Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lunch Prep

I'm back on this allergy diet and this time they have added both turkey and chicken, so if you're keeping track (eggs, wheat, soy, milk, all nuts, shell fish, beef, and corn, and now chicken and turkey).

Pretty sure that is about 99% of all food out there, so it's been a very long last month and I have until Mid-April. SO with that all being said, I have to be crafty with what I eat, and that means prep, prep, prep.

I've tested out a few different versions of the same things, and I have become OBSESSED with lettuce wraps, if it can be put in a wrap and isn't on the above list I'm all over it! So given tuna fish is a) one thing I can have as a protein b) lower in calories and c) i actually really like it. So I decided to put my own twist on tuna salad.

Below is three cans of albacore tuna, about 50 dashes of hot sauce (i put that bleep on everything) and chopped celery. So if you think about it it's like having a buffalo chicken wing. Right?

I also made a pot of chili, it's been my new thing, trying to prefect the perfect chili, this time I have to use ground pork, it's pretty good if I do say so myself! Again tons of hot sauce is key along with red pepper flakes.

I have been living off of fruit, veggies and a ton of potatoes (chips). OH and I am able to have chocolate chips, so yeah, those by the handfuls!

ANY tips would be more than welcome.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


My blogging bestie Suz has been trying to get me to set up a Tumblr account for YEARS, she's kept selling it as more than twitter but not as much commitment as a blog.

Though I always believed her, I never gave it much of a thought, until I found the app and how super easy it is to update on my iPhone. That was just the final pitch I needed to join!

So friends I now have ANOTHER social media site to update/talk about/become obsess with. I'm super excited as I'll use it for a place to document all of the random pictures I take throughout the day. No wonder my per minute miles aren't higher, I tend to stop mid run to take a picture of something that I think is appropriate for "twitter/blog and now tumblr"!

Giddy up!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Who doesn't HEART Lilly!

I tried this little gem on when we were on vacation last month, it was on sale but sadly still way too much, so I've decided I AM going to track this puppy down on line at an even better price! I mean I do NEED a new dress for the weddings we have this summer!

Which makes me wonder, can you really wear a long dress to a summer wedding?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh HI there

Yeah, this whole blogging thing has really gotten away from me.

I guess when you spend a large chuck of your life working the blog doesn't get the TLC I would like to give to it. So instead of being down on myself about it i'm going to say that I've captured everything I've wanted on twitter.