Friday, July 31, 2009

Vineyard Vines Love Vol. 39871

**Nothing like a little VV talk to break me out of my normally programmed tweets and bring my thoughts to blogger.

While sitting in traffic I looked down at my collection of Vineyard Vines totes and thought gosh I NEED TO CLEAN THESE PUPPIES! And I posed the question on Twitter and got a few different suggestions, one was to put it in the washing machine on gentle and that did the trick, one said to NOT put it in the washing machine and to spot clean it or dry clean them. I have spot treated them over the years and it has worked but to be honest, I just don't want to take the time over and over. And if at the end of the day that is what it takes, I'll do it, but why not throw the question to all of you (though most of you are on twitter, maybe I just want a collection of answers!)! If you have any tricks, suggestions or even horror stories please share!

To pass a little time I decided to try out intense spot cleaning on my VV clutch. Below is a before picture, believe me that things was DIRTY, I use it daily as my normal wallet and though it's a bit of a pain to always search through it to find my coffee punch card or whatever else I've shoved in there, I love it and don't foresee changing my daily use until fall/winter!

I sprayed it with Shout Advance, inside and out. I wanted to test out the inside too as it is the same lining as the inside of the tote bags.
This is a little flawed as one picture I did not get was me scrubbing it inside and out with my nails to get the Shout in and to hopefully get the dirt out (hands were covered in Shout, forgive me). I then filled the sink with cold water and submerged it while rubbing it together using my nails yet again. I kept squeezing out the water and making sure I was getting all of the Shout out once I could tell it was getting cleaner. Lots of rubbing and rinsing, you all know how that works.

Because it is so humid out, I figured I would let it air dry outside! If it was sunny out I would have put it in the sun, but the rain decided to YET again make an appearance so the porch was my only option. You can really tell it did a great job, not going to know for sure until it dries, but i'm happy thus far!

AND when you're on the Cape and you're passing time, what else is more fitting then adding a "Kimba Cocktail" into the mix. Vodka, Soda Water and a splash of Light Cranberry Juice. (Though you should really all know that by now)!

Figured it would dry better upside down!
Now as I sit back and enjoy my "Kimba cape Cocktail" I will wait for all of your tips on how to keep these gems clean! Also i'll spare you from suggesting to just buy a new one though it's a great thought and it did cross my mind, it's not happin' anytime soon!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Tuesday morning I packed up 4 tote bags drove to work and couldn't wait to be done for the week! That's right, we took off Wednesday-Friday and headed to the Cape! We drove separately so at about 4:45 my bossed kicked me out of the office to start my vaca and away I went!

I had tons of traffic and pour rain for the full two hour ride, but I didn't care and turned on the radio and my iPhone charging and was rocking my way down Rt. 3 Cape bound!!!
The continued into Wednesday morning so we headed into Hyannis for brunch at The Daily Paper and to walk around the downtown which is something we would never do unless well we never would. That tells you how much we wanted to feel on vaca and to take it all in! This is my egg beater cheese and broccoli goodness! And of course my standard "dry rye", it was so good! Thursday we had to take the Jeep in to get an oil change, we only take it to the Jeep dealer down there as we want to keep her in tip top shape and they will have records of any work we have done. While waiting we headed to Osterville Fish Too and got a little lunch. I was so excitied about the coleslaw, and it was as good as I remembered!

Finally it was nice enough to take the Jeep top off and it felt so good to cruse around and give the "Jeep wave" in style! RJ formally known as Music Guy is proudly wearing his 2009 FIGAWI Sailing Mount Gay hat! It is not an easy hat to get, and I've already been told the "what's mine is yours and yours is mine" does not apply to this hat!

We headed to the beach for cocktail hour and I had to snap a picture, and then was made fun of, but hey, my mom would be proud! If you spy my neacklas, that was our fab bridesmaid gift from Sara's wedding, a true KEP classic! Some of you have asked about my sunglasses, they're RayBans, and not the typical ones you find, I've been searching for the link, so please stay tuned!

A perfect cocktail for the beach Sam Summer and a super cute monogrammed koozie! Thanks Liane!

A ride on the boat, no better way to spend a summer day!

It was too windy on Saturday to take the boat out, so we hit the beach, it was a great great day, and I loaded up on the SPF, more then I needed to, but this Irish gal needs her SPF more then you know!

All in all we had a wonderful vacation, and I'm not 100% ready to go back to work, but it's does feel fabulous to be home!

Very Proper Improper @BostonTweet

For those of you who either do not live in Boston or use Twitter, you may be a bit sick of hearing about BostonTweet, but get use to it. Kidding, I don't plan to have to many more post about it, but one never knows!

In the latest Improper Bostonian which is the Boston's Best Issue Tom of BostonTweet was pictured and @BostonTweet got a nice write up! And if you click on the link you'll see he used my picture and I got a little shout out on his blog, how cool do I feel you ask...extremely! So if you're local pick up the issue with Conan O'Brien on the cover and flip to page 19 and check it out for yourself!

Big cheers to Tom and @BostonTweet, much deserved!!!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday.....

to Suz (@Suz8)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wishing you a fabulous birthday, you deserve the very best and I love you dearly!

I love these pictures as her super fun sassy personality shines through!
AND finally Suz & Kimba at Fenway!!! It was a great day when we finally met in person, though it was as if we do this all the time!

I look forward to our daily email banter and enjoy your incite on pretty much everything, how can one not love your dying love for the Mets, all things preppy, horse racing, cute boys, O.A.R., blogging, twittering, Bud Light, the Hamps and last but not least your love for your family and friends!
Cheers to you Suz! xoxo

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Short and Sweet

As soon as I get pictures from the wedding I'll put them up here! Here was one I quickly snapped as we got ready! LOVED the dresses, the green really popped! AND Sara gave us KEP necklaces, how lucky are we!

In other sad news, Music Guy's grandmother past away Friday evening. He went to the Cape to be with his family, so I flew the wedding solo. Funny how much you miss someone when you're in a room of 200 wonderful people. It was hard not having him there, but as an Irish Catholic family we keep it close and know the importance of being together at times like this.

She was a wonderful lady and up until her last day she had everyone around her laughing.

BUT to close out on a happy note those of you in New England know how much freaking rain we've gotten this summer thus far, and as of Friday the forecast called for rain. AND I tell you what, someone was looking over them as here is a pic I snapped right before we left for the Country Club. Best summer day thus far for 2009! Sara is one of my best friends and I could not be happier for her and Ben, she is truly one of a kind and they're perfect for each other! I lost my bananas when she read the vows she wrote to him.

BTW, if you follow me on Twitter, none of this news is new! :)

Friday, July 03, 2009

I rarely give advice when not asked...but...

If ONE more blog says "I think I'm going to shut my blog down" i'm going to well i'll going to do nothing. But I don't get how people don't see the ONLY reason their doing that is so you can leave a comment about how your blog is their favorite and how much they would miss you. I give up.

But what do I know I got a DM on twitter this morning that stated the person hated me. How's that for a morning email!

In other news, Sara's Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner last night was fabulous! Tomorrow is the big day! I'm so so excited for her and Ben, love you dearly S!!! I'll post pix next week! The rain will clear for you my little lover!