Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday's Menu Mondays

The oh so super cute Mrs. Newlywed has Menu Mondays and I've noticed a few others of you play along as well, not to be left out of the fun I'm posting our menu for the week!

Now that we've said our final farewell to summer (tear) I am better organized to plan for a solid week of good, healthy options.

Though I have two nights I won't be home for dinner so I have a couple TBD's.

Monday: Chef Salad -
ham, turkey and swiss cheese wrapped together and cut into small bites - hard boiled eggs (I'll be boiling a dozen eggs this afternoon to have on hand for snacks or a lite egg salad) - light ranch dressing

Tuesday: Shake n Bake chicken, rice pilaf and broccoli - this whole shake n bake thing is new to me and it is mighty good and easy, rice pilaf is a personal favorite of mine

Wednesday: Low Fat Chicken Parm - light mozzarella, fresh basil from Kimba's urban garden. I won't be home until late from work so I am looking forward to having this for lunch Thursday

Thursday: TBD - I will be enjoying an ACK night with Amy and Cat.

Friday: TBD - Good change neither TBD options will be used.

TBD options:
BBQ Chicken - at some point I over bought on BBQ sauce
Boca Burgers - always on the menu
Fajita less Fajitas - peppers, onions with a little low fat cheese and light sour cream with other veggies

Well after looking at this, may not hold up as I thought, but nonetheless having this in mind made shopping a lot easier.

While typing this up we've been watching The Patriots, Golf and a Red Sox rain delay.

Also got a good workout in first thing this morning and had two iced coffees, was bummed we missed Mass today, the Lord knows our heart.

I'm keeping track of recepies on different blogs and can't wait to add them to my list of must cook meals.


3 Peanuts said...

SOunds good. I love to see/hear what others are cooking. I posted our menu too....I am in a total cooking mood lately.

Mrs. Newlywed said...

1. Thanks for the shout out. *hair toss* *giggle*

2. Now I want a Boca Burger.

Anonymous said...

I like this menu thing... Planning mine as I type. Perhaps I'll share too!

kanishk said...

I love to see/hear what others are cooking.
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