Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Welcome Baby Shear

My girl Hill and Torin welcomed their baby girl Stella Faye Shear into the world yesterday morning!!!

I can't wait to meet her! I've seen one picture and it just melts my heart!

If I'm getting this chocked up over Stella I'm going to be a baby (no pun) when A and B of fave couples little guy arrives next month. Watch out ladies!

We saw our friends baby girl Ashely this weekend she is so cute and so sweet. Lots O' babies and kiddies in our life, we're very lucky!

I'm home now but doing work so i better get back to it! (yes, it's 7:15).


Perfectly Plump Preppy said...

Congrats to your friends :) I love the name Stella, how beautiful.

dmmlandcruiser said...

Very exciting. It does feel like Babyville around Blogland lately!!!

Suz said...

Yaaay, Love the name Stella.

Southern Sugar said...

I love the name! Thanks for sharing.