Thursday, November 09, 2006

Happy Thursday Bloggers!

This has been a quick week. And this weekend feels already gone! Friday night I plan on just packing and sorting of course a glass or two of wine might be thrown in there. GOOD TIMES! Saturday morning we go and pick up our keys and go over the apartment with the Landlords. Then off to look at couches, we're going to check out IKEA and Jordan's. IKEA had some great couches but they don't deliver, and that is a major bummer. So I am trying not to like the ones I looked at in the hopes I won't be sad! But Jordan's always has great things and we'll be able to something we both like! Then back home for more apartment stuff. Saturday night we have an engagement party for some dear friends. It is great because the party is at the 21st Amendment which is right in Beacon Hill, a nice walk! And then for Sunday I'm assuming FOOTBALL and more packing and throwing.

When I started writing this post I had something in mind. So here it is. I know most of you have heard of English Tea Paperie from our girl Chloe. But also am in love with Tres Chic Designs. How I stumbled upon her site is very "Kimba"! I was reading MCM's blog and she had posted about a new polo line called Salmon Cove so I went on over to their site and started looking around at the pictures, they had a picture of Jillian from Tres Chic working at the CK Bradley store in NYC and she had a table with her goodies...So long story short I looked her site up and was sold from first click! I sent Jillian an email and told her about a few places in Beacon Hill her products would be prefect for. And of course also let her know about my blog, so everyone wave hi to Jillian!

We have been so lucky to be introducded to both Chole and Jillian's let's get on it and buy buy buy!

I'm off to Whole Foods (via the O'B Jeep thx Sara) to pick up some goodies for dins though it will only be good enough to put on the cooking until we hit Chuck-town!

Kimba out... (i've always wanted to say that)

BTW, just so you all know i just learned how to use the link button in a post! This has been a good week for me!

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You're the greatest!!!