Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summah is here...

Just blogging from the Jeep while RJ drives, I do love having a Verizon wireless air card, minus the fact I have spent most of this drive back from the Cape doing work. But that's just how I roll.

We've been spending a lot of time on the boat, cleaning, entertaining and just enjoying! Its a lot of work, but it's so worth it!!

We've officially named it the Silver Lining. Maybe one day I'll explain (its pretty funny actually), you know it's official when you get tumblers!

Kimba just kicking back on the boat.

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend!!
Thank you to all who serve our Country to make this all possible.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Gone Boatin'

I'm currently writing this while on the Plymouth Brockton bus heading down to the Cape. And why am I on a bus heading to the Cape and not in our fine Jeep with the top down on this fabulous Friday evening?

How are we going to get home you may ask? Well by boat!
Tomorrow morning we're going to pick her up in Yarmouth and motor it back to Boston where she has a very nice home!

To say we're excited is a little bit of an understatement! Talk about setting ourselves up for one awesome summer! Now lets not talk about all of the headace that comes with boating, that'll be another post!

So please get use to a lot of boating talk around here, maybe not that much! :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Navy is the new Pink

I noticed that almost everyone of my facebook profile pictures I'm wearing either a navy dress or a navy polo.

So yes, navy is the new pink.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

No title needed

Has anyone seen the Michael Buble's video for "Haven't Met you Yet". I haven't seen the whole thing only the clip on iTunes. He's pretty hot...until they pan away and he's in skinny jeans and chucks.

Come on.

With that said, I can get over it.

Thanks for all your sweet comments, it's good to be back! But was I ever really gone?!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Anonymous Comments

So I disabled the anonymous comment option, if you're anonymous and want to comment pony up and sign up! Unless you plan on being a jerk because I have no room for that, well maybe a little room, I'm tough!

The reason is I get A LOT of spam comments and then they get emailed to me and it's annoying. I don't use my personal email for sales or any shopping companies, mainly because I don't need to know when JCrew is doing their 20% or when Lilly has the most adorable adds to their line. But it would be a true ATK post if I didn't add Vineyard Vines is the only clothes site I get emails from. Sue me.

Sorry, back to my point. I use my phone as my alarm clock, yes, I'm an adult and use my phone as my alarm. And my phone buzzes when I get emails, so if I get an email in the middle of the night more then likely it will wake me up. Well maybe not really wake me up, but it has and it's annoying. So if some spammer leaves a comment it will email me and also if I get an email on my phone I know it's something good because I have tried to weed out the crap emails. And if I can eliminate the let down of getting a crap email then that's what I'm going to do.

Happy you asked?!

Haha, if I start to get random emails to my personal email because of this post you're all going to get it! :)

Sunday, May 09, 2010


We all know about Bethenny's Skinny Girl Margarita recipe - a whole lotta this and that oh and a hint of lime juice.

I decided I'd try a little twist on the typical recipe by making it frozen. I think this was more of an excuse to pull out the blender for the first time this spring. (Protein shakes don't count).

Skinny girl version

2 oz of Clear Premium Tequila
Tiny splash of Orange Liquor
Juice of 4 Fresh Lime Wedges

- Kimba's additions

club soda

cup strawberries

chunks of pineapple

half packet of splenda

blend and pour in wine glass with random plastic Starbucks reusable straw

Funny thing is I just went to her actual site to get the measurements to copy and paste and she has a video of her doing it frozen. So disregard, she's got it covered!


Showin' some leg

Now if you're a RHNYC faithful you've heard all the chatter the girls have with Kelly about her short dresses this season (well every season). But they all seem so surprised by her leggy baring dresses. Have they not seen the trends the last few seasons?!

While in Florida in March I went to the Vineyard Vines outlet and tried on all styles and types of their classic dresses. I was a little bummed that we really didn't mesh well. Though it may have been less the dress and myself and more the fact I had to take a step back and face I was not going to be able to buy ALL of them. Or if i'm being perfectly honest, I may just be too old to pull off their dresses. For some reason they're all so damn short!

So I ask you this, am I the only one who is finding that the cute summer dresses are just a little leggy?

Maybe I just have to learn to be a little more graceful when well doing just about anything in this new trend.


To think it's been 3 months since I have blogged. Good thing for twitter!

To also think I have been back and forth between Boston/LA more times then I can count with a trip to Wisconsin and Florida thrown in there. I think for the time being my by coastal way of living is going to slow down for a little bit. I was this close to getting my mail sent there every other week!

I've been composing and erasing blog post in my head for months, nothing other then a little of this and that. I know I tend to say this, but I think I'm truly coming back. I miss posting about whatever comes to mind. But the ongoing crap in Preppy Blog Land has really taken the fun out of it. But hey, you can't control it all!

This is just me dipping my toe in the water, but I plan to jump right in soon!

A very very Happy Mother's Day to all of my wonderful blogging mommas out there, and of course the happiest Mother's Day to the very special moms in my life! Mom, Step-Mom and Mother in-law, I am ONE lucky gal!!!

More fun to come here at ATK!