Thursday, November 30, 2006


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I just got an email that if I do a little more Sale shopping on I can have it shipped for only $4.95. That is a super good deal, last time i paid about three times that. Can't blog must shop!

Use code NFS-HL3

Giddy Up


I was so happy to see my L.L. Bean order sitting on my desk when I got to work this morning. I processed to open it with the same excitement as I would if the box said JCrew or any other goodies I purchased on line.
As you know I ordered charcoal but when pulled the first one out it was NAVY...ok ok not a big deal at least it wasn't pink (though I would have loved that) BUT they were also the wrong size. Not to happy about that, but Music Guy said to bring them home and he'll try them, so hopefully they work. Bean is usually really good with their orders, busy time of year I suppose!

I have had a turkey sandwich everyday this week for lunch, i am kind of getting sick of them. Or maybe it's the low cal bread I bought, bread is just not one of those things you can REALLY skimp on. You can do low cal but this time I did the lowest. Music Guy had one sandwich and hated it because it didn't even hold together. I kept telling him how much I liked it, after four days of this stuff I too agree, it sucks!

One of our favorite couples is coming over tonight, it will be so neat to show off our place to someone new. I'm not going to lie, it is fun to have people come over and see what we've done. Must be because we've put a lot of work into it and it's nice to see it pay off. Weird?

My nails will not hold nail polish if my life depended on it, no joke..NONE. So when ever I get my nails done I am left only using very light colors. The one I tend to go with is Bubble Bath from OPI, it's a good color stays on for at least two days, and then chips. Any advice? Besides don't waste your money getting your nails done! :)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

LL Bean

Here the slippers i got for Music Guy, he needed some slippers for just knocking around the house and when he goes on the deck! They're a great deal, only $19.50 and come in some very manly colors...Forest Green, Navy and the shown Charcoal. LandsEnd also has some cute slippers for both guys and gals. I sent Music Guy links to these and ones from LandsEnd but L.L. Bean won out! Which makes me sad, being from Wisconsin I was hoping to support Wisconsin's own LandsEnd. Oh well i'm at East Coast gal now!

I heart blogging!

I was looking at some of my favorite blogs and thought why not check out what they like to read. And i found so many wonderful blogs. The ones I'm really getting into are Cottage/decorating blogs, it is so neat to see how everyone decorates their homes. I have already seen so many things i just adore. I wish i would have done this before I moved. I'll just have to tweak a few things!

I have a feeling I'll spend most of my evening blogging, sorry hun!

Monday, November 27, 2006

More pictures

If i worked from home this would be the perfect spot! Good thing one of us does! He has a lot more awards to put on the wall! Giddy up!
This is the den, i like this picture because you can see the slant. And also the Red Sox blanket i made for Music Guy last Easter.

My order has arrived....

FINALLY....My JCrew order is here. And of course I love it all. Go figure! The sweater for Music Guy is super cute, hopefully he too will like it. The jackets are nice, I'll have a mini fashion show with myself when I get home. I just need to hang some more mirrors up to see!

The bus ride this morning was a bit more of what I should expect, now that Turkey Day has passed. It was very busy on the bus, a lot of riders and no one looked happy. I on the other had was very happy. Music Guy updated my iPod so I got to listen to The Fray "How to Save a Life" my whole ride in. Oh, I did mix in some Paolo Nutini "New Shoes", his stuff is great. He is suppose to be better and bigger then James Blunt, and I agree! Music Guy works for a record company and they are putting out Paolo's CD. And it is sooo good.
Because he works in the music business and loves music, I always get to hear the new stuff first, I won't lie I don't always like what he's playing but it's a nice when I do! Speaking of nice things, now that we are shaking up together I get the benefit of his Apple Airport Airtunes (i think that's what it's called). It's so cool, wireless music every place in the house! I am already enjoying it!

We put up some Christmas decorations last night, it looks great, hopefully I'll get a picture up soon!

Busy busy now, i'm sure i'll blog when i get home!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

One week ago today....

I was calling the Boston Police Department to tow the cars that hadn't moved from our City parking permit. That's a way to start a Sunday, but you do what ya gotta do!

Last night Music Guys parents, sister and her fiance came over for a little visit. It was the most people we've had in here since we've moved in. It was fun to get together in a new location. His parents stayed the night so it was even nicer when we woke up to have a full house, everyone enjoying a nice warm cup of coffee.
Last night we ordered pizza, Rustic Chicken from Papa Ginos. If you have the chance I would suggest trying it. The pizza has a thin crust and a little parm sprinkle to give it a kick. Yumm!

This afternoon I have a baby shower, Music Guys Mom is one of the three planning it for a good friend of the family. I'm going to meet up with Music Guys sister and we'll head over for some good baby talk.
Then the Pat's game is at 4:15, I can't wait for this game. I hate hate hate Da Bears. GO PATS!

I can't get over we're approaching December, hold on to your mittens kids!

I'm about to enjoy an egg boca sausage breakfast sandwich, thanks Hun!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

And another

Here is our coffee table, I normally have sand, shells and a candle in the hurricane. But because it is Christmas and I LOVE this time of year, I have pinecones, green and red smelly thingys. It looks great in person! Oh and of course Denis Leary is looking at you, he's on the cover of the Boston Common.


It's very simple, but adds just that little extra to the room!

Happy Saturday!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we did indeed!

I would love to hear if any of you enjoyed black Friday! If you head over to Erin's blog you'll see she sure did, you go girl! My mom and I use to get up early and just "enjoy" the crowds, it was fun to watch all the people run around! I remember going to Target or Wal-Mart and getting a free stuffed Santa for being the first 500 or something along those lines! Oh those were the days.
Yesterday was a bit different for me. I did do some shopping but it was not for Christmas gifts, it was for household items. And it was FUN! We came back early from the Cape to keep on trucking with our place. I first headed off to the Christmas Tree Shop, I'm not going to lie I really love that place! I picked up a ton of red and green Christmas candles, some other little Christmas goodies. The one I went to was very picked over so I tried to get out of there as quick as I could. I was not about to waste time, and also there were grey hair's everywhere. I then headed over to A.C. Morre to get a BUNCH of fake hydrangeas. I have been waiting forever to put together my Nantucket Basket and hydrangea centerpiece (I'll have Music Guy take a picture). Speaking of Music Guy, he's been so good this last week. He just sits back and let's me decorate and if he thinks something would be better he'll let me know, but most of the time he just tells me how nice it looks! Anywho.... They were having a sale 50% off all fake flowers, so I cleaned them out. I don't have a place for them all, but at the price I'll find a spot! Then it was off to Target, this was not as fun as my first two stops! I had some real work to do, list and all! Kind of annoying...But I got it done, the only thing I forgot was coffee filters.
Then it was back home to make the long awaited centerpiece and fill my other baskets with goodies. I have a very Cape style and I wanted to keep it that way so we mixed my lighthouses and ACK baskets with stainless steel, wood and a few other items to give it a city feel.

Now we're at today! Music Guy and I woke up and walked to the store to get some eggs and english muffins for our first breakfast at our new place. It was so nice and relaxing, I could get use to that (and the fact Music Guy made it for me)! Another nice thing is we have Johnny Foodmasters right down the street and we're SO use to Whole Foods I couldn't get over we walked out of there with breakfast items for under $30.00 (we also got OJ and cranberry juice).
Then I had to run back to The Christmas Tree Shop to return a tad to shiny vase and also pick up some window candle lights for each of our downstairs windows.
While I was doing all of that Music Guy was cleaning and helping me with laundry. His parents are coming today to stay the night. I can't wait for his mom to finally see our place, a lot of how I have decorated is just like her place. Difference is A. Her things are a lot nicer and classier and B. She lives on the Cape, so her style works much better!
I am on my way back to the store. I can not have his parents come and the only things we have in our place are Chardo, tonic, Coolers Lite, cheese and eggs!

I hope you guys here on the East Coast are enjoying this wonderful Saturday! Also Notre Dame and USC play tonight, if USC loses that is REALLY GOOD for Michigan. GO ND!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Gobble Gobble...

Turkey Day is almost here! I am very excited this year. I will be spending it with Music Guy's family on the Cape. We're heading down this afternoon (fingers crossed I can get out of work). We have not been down to the Cape this fall, it has been so busy, this is a much needed trip.

The apartment is coming right along. We have cleared out all of the boxes and have started hanging pictures. I love love love our place. It is so "me"!

I just got an email that JCrew is offering $4.95 for shipping if you shop online over the weekend. So of course I click on their site to see if they have added any more sale items. AND they have....The thing that ticks me off is their were these cropped cords I had put in my shopping bag and when I went to check out they were sold out. BUT they're back on line now. It's BS. I also checked my order status and it shipping yesterday, which means it won't get here today before the long weekend. I might come into work on Friday to see if it is here. But my luck it won't be and it will be a wasted trip. I hate doing ground shipping, I feel they don't ship it out for days. And it's coming from VA so it'll take two days to get to Boston.

Enough of that, we're kicking off the Holiday season and I am in a super great mood. We're getting a tree on Friday and putting out all of the Christmas decorations. :)

I hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving! Lots o' food and football...Best day ever!

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Today is a big day....

#2 Michigan vs. #1 Ohio State One of these teams is going to be going to the BCS Bowl and the other will be playing in the Rose Bowl. We want the BCS Bowl.
Music Guy is from Detroit and is a huge Wolverines fan, he has been waiting for this game all season!

We are going to spend the morning finishing up any last minute packing, I have to go to the store and pick up some cheese and crackers for the 4th annual Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner tonight. A good friend of ours has all of our close friends over and makes this WONDERFUL Thanksgiving dinner! More on that tomorrow (well maybe not tomorrow, but soon)

Busy Saturday in the Kimba household.

Have a great weekend. :)

Friday, November 17, 2006

Oh Kimba

I was going to change the post below so it doesn't have the pix on the left. But then I thought i'd leave it, that's just me learning this blogging thingy! :)

My goodies

As i'm sure you all know from reading Chloe's blog securing your goodies in your JCrew Shopping Bag is NOT easy. These are a few of the things I ordered, when I went back to post the pics some of them were already gone. So here are just three of the tops I got.

30% off Sale items always gets me!

So I get into work this morning and I have a nice little email sitting in my inbox that says 30% off of all Final Sale Items at JCrew. Oh crap, why not! But I did pick up a cute little sweater for Music Guy, Mr. NOT Preppy at all i'm sure will enjoy the threads from JCrew.

In other news, Only two nights of sleeping in my old place. It's bittersweet. I've very excited to be moving in with Music Guy, but i'll kind of miss my old place! But when we are finally settled i'll know this was the best move ever!

I'll post some pix of what i got this morning from JCrew, but i am just too busy now! :)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Flat of the Hill Hand Bag Sale!

friends of the flat....

one for you * one for me * sale

the flat of the hill invites you to shop our sale
buy any handbag get a second handbag 25% off.
all designers included! kooba, botkier, lauren merkin, alexis hudson, margaret nicole, elliot lucca...etc
hurry in to 60 charles street...

we have all the designers newest styles in stock this sale ends December 3rd. this sale is at our charles street store location only. our website does not currently carry our handbags ... but will very soon.
sale bags are not included in this sale...they are a huge deal already! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
holiday store hours starting november 25th

tues-fri 11-7thurs 11-8sat 10- 6sun 12- 6
we will be closed the day after thanksgiving (the 24th)

to let the girls who work so hard all year, enjoy their thanksgiving before the holiday retail madness begins.hope you understand!!!

wishing you a wonderful thanksgiving........ the girls at "the flat of the hill"
the flat of the hill 60 charles street boston, massachusetts 02114
phone: 617.619.9977

Address Labels

Quick question...

Can any of you lovely readers suggest a good website for address labels? I would like to place the order fairly soon to ensure I get them before Christmas time. I am looking for maybe a lighthouse or nautical theme. But I am open to ANYTHING!


Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I can't wait to start mixing color's with these, all i can think of now is NAVY!!!!!!!!!

It's already Hump Day?/!

This weekend flew by and this week is just about at the same pace.

Friday, Music Guy and I did a TON of packing at my place. He was such a great help, we both just dug in and got a lot of things boxed up. Then later in the evening we met our friends Terry and Kelley who were in town for their engagement party (see below post) for a few drinks at the 7's. And then it was time to head home to bed!

Saturday we met our new Landlord and got our keys. We had never seen the apartment in the day time, and let me tell you it looks SO much bigger! I am sooo happy with it! Then it was off to IKEA and Jordan's. We decided on the couches from IKEA. And white it is!
That evening was the engagement party, we headed to a friends for some pre-engagement party drinks and then off to 21A for the celebration! It was a great time and a lovely night to boot!

Sunday it poured and didn't even get very light outside, very annoying. We watched the Pats game while I did some more packing. Then we headed up to Music Guy's apartment and did some more cleaning and packing there. Then it was time to figure out dinner. This was our last Sunday night dinner in Beacon Hill so we did what any normal Resident would do, we ordered Upper Crust. Best Pizza and salad's on the Hill! We ended up getting a pepperoni and pepper pizza, and a Greek chicken salad. Yummmm, I could have just gone with the salad. We had gotten it before but this time I thought a little chicken would hit the spot, and I was right! Pat's lost which sucked, but they'll take one in Green Bay this weekend. Which is hard for me being a Packer fan also!

Monday it also never got light, I had a super busy day at work and then spent the night packing and making myself get rid of some clothes! Pretty much the same for yesterday. This is NOT All things Kimba, but for now this is what you get! :)

Friday, November 10, 2006

What a cute dress needs!

Everyone has those cute little dresses that only need a cute necklace to really make the outfit "pop"! Pearls are great, but with so many cute preppy options out there why just limit yourself to pearls? *I myself am a pearl girl so please no comments on me being a pearl basher*

One of music guys (how I will refer to my lovely boyfriend) best buddies is engaged to a very talented Jewelry designer out of NYC, Kelley Pillman of KEP Designs. I was talking with KEP last month at a friends wedding and she said "You should check out my Jewelry, they would go great with all of the cute dresses you have". So it got me thinking, she's right! I need to head on over to her site and pick out some goodies! I have found a few that I don't think I can live without!

Also, if you live in Boston you should stop by In The Pink on Newbury Street and see some of KEP's single strand pieces. It's nice if you can see it in person before buying, but I've seen a ton of her work and I'm all over it!

Here are the ones I will be ordering, maybe not ALL, but my wish list has begun!

I think this topic comes from the fact we'll be attending their Engagement Party tomorrow night. If I was more on the ball I would have placed my order a few weeks ago. When we talked about it, but that's for Charlestown days. This blog isn't ALL about giving my friends or other designers I enjoy shout outs, but it also doesn't hurt. I think I've had so many things i've wanted to blog about I just hadn't done it, so now it's all spilling out!

Which now has me thinking about what i am going to wear tomorrow night. I think some jeans and cute heels, but for the top? I packed away most of my clothes and can't justify buying anything as it will have to be moved. So what's a girl to do. Maybe Sara and I will take a trip and see if a really nice cute top is on sale! Speaking of Sara, we'll address her later, i want to have a whole post just for her! She doesn't own her own company so don't worry I won't be pushing more things on you!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Link Correction

Sorry guys, i was so giddy about figuring out how to add links i didn't even notice i did not link Chole's link correctly! It's all set now so happy shopping!

Happy Thursday Bloggers!

This has been a quick week. And this weekend feels already gone! Friday night I plan on just packing and sorting of course a glass or two of wine might be thrown in there. GOOD TIMES! Saturday morning we go and pick up our keys and go over the apartment with the Landlords. Then off to look at couches, we're going to check out IKEA and Jordan's. IKEA had some great couches but they don't deliver, and that is a major bummer. So I am trying not to like the ones I looked at in the hopes I won't be sad! But Jordan's always has great things and we'll be able to something we both like! Then back home for more apartment stuff. Saturday night we have an engagement party for some dear friends. It is great because the party is at the 21st Amendment which is right in Beacon Hill, a nice walk! And then for Sunday I'm assuming FOOTBALL and more packing and throwing.

When I started writing this post I had something in mind. So here it is. I know most of you have heard of English Tea Paperie from our girl Chloe. But also am in love with Tres Chic Designs. How I stumbled upon her site is very "Kimba"! I was reading MCM's blog and she had posted about a new polo line called Salmon Cove so I went on over to their site and started looking around at the pictures, they had a picture of Jillian from Tres Chic working at the CK Bradley store in NYC and she had a table with her goodies...So long story short I looked her site up and was sold from first click! I sent Jillian an email and told her about a few places in Beacon Hill her products would be prefect for. And of course also let her know about my blog, so everyone wave hi to Jillian!

We have been so lucky to be introducded to both Chole and Jillian's let's get on it and buy buy buy!

I'm off to Whole Foods (via the O'B Jeep thx Sara) to pick up some goodies for dins though it will only be good enough to put on the cooking until we hit Chuck-town!

Kimba out... (i've always wanted to say that)

BTW, just so you all know i just learned how to use the link button in a post! This has been a good week for me!



Wednesday, November 08, 2006


If you notice to the right side we have a few new links! Just some Kimba goodies, at first I thought I knew what I wanted to put up, but now I'm kind of at a loss! Next big step is pictures!

I indeed did some throwing away last night. I had four large trash bags, not sure why on earth I thought I needed that much "stuff". Tonight will be spent going through clothes, that will be a chore! I have a small extra room in my apartment, it is called my "closet". My guy said it would be a good idea to clean that room out and move some of my mom's things and the boxes I've already packed in there to give us more room. He's so smart! I already have two bags of clothes and other miscellaneous items I am going to drop off at Goodwill. Or if I find something I think my homeless friends would like I'll drop it off on my walk to work.

I am looking forward to sorting my clothes, I hope to find some yummy surprises. It's always nice when I pull out a little cute sweater I had forgotten about! But then again, I am assuming I'll run across some things that I will not want anyone to know I bought! More later!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

So not little Miss Blog Savvy

I need to sit down with a Blog Help manual and figure this thing out. I long for the day's of being able to post pictures and links. I am pretty good with computers but this thing is trying to get the best of me. It won't be long and I'll have all sorts of pictures and goodies for all to see!

I am in the middle of making my KIMBA TO-DO LIST. I looked around my apartment this morning and now I am freaking out! It will be fine. I just have to make a bigger dent in my place and then it will feel like it's coming right a long! Tomorrow is trash day on the Hill so tonight I will be throwing a lot of stuff out. And tomorrow night I can worry more on packing. See I am starting to feel better already. My good friend and fellow BAC associate is going to drive me home tonight so I can take some boxes from work. I am not about to tromp through the Commons or get a cab with 20 Staples boxes.

For those of you who voted.
QUESTION 1: would allow more grocery and convenience stores to sell wine.

I voted YES. enough said!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Chuck-town here I come!

Less than two weeks I'll be leaving the lovely neighborhood of Beacon Hill and moving to Charlestown with my guy. We have been looking on for months for a perfect place. We found a wonderful house for rent but that didn't work out. But there was one little (not so little) place that we kept coming back to in our conversations. Finally we went back to check it out and by the time we walked out we had our first place together!

I spent the majority of the weekend going through my apartment and figuring out what I wanted to keep and what had to go. My mom came to town for the weekend so the second set of hands made it a bit easier. I sure am a pack rat! That is about to change, all the crap has to go!

It's getting late and I have a long week. My mom flies out of Logan at 6AM so we'll be up around 4AM. I hope to get a nice little workout in before heading off to work!