Tuesday, November 07, 2006

So not little Miss Blog Savvy

I need to sit down with a Blog Help manual and figure this thing out. I long for the day's of being able to post pictures and links. I am pretty good with computers but this thing is trying to get the best of me. It won't be long and I'll have all sorts of pictures and goodies for all to see!

I am in the middle of making my KIMBA TO-DO LIST. I looked around my apartment this morning and now I am freaking out! It will be fine. I just have to make a bigger dent in my place and then it will feel like it's coming right a long! Tomorrow is trash day on the Hill so tonight I will be throwing a lot of stuff out. And tomorrow night I can worry more on packing. See I am starting to feel better already. My good friend and fellow BAC associate is going to drive me home tonight so I can take some boxes from work. I am not about to tromp through the Commons or get a cab with 20 Staples boxes.

For those of you who voted.
QUESTION 1: would allow more grocery and convenience stores to sell wine.

I voted YES. enough said!

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