Sunday, February 24, 2008

Workin' and babies

NOT working on....

I've been on-line for a good 6 hours doing work on and off. This is the first weekend I've been able to hook up my work laptop from home. And I'm getting good use out of it. I am so happy as I brought a ton of work home that if I got done this weekend it will really help me this week.

Tomorrow morning the sweetest friend of mine Hillary, will be giving birth to her first child (baby girl!).

Here is a picture of us from her shower two weeks ago! She looks pretty fab eh?/!

Can't wait to to get Torin's email tomorrow and finally find out what our little "Shirl's" name actually is! Oh and that she will finally be welcomed into their world.

We love you guys!!!!

**Hill and Torin have not let anyone know what they're naming their little bundle of joy so her BFF Sooz named her "Shirley" until she's born** It really is pretty cute!


RED said...

ha, I brought home work this weekend (and actually got stuff done) too!
LOVE your pink jacket! (and the fabulous green necklace!) so chic Kimba!

IrishEyes said...

You look like you could be sisters!

After seeing your beautiful smiles and resemblance, the next to notice was your great pink blazer with a green necklace! So Kimba is right! :-)

I too brought my computer home to do work but never even took it out of the case. Had a great weekend but now I am definitley paying the price!

Southern Sugar said...

Congrats to your friend. Please tell us what she names the baby. I spy a KEP Designs necklace.

Perfectly Plump Preppy said...

You girls look v sweet in that picture. I love the necklace you are wearing :)