Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday's Menu Mondays

The oh so super cute Mrs. Newlywed has Menu Mondays and I've noticed a few others of you play along as well, not to be left out of the fun I'm posting our menu for the week!

Now that we've said our final farewell to summer (tear) I am better organized to plan for a solid week of good, healthy options.

Though I have two nights I won't be home for dinner so I have a couple TBD's.

Monday: Chef Salad -
ham, turkey and swiss cheese wrapped together and cut into small bites - hard boiled eggs (I'll be boiling a dozen eggs this afternoon to have on hand for snacks or a lite egg salad) - light ranch dressing

Tuesday: Shake n Bake chicken, rice pilaf and broccoli - this whole shake n bake thing is new to me and it is mighty good and easy, rice pilaf is a personal favorite of mine

Wednesday: Low Fat Chicken Parm - light mozzarella, fresh basil from Kimba's urban garden. I won't be home until late from work so I am looking forward to having this for lunch Thursday

Thursday: TBD - I will be enjoying an ACK night with Amy and Cat.

Friday: TBD - Good change neither TBD options will be used.

TBD options:
BBQ Chicken - at some point I over bought on BBQ sauce
Boca Burgers - always on the menu
Fajita less Fajitas - peppers, onions with a little low fat cheese and light sour cream with other veggies

Well after looking at this, may not hold up as I thought, but nonetheless having this in mind made shopping a lot easier.

While typing this up we've been watching The Patriots, Golf and a Red Sox rain delay.

Also got a good workout in first thing this morning and had two iced coffees, was bummed we missed Mass today, the Lord knows our heart.

I'm keeping track of recepies on different blogs and can't wait to add them to my list of must cook meals.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday = 294

I've been meaning to hit the "mall" and get few pieces to spruce up my fall work wear. I headed over to Cambridgeside Galleria as it's close they have a Macy's, JCrew, Ann Taylor and Banana Republic, easy peasy right? notsomuch. When did a basic suit become so tacky? And what is with black pants and the random buttons and pockets? And why is my size ALWAYS the one that is picked over on the sales racks? AND why do all of the sales people look so young and have no interest in at least saying hi when customers walk into the store?

So with that I came home with one ruffled white blouse I can pair with a suit for $29.99 from Ann Taylor. And with that I came home and went for a run - mid run I decided I would take advantage of living in a very historic part of Boston and climbed the Bunker Hill Monument. Now the last time I did that was last December, it's not ideal for us locals as it attracts many visitors and that does not make for a good workout tripping over people taking pictures.

What a nice welcome sign don't you think? I know I know 294 isn't a LOT of steps, but it's very narrow and you're pretty much walking in a circle on small steps with people coming down and behind you the whole way. (I would recommend not going on the weekends and not going when it's wicked hot).

Seven minutes later a nice view of Boston and the Navy Yard. It was a little packed and I may have "run" most of the steps so it wasn't as fun as it normally is...
So there you have it, that has been my Saturday thus far. I'm always pumped after a good workout so I'm busting out my Lose it app and am going to keep it updated, I'm a huge fan of keeping a journal though I'm not always good at the keeping it part.
With all of that being said I decided not only is it a goal weight or pace I find motivating, there also are more material things. So I'm putting it out there, I will treat myself to a new JCrew Navy Pinstripe suit. It melted when I had it in my hand today, it's far better then the Brooks Brothers suit I've been eying. We'll see!
Quickly here is a pic of me before we left for our anniversary dinner last Saturday! Navy ruffled wrap dress, white scarf and gold shoes...What is that I hear...oh yes you're correct those were indeed our wedding colors. All Things Kimba people...

***As I pointed out on twitter, that my friend is a grown ups solo cup.
Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

9/20/08 - One year ago today

Officially Mr. and Mrs Kimba!

Cheers to us!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Aren't we lucky bloggers and twitters!!!

There are many many perks to blogging let me list a few:

1) You have established a creative outlet and can document it on line for all to see or for none to see it's yours so it's your choice!

2) You can follow and connect with people all over the world who share the same passions and loves that you do

3) If you're as lucky as I am you may actually be able to meet those people in person - and when you do if you're again like me you may have found some of your very dear "real life" friends and couldn't imagine your life without them

4) You all of a sudden seem so much more wordily then you did before you had a blog - "well my friend Libby who lives in Hong Kong just loves it there" or "you know my friend Lisagh who lives in Winnipeg has more Bananno's then any preppy gal I know" or "I hope the Mets win this game in honor of my friend Suz who lives in NYC she is a huge Mets fan" or "OMG my friend Sarah got engaged last weekend, she swore she'd never get married, but I knew she would" or "oh I'm bringing a case of wine to my Sis Erin's house in Richyville, MA to play with her two girls and her bounce house" last but not least I have a TON of friends in Atlanta, NC, SC, TX, IL, MO, PA, CA, MN, FL and all over the South and one sassy sassy gal in NJ I just can't get enough of!

5) OH and you get all kinds of great blogger/twitter discounts!!!!

Twitter Deal:

KEP Designs

Get 20% off online orders now-Saturday: Please use the code, "twitter" to get 20% off ANY order. Online only.

Currently LOVING this look, I am a sucker for the pink and pearls (shocker i know) but what really draws me in is the GOLD. I am in love with GOLD GOLD GOLD on jewelry.

Blogger Deal:
Vineyard Vines 20% - code: Bloggerfa09
Of course not eligible on MLB/NFL/College gear or gift cards. Now thru 9/22/09 11:59PM

Oh and if you just happen to look at the latest Vineyard Vines Fall Catalog you may see someone you know, the Kimba wedding party!

The cation says: "The groomsmen at the Jones' wedding in Hyannis Port looks pretty beachy keen to us".

Just so you know, before I put my Nantucket patchwork VV tote away for the winter I took the plunge and sprayed it down with oxyclean and threw it in the waster and it came out perfect, it took the summer/sand/beer smell out of it...sad but needed to happen!

If those reasons don't keep you blogging I don't know what would!

Happy preppy shopping!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Don't knock it 'til you try it

If you've ever watched Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime you can't tell you didn't love it! Or at least find it kind of funny. I've been enjoying Sunday evenings at 9pm because of this little gem.

It's cute, witty, mindless and darn right funny! If you haven't had a chance to check it out you I would recommend it to all of you. Also those who have onDemand I've found they have most if not all of the current season on there.

I've never watched Tori and Dean until about a month ago I saw it was on Oxygen onDemand while I was on the elliptical and I couldn't take clips of watching Teresa flip the table one more time. So Tori and Dean it was...oh my gosh those two are hilarious, I love it. I know from twitter a lot of you already watch it, but if you don't you're missing out big time!

I will admit I cried once or twice while watching Biggest Loser last evening, how can you not cheer for the whole group! I think they have a great group this season.

Well there you have it a little tv chatter!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Happy Birthday to the most wonderful, giving, smartest and way too hilarious for his own good husband...

When the one you love does not like cake or sweets of any kind you need to improvise on their birthdays. So this year my cheese loving hubby came home to a cheese platter with candles.

Love you RJ!

Oh and because it's his special day, I'm officially changing his blog name from Music Guy to RJ, it's just more fitting!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

So long Summer 2009

We wrapped up the last "official week" of summer on Nantucket! The week after Labor Day is the best week to spend on Nantucket and that is exactly what we did.

A quick shot of the new signs they've put up at all the beaches, a great idea of those who are not familiar with the Island. #19 is "Surfside".

The one and only "Turkey Terrific" from Provisions of Straight Wharf. A classic Thanksgiving sandwich and normally I save this treat for our Ferry ride home but I couldn't wait and ordered one to have on the beach, the sand crunch was free of charge. It's their #1 seller!

A full ACK recap to come this week. I'm happy to jump back into the blogging world, though most of "my" readers are on Twitter so I guess I haven't really been gone at all!
I never thought I would say this but BRING ON FALL!!! I will order myself a Pumpkin Spice Latte and love it! I have already done my tote to purse change over and was happy to do so.
OHHH and what better time to start blogging again with the new fall shows about to air! Wootwoot!