Sunday, February 03, 2008

My day....

A time line of Kimba's Sunday:

7:42am: Woke up

7:56am: Sorelle's for a latte

8:10am: gym

9:38am: leave gym head to Target

10:25am: check out at Target and laugh to the cashier about how I can't believe I spent under     $50. With absolutely NO reaction. Whatever, you guys would have laughed.

10:33am: drive across the parking lot to Costco and pray this does not take too long

11:00am: thankful I was in and out, off to spend over $50 on gas (still not "full")

11:14am: head to carwash to make Music Guy proud I washed the Jeep all by myself

11:30am: swear at myself for washing the Jeep as now I'm soaking wet (we're not able to go         through the "real" wash so I have to do it myself) 

11:35am: off to Cambridgeside Galleria to return a dress at JCrew 

12:00pm Starbucks second latte of the day

12:30pm Johnny Foodmasters for the final touches to our Super Bowl "party" (along with every other person in Charlestown)

1:15pm back home to clean, shower, start cooking and wait for my partner in crime to get home from NYC

2:33pm MG home!!!!!!

2:34am clean, cook, chop, clean, cook, cut...Miller time?

3:58pm blogging watching the pregame

Can anyone tell I'm trying to distract myself from thoughts of the game this evening?/! 

LETS GO PATS!!!!!!!!

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IrishEyes said...

I am exhausted reading your day! Filling up the gas tank AND washing your jeep?, what a good "wifee to be!" :-)