Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It's already Hump Day?/!

This weekend flew by and this week is just about at the same pace.

Friday, Music Guy and I did a TON of packing at my place. He was such a great help, we both just dug in and got a lot of things boxed up. Then later in the evening we met our friends Terry and Kelley who were in town for their engagement party (see below post) for a few drinks at the 7's. And then it was time to head home to bed!

Saturday we met our new Landlord and got our keys. We had never seen the apartment in the day time, and let me tell you it looks SO much bigger! I am sooo happy with it! Then it was off to IKEA and Jordan's. We decided on the couches from IKEA. And white it is!
That evening was the engagement party, we headed to a friends for some pre-engagement party drinks and then off to 21A for the celebration! It was a great time and a lovely night to boot!

Sunday it poured and didn't even get very light outside, very annoying. We watched the Pats game while I did some more packing. Then we headed up to Music Guy's apartment and did some more cleaning and packing there. Then it was time to figure out dinner. This was our last Sunday night dinner in Beacon Hill so we did what any normal Resident would do, we ordered Upper Crust. Best Pizza and salad's on the Hill! We ended up getting a pepperoni and pepper pizza, and a Greek chicken salad. Yummmm, I could have just gone with the salad. We had gotten it before but this time I thought a little chicken would hit the spot, and I was right! Pat's lost which sucked, but they'll take one in Green Bay this weekend. Which is hard for me being a Packer fan also!

Monday it also never got light, I had a super busy day at work and then spent the night packing and making myself get rid of some clothes! Pretty much the same for yesterday. This is NOT All things Kimba, but for now this is what you get! :)

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