Monday, November 06, 2006

Chuck-town here I come!

Less than two weeks I'll be leaving the lovely neighborhood of Beacon Hill and moving to Charlestown with my guy. We have been looking on for months for a perfect place. We found a wonderful house for rent but that didn't work out. But there was one little (not so little) place that we kept coming back to in our conversations. Finally we went back to check it out and by the time we walked out we had our first place together!

I spent the majority of the weekend going through my apartment and figuring out what I wanted to keep and what had to go. My mom came to town for the weekend so the second set of hands made it a bit easier. I sure am a pack rat! That is about to change, all the crap has to go!

It's getting late and I have a long week. My mom flies out of Logan at 6AM so we'll be up around 4AM. I hope to get a nice little workout in before heading off to work!

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