Monday, October 15, 2007

Paper Source

I've been told no bride will ever been the same after her first trip to the Paper Source. And I concur. I spent time their both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was the quicker trip of the two (Music Guy was along) I picked out the paper and envelops for our Save the Dates. I was pretty happy we picked out the style in no time. We both agreed on it and we were out the door.

Not so quick....We got home and the paper we picked out was different than we thought. It was as thin as printer paper. So Sunday afternoon I headed back to the Back Bay to get heavier paper. They do not carry the circle paper in white in anything other than normal paper weight. Which means I had to buy a circle cutter and bigger sheets. Which is fine expect for the dumb bunny who helped me showed me the type I wanted but decided to sell me larger paper of what I had just returned.

But the second time wasn't a bust, I spent a good hour plus looking through all of their books of invites. It is a lot easier to choose when you're looking at it in person rather than on line. I found some really clever ideas and a lot of really stupid ideas. Cowboy boot anyone? I also wrote down some of the couples websites to stalk their wedding site for even more ideas. I was disappointed in some of the couples. I was imagining them to be a little more classy but it looked like they only got their invites right. Very strange. So at some point this week it's back to return the paper.

We had a great weekend. Got a lot down around the our place (i'm having company next weekend so i've got to make sure it's up to par for her). Friday night we headed to Ironside in Charlestown with the Hicksters to watch the game. Even though we got their an hour before the game was to start we still had a good 10 people a head of us for dinner. We ended up watching a few innings and heading back to our place and getting pizza. Which I think is just as much fun! It was so crowded I felt i was getting hip checked every two seconds. Some dude figured the way to get my attention to move out of his way was to push me in the back and then to stand there as I didn't move the the side he preferred. At that point I just looked at him and said F'in go around me. So I was not apposed to leaving after another 20 minutes.

Saturday was housework said paper trip and the Sox. We went to Lir on Boylston St to watch the Sox. MurDogs sister had reserved tables and it really was a pretty good place to watch the game. We knew during the 8th it was going to be a long game so we shared a cab with A & B of Fave couple and headed back home to stay up until almost 2pm to watch the Sox lose. That sucked. BUT they'll come back tonight! Great Pats game, this team is the real deal!!! Fun as hell to watch.

Am I the only person who still watches Desperate Housewives?

Also Am I the only person who watched Keeping Up with the Kardashian's on E?



Libby said...

C'mon Sox!!! You should have seen Dan getting his text-score-updates all weekend. And Sunday, post-brunch, we went directly to a sports bar to catch the Pats game!

J said...

I love Paper Source! I used to work a block away from the Back Bay location and spent many lunch breaks there.

I am still watching Desperate Housewives. I didn't watch much last season (no DVR!) so I get confused a lot. I think next week looks good with the gay couple moving in!

hello sunshine! said...

Well, the cowboy boots would be totally legit back home in Texas (yep, even at a formal wedding - you can't tear us away from our boots) - not something I'd do, but then, I'm more of the nautical type anyway! Can't really see this in Boston though! :)

Kimba Rimba said...

Yeah, cowboy boots don't screan sea shore.

I do love my pair, remember i'm a Wisconsin gal!

Farrell & Lauren said...

paper source could not be more fun! i spend hours in the georgetown store, especially around the holidays!

Sarah M said...

I love Paper Source!! I could spend hours in there.

I thought I was the only one who still watched Desperate Housewives.It is pretty good so far.

M said...

I'm not ashamed to admit I watched the Kardashian's. I even Tivo'd it. That family is such a train it!

Nina Diane said...

oh no you're not.......I love Desperate Housewives and watch/Tivo every week! love it

hqm said...

I haven't watch the Keeping Up With the Kardashians...yet! Seems like something I would love!

Kerry said...

I still watch Desperate Housewives!!

Mrs.Preppy said...

I still watch Desperate Housewives. But, I never catch it when it is originally on. I love the fact you can watch almost anything online, for free!

Hemstitch & Hydrangea said...

Hey there!!!! I have not been on in a while and had no clue you are engaged!! Soooo exciting! I am going to go back and read all about it and catch up w/ all of your exciting details!

Have fun -its all the best time- the day flies by- and the planning is such a great memorable part of the process.

Best wishes and Cheers!