Sunday, November 30, 2008

3rd Annual Christmas card exchange

It's that time of year again!

If you'd like to exchange Christmas cards this year send me an email at, all information will of course stay private! If we exchanged cards the last two years you'll still need to send me your address as my address listed was lost in a hard drive crashing incident. Annoying, I know but much appreciated!

It's always fun to see how the kids have grown and the fun cards that are sent! So send me an email and let the exchange begin!


Happy Sunday!

A view out the window from our little NY ski vaca!

I do love Sunday's, I mean, come 7pm and the tick tick tick of 60 Minutes makes me unlike Sunday's. Side note: the ticking reminds me of having to go to my room and finish my homework. But Sunday's mean football and football means being cozy in your house rooting on your favorite team and hopefully some good cooking in the oven. So that brings me to what to make? If I had leftover turkey I would make a big pot of soup!

We had a wonderful trip, Music Guy has family that have a house in Ellicottville so for those asking that is why we were there! What a fun ski town, I wish we lived closer as I could spend all winter there! A guy I work with said it is the "Cape Cod" for Buffalo residents.

So MG just said Ebay (paypal) is offering 10% off, damn! And Pottery Barn is offering 20% just for today, I really think with our gift cards and the discount today is the day we get our wine bar. Wish the other party in our house agreed! (no pun!)

As you can tell this post is a bunch of random thoughts, sometimes needed for a Sunday afternoon!

I do want to thank you all for making my trip to and from NY joyful as i read blogs on my phone a good part of the way. The drive there I drove most of the way and the way home I didn't drive at all. The last hour was bummer to bummer on the Mass Pike, and an accident didn't help matters when we got to the Weston Tolls.

Looking forward to a good Pats vs. Steelers game today! GO Pats!!!! And Green Bay, please don't lose!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gobble Gobble

Down the Pike and over the border off to Ellicottville, NY we go! 

We're taking off now and are a little behind plan for our 8 hour plus drive! But The weather looks good and i don't think I forgot a thing! 

Wishing you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving weekend!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

White Coffee

They're many things about Spain and our Honeymoon that I miss but on a rainy Tuesday in Boston the one thing that sticks out is a hot cup of White Coffee! I have been searching online trying to find out the perfect way (hey doesn't have to even be perfect) to make myself a cup at home. Any suggestions from you coffee loving gals out would be much appreciated!

When we were having this cup of coffee at a Cafe we were the only ones not having a beer or glass of wine (10am), one thing I don't think I could get use to.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bridesmaid Gifts

I gave my bridesmaids the Lands End tote pictured and the fabulous anchor koozie (also not pictured were the pearl necklaces and earrings they also received)! These two things have a special meaning to me...because... Lands End is from my home state of Wisconsin, I simply love the totes as they have pockets all the way around the bag. Secondly the koozie is made by our very own talented blogger Magster of Dellamea Designs, Mag was fast and so wonderful to work with! Head on over and pick up some of her monogramed goodies!

Three's a charm

Does anyone know if The Musings of a not so Desperate Housewife is blogging again?


In the mail

Yesterday these three things came in the mail. The new Lilly & JCrew catalogs and my 401k statement. 

Oh the irony. All three are going into the trash unopened. Well I may have peeked at the Lilly catalog! 

Who knew?

So I was just reading and I just read that Madonna and Sean Penn were married, yeah so i had no idea.

I was three when they got married, but still, I should have know this.

Fave A will be disappointed when she reads this!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Readers Opinion:

I want to first start out by giving a big Rah Rah to Kristy over at La Petile Blog for the start of her 31 day challenge for her 31st birthday! You have to exercise for 30 min everyday for 31 days! If you miss a day you add 30 min on the next day. I have also joined along side and so far the blog friends motivation has helped!

So while at the gym I was flipping through the newest Shape (with Faith Hill on the cover, we'll get back to how great she looks later) and the reads poll questions was.

"Should gym memberships be tax-deductible?"

Here are one yes and no they published:

"An ounce of prevention is with a pound of cure. An incentive like this would save health insurance companies and the government a lot of money in the long run"


"Giving a tax break to people who sign up at the gym-but not to those of us who exercise outdoors-is unfair."

The funny thing about the women who said no was she was from Michigan, I've lived in the mid-west, not a lot of runners out in January, but God Bless her!

So what's your take? In all honesty I could kind of go either way but lean heavily towards YES.
I like her wording of "an ounce of prevention" it's so very true. In some area's gyms are very expensive and unless you do just workout from home you have no choice but to pay a lot of money for a membership.

A few Boston/Suburb examples:

Boston Sports Club (unlimited membership meaning you can use any of their clubs) $120per/month
Fit Corp (same unlimited criteria) $89 single - $67 family (that is for one additional person added to the single membership)
Beacon Hill Athletic Club $75

Planet Fitness $10-15 (though they have more memebers then equipment/parking spots)

So there are a few gyms i've been a member of througout my moves around the city. I'm still a member at Planet Fitness but never use it as again you can't park anywhere (or even walk there) and you'll never get a good working treadmill. And also a member at Fit Corp which is right around the corner from my office and there is also one two blocks away from Chez Kimba.

That is a long winded way of saying...which way would you go YES or NO?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Do you Facebook?

I've seen a few of you blog in the last few weeks about Facebook. It's been a fun little connection with people I grew up with. And it's also been fun to find out more about my blog friends! If you'd like to "friend me" my email is kimbakimba @

Moving along, I read on US that Lipstick Jungle is NOT being cancelled per Brook Shields. Now It has be wondering is she just saying that and they're finishing up the season or did my prayers (along with others) get answered and it's still on!

I enjoyed the post by A Glimpse of the Girl Nest Door regarding finding new blogs. I too enjoy searching everyones blogrolls for new blogs. It's always nice to come across a fun new read, and I do tend to backtrack to be caught up! No one likes to be out of the inside joke loop!

I will make a point to start posting the new blogs I find. Some of them may only be new to me, but it's always nice to get a shout out!

Yeah for tomorrow being Tuesday!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bloggin' Buddies

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

Well as i mentioned in my last post CBM and I were meeting up for coffee! We had a wonderful time catching up AND...I got the go ahead from the lovely CBM to spill her great news with all of our Blog friends...

C & M are expecting their first baby in April!!! And it's a BOY!!!! She couldn't look better or be any happier! A big congrats to the lucky and blessed parents to be! Though she hasn't blogged in a while I know she faithful reads every ones blog daily!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Late to the party...

So i just found out Lipstick Jungle is being cancelled...

I swear to you every show I get into gets whacked (knock on wood for One Tree Hill)!

On a very very happier note, I'm meeting CBM for a coffee this afternoon! One of the many perks of working so close! I will make sure to have a patron at Starbucks snap a picture!

This blog is going to get shaken up a bit so hang on with me!


Monday, November 03, 2008


We got some slack for branding our wedding with the coordinates of Hyannis Port so what better way to keep it going then as a Halloween costume?/!

The labels on our hats we put on the hotel welcome bags!
Hope everyone enjoyed!

We went to a wedding in Newport this weekend, it's was just wonderful, i'll get some pictures up soon!