Saturday, February 02, 2008

Super Saturday

I'm checking in to let you know my first day went very well, so well I’m writing this post from work! Ok it's not that bad! Music Guy and his buddies headed to NYC this morning to visit our buddy Kinger. Why I wasn't invited to ride along so I could visit Suz I don't know, men!

I have a pretty good weekend on tap if I do say so myself! A, J and Kateson are headed to see 27 Dresses. It seems most of you who have seen it have really liked it; I also know one of you out there did not like it. I know it'll be "cute" and it's a good girly movie when the boys are away. I'm about to head to the gym and then to do our Super Bowl shopping!!! J & G are coming over to watch the game and I'm in charge of putting the menu together (per Music Guy) he also said he'll be home in time to do damage control! What’s that suppose to mean! :) So I’m thinking I’ll head to Costco, can’t go wrong right? J & G are taking care of the main course so the rest is up to Kimba! Giddy up!

Enjoy the weekend, it’s in the 40’s here and I’m loving it! Smells like spring!

GO PATS!!!!!


Cindy said...

I won't be watching the Superbowl (not a football watcher), but I'll keep an ear tipped, hoping for the sake of my Boston area blog pals that the Pats win. Go Pats! (Did I really say that??)

Beth G. said...

Glad to hear your new job is going well! And yes....GO PATS!!!!!

N M B said...

I'm not a huge NFL fan but I always love a good party. We're doing rock shrimp, homemade teriyaki wings, grilled pork sausages, and all of your usual finger foods...guess who will be going to the gym next week!!?!

I'm glad your first day went well!! Here's so many many more!

Anonymous said...

GO PATRIOTS! My son has his Patriots shirt on and I have my work bet sheet in front of me. 2 hours left until the big game!!!

Mel said...

...or to visit me in NYC! i think we need to have an NYC blogger gals meet up.