Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You'd think....

Seeing this picture would make me very happy that Sox season is upon us. But for the last month I have not been able to give any of my time to sports. You would also think that has to do with my new job or social life. But no it does not. The reason is I'm still upset about the Pats and I can't commit right now. I will in say two weeks things will change but it's a sad day if a picture of Mikey Lowell doesn't put a smile on my face that the Sox are starting soon!

Ok a little smile did come through!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Welcome Baby Shear

My girl Hill and Torin welcomed their baby girl Stella Faye Shear into the world yesterday morning!!!

I can't wait to meet her! I've seen one picture and it just melts my heart!

If I'm getting this chocked up over Stella I'm going to be a baby (no pun) when A and B of fave couples little guy arrives next month. Watch out ladies!

We saw our friends baby girl Ashely this weekend she is so cute and so sweet. Lots O' babies and kiddies in our life, we're very lucky!

I'm home now but doing work so i better get back to it! (yes, it's 7:15).

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Workin' and babies

NOT working on....

I've been on-line for a good 6 hours doing work on and off. This is the first weekend I've been able to hook up my work laptop from home. And I'm getting good use out of it. I am so happy as I brought a ton of work home that if I got done this weekend it will really help me this week.

Tomorrow morning the sweetest friend of mine Hillary, will be giving birth to her first child (baby girl!).

Here is a picture of us from her shower two weeks ago! She looks pretty fab eh?/!

Can't wait to to get Torin's email tomorrow and finally find out what our little "Shirl's" name actually is! Oh and that she will finally be welcomed into their world.

We love you guys!!!!

**Hill and Torin have not let anyone know what they're naming their little bundle of joy so her BFF Sooz named her "Shirley" until she's born** It really is pretty cute!

Friday, February 22, 2008

19 out of 20...

Fun little game for a snowy Friday!

Are you wicked smarrrtt

What did you get?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Spring Cleaning

We're all lucky here in the Commonwealth as it is 55+ outside and most of us have the day off (hopefully)! 

So what are we doing in Chez Kimba, spring cleaning of course. We currently have 4 big black bags full of "trash". A lot of the stuff we're throwing away are things we moved here, and if we're going to move again we are NOT moving this stuff again. I'm a bit of a pack rat. So much so in one rubbermaid bucket I found a math notebook from 1996. That's right, my freshman year of high school. So that means I moved it from Wisconsin to three apartments in Mass to Charlestown. That will stay between you and me, ok!

So that brings me to wonder what things have you found when moving you couldn't get over you kept (or would not want to admit you've kept)? 

By the way, I have the windows open, if i didn't already wish for spring, this does not help!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Anybody there?

I'm back up and running.

Hope you're enjoying the long weekend!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday email

Hill and I were emailing today about her shower this weekend! She has never meet Music Guy before so here is a little part of an email we had today. Pretty funny if you ask me!
“Um, also, can we please discuss how AWESOME your fiancĂ© is????  LOVE HIM.  Torin loves him too, it’s cute :).  He’s like dude, Ryan was AWESOME, I totally want to hang out with him again.  Loved it.  Not that I thought you would be marrying a douche of course, but it was lovely to finally meet him and hang out with him :).”
Here you have it! I'm not marrying a douche!!! I could have told you that, but having Hill say it really makes me laugh!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Here I am....


All is well at chez Kimba, over the top busy but doing well!

It hasn't entirely been all work and no play, i've had a little fun this week. 

Work is going really well, i'm super happy but don't get me wrong i'm wiped and stressed 24/7 but I know that'll change. I give all of you working moms so much credit, I have no idea how you do it.  

Friday evening I got home from work at 7:15 (mind you it takes 15 min to get home) and Music Guy's parents were due to arrive any minute, i've never felt like a worst host. But hey it's family and we were going out to dinner so it was fine, you know that feeling right? We had dinner at Paolo's in Charlestown and it was yummy! I had Scallops Risotto and some great Pinot Grigio. Though dinner was wonderful I realized I guess i'm not as big of a scallops fan as I thought i was. I am one of those people who order the most terrible things when we go out to eat. I have a thing going with MG that if I order something he thinks I won't like he can't let me order it. I've been saved by that before, but Scallops sounds safe so I thought. Anyone would have loved the dish.

Saturday we worked out and picked up a baby gift for a couples baby shower we were going to that afternoon. I know what you're thinking a couples sower for a baby, poor Music Guy. But not so fast, it was for a gal I work with and there is a group of us that are all around the same age (of course once again I was the youngest) so it really was a party. I hope to post pictures, they had some really cute v-day details. And like any normal baby shower they had a full bar and packed cooler. It was a pink and red theme and I would say I was the most pink decked out one of the group. Shocked I'm sure. Music Guy had a ball and so happy to finally meet the crew I always talk about. And they were happy to know I really did have a husband to be, guess I need to get out with them more. We came home and made a great dinner, steaks and tater tots. Dude, most underrated side on earth, oh yeah and veggies.  

Today we went to breakfast with MG's parents and then we all went to look at some open houses. Eight to be exact. It rained, snowed and hailed all during our trek around Charlestown. We saw one we really liked, I'm about to do some research on the street and the deeds on the place. It's not in our ideal location, but knowing the area street by street doesn't hurt. Let me poke myself in the eye first. 

This week will be even crazier than the last, but hey I signed up for it! 

Boring post I know. I need to find a work/life balance and when that happens I'll have more "fun" things to talk about!

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

He asked and she said YES!!!

I'm not going to lie I'm not a fan of phone calls first thing in the morning. Not for any other reason then I'm sure the next person would say.

But this morning was different.

I got a call at 7:14am from none other then the ohh so lovely Sara and one would think right off the bat that she was calling to tell me they got engaged (which is what I frist thought) and then I was like oh god she has a really good story for me that can't wait. Well both of which are true! My Sara is tying the knot to her oh so wonderful guy Ben! He's a gem and she is just out of this world fab so in my eyes it's a great match!

Make sure you head on over and keep up on her wedding idea's Lord know she has some great ones!

Congrats hun, i'm going to be with you everystep of the way like you are with me!

NEXT STOP ALLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

We lost

it sucks.

My day....

A time line of Kimba's Sunday:

7:42am: Woke up

7:56am: Sorelle's for a latte

8:10am: gym

9:38am: leave gym head to Target

10:25am: check out at Target and laugh to the cashier about how I can't believe I spent under     $50. With absolutely NO reaction. Whatever, you guys would have laughed.

10:33am: drive across the parking lot to Costco and pray this does not take too long

11:00am: thankful I was in and out, off to spend over $50 on gas (still not "full")

11:14am: head to carwash to make Music Guy proud I washed the Jeep all by myself

11:30am: swear at myself for washing the Jeep as now I'm soaking wet (we're not able to go         through the "real" wash so I have to do it myself) 

11:35am: off to Cambridgeside Galleria to return a dress at JCrew 

12:00pm Starbucks second latte of the day

12:30pm Johnny Foodmasters for the final touches to our Super Bowl "party" (along with every other person in Charlestown)

1:15pm back home to clean, shower, start cooking and wait for my partner in crime to get home from NYC

2:33pm MG home!!!!!!

2:34am clean, cook, chop, clean, cook, cut...Miller time?

3:58pm blogging watching the pregame

Can anyone tell I'm trying to distract myself from thoughts of the game this evening?/! 

LETS GO PATS!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Super Saturday

I'm checking in to let you know my first day went very well, so well I’m writing this post from work! Ok it's not that bad! Music Guy and his buddies headed to NYC this morning to visit our buddy Kinger. Why I wasn't invited to ride along so I could visit Suz I don't know, men!

I have a pretty good weekend on tap if I do say so myself! A, J and Kateson are headed to see 27 Dresses. It seems most of you who have seen it have really liked it; I also know one of you out there did not like it. I know it'll be "cute" and it's a good girly movie when the boys are away. I'm about to head to the gym and then to do our Super Bowl shopping!!! J & G are coming over to watch the game and I'm in charge of putting the menu together (per Music Guy) he also said he'll be home in time to do damage control! What’s that suppose to mean! :) So I’m thinking I’ll head to Costco, can’t go wrong right? J & G are taking care of the main course so the rest is up to Kimba! Giddy up!

Enjoy the weekend, it’s in the 40’s here and I’m loving it! Smells like spring!

GO PATS!!!!!