Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday = 294

I've been meaning to hit the "mall" and get few pieces to spruce up my fall work wear. I headed over to Cambridgeside Galleria as it's close they have a Macy's, JCrew, Ann Taylor and Banana Republic, easy peasy right? notsomuch. When did a basic suit become so tacky? And what is with black pants and the random buttons and pockets? And why is my size ALWAYS the one that is picked over on the sales racks? AND why do all of the sales people look so young and have no interest in at least saying hi when customers walk into the store?

So with that I came home with one ruffled white blouse I can pair with a suit for $29.99 from Ann Taylor. And with that I came home and went for a run - mid run I decided I would take advantage of living in a very historic part of Boston and climbed the Bunker Hill Monument. Now the last time I did that was last December, it's not ideal for us locals as it attracts many visitors and that does not make for a good workout tripping over people taking pictures.

What a nice welcome sign don't you think? I know I know 294 isn't a LOT of steps, but it's very narrow and you're pretty much walking in a circle on small steps with people coming down and behind you the whole way. (I would recommend not going on the weekends and not going when it's wicked hot).

Seven minutes later a nice view of Boston and the Navy Yard. It was a little packed and I may have "run" most of the steps so it wasn't as fun as it normally is...
So there you have it, that has been my Saturday thus far. I'm always pumped after a good workout so I'm busting out my Lose it app and am going to keep it updated, I'm a huge fan of keeping a journal though I'm not always good at the keeping it part.
With all of that being said I decided not only is it a goal weight or pace I find motivating, there also are more material things. So I'm putting it out there, I will treat myself to a new JCrew Navy Pinstripe suit. It melted when I had it in my hand today, it's far better then the Brooks Brothers suit I've been eying. We'll see!
Quickly here is a pic of me before we left for our anniversary dinner last Saturday! Navy ruffled wrap dress, white scarf and gold shoes...What is that I hear...oh yes you're correct those were indeed our wedding colors. All Things Kimba people...

***As I pointed out on twitter, that my friend is a grown ups solo cup.
Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!!!


Ladybug's Picnic said...

XOXO just love reading your posts even though I know what's up from twitter. (where'd you get the dress? I love!)

Mrs.Preppy said...

There is nothing wrong with wearing navy and white all the time. And, I am totally jealous of living somewhere scenic. Dallas is just about as ugly as ugly can be.

kanishk said...

just love reading your posts
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