Wednesday, November 08, 2006


If you notice to the right side we have a few new links! Just some Kimba goodies, at first I thought I knew what I wanted to put up, but now I'm kind of at a loss! Next big step is pictures!

I indeed did some throwing away last night. I had four large trash bags, not sure why on earth I thought I needed that much "stuff". Tonight will be spent going through clothes, that will be a chore! I have a small extra room in my apartment, it is called my "closet". My guy said it would be a good idea to clean that room out and move some of my mom's things and the boxes I've already packed in there to give us more room. He's so smart! I already have two bags of clothes and other miscellaneous items I am going to drop off at Goodwill. Or if I find something I think my homeless friends would like I'll drop it off on my walk to work.

I am looking forward to sorting my clothes, I hope to find some yummy surprises. It's always nice when I pull out a little cute sweater I had forgotten about! But then again, I am assuming I'll run across some things that I will not want anyone to know I bought! More later!


clipper829 said...

I have a love/hate relationship with cleaning out my closets. I love getting rid of the clutter and having room for new stuff, but hate the chore of it. It's a perfect task for a gloomy day like today, though.

SO sad about Question #1, huh?

Anonymous said...

OOh, my first English Tea Paperie link! HEhe, thanks for that. One little doesn't take you to the store! Would you be able to link to instead.

You are a star...and glad I found your blog.