked solid from 8-5 (ok fine most days 9-5). But since that is the case it means business is gong well.

I've gotten back into my gym routine this week after a few weeks errr month of slacking. Hey you try to get into a routine after being Cape, ACK and wedding bound for weeks at a time...back off! :)

Very much looking forward to the game tonight. I have to kick off a meeting at 4:30 and I think I'll run to the gym after for a quick workout and then walk home and be set for the Sox game by 6:30. I also have to run by the store and pick up chicken sausage, peppers and onions to make the Kimba (more Music Guy) famous Fenway Sausages.

Exciting stuff I know people.

I discovered you can watch some of the hold episodes of The Hills and Life with Ryan onDemand. Two shows I only knew of but never watched. But thanks to our housemates on ACK I am hooked. Yes that's correct we spent some of our beloved time on the Island catching up with LC. I never watched Laguna Beach so I've been searching the internet and asking those around me to fill me in. Sad very sad...Hey Kimba MSBNC said cut the shit.

Hope you guys are having a good week, and are ready for PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!! (sorry Suz)

Monday, October 01, 2007

Happy Rally Monday!

Reason 3580943577755303 why I love living and working in the City! Paps dance quickly became the joke of the weekend in our house.

The street I work on was closed off at noon today to get ready for the Red Sox Rally!!!

Obviously the weekend was great, full of "housekeeping" chores, friends and fun. I was able to catch up with Grey's from last week, not a fan. Is Lexie suppose to drive you nuts? But I am a fan of and catching up on the shows, our DVR is not working so i'm very thankful!
VERY crazy week ahead, but i'm looking forward to my Sox and going home next weekend to see my girl Lainee, better known as each others MOH.
Go Sox!