Friday, November 30, 2007

11/30 already???

As my last post for NaBloPoMo (which I sucessfully posted every day this month, and sorry for those who actually read each of them..brutal!) I wanted it to be special! Our wonderful friends TT and Sando's baby girl Ashley is 4 and a half months!!! She is the cutest!

And also has her own monogrammed baby bottle koozie from yours truly! Ashley's parents are proud collectors of koozies, so it was only fitting for Ashley to start her own collection.

Have a great weekend all!

Thanks for sticking with me this month!!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

She's here!!!!

Very wonderful friends of ours had their second baby girl this afternoon!!!!!

We can't wait to see her!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Beacon Hill Holiday Stroll

The Stroll on the Hill always promises to be a fun family Holiday event. It truly kicks off Christmas in Beacon Hill. We'll be strolling along the stroll this year and I'm very much looking forward to it. I was in the boot over Halloween and only walked a few streets. I highly recommend anyone in the area to attend.

North River Outfitter is a fairly new store on Charles Street. (They also have a location in Norwell) I first shopped there this summer while showing my cousin around Boston. As you can see if you click on their link they carry some very preppy items. It is a nice alternative from J. McLaughlin and Blackstone's of Beacon Hill.

Here is a copy of the text from their Newsletter today. And no it just so happens I was planning on doing a BH Stroll post and it's not another KEP plug, though they will be doing a Trunk Show that evening. Just saying....

Please join us for the Beacon Hill Holiday Stroll on December 6, 2007 from 5-9pm. We will have both Thatcher Spring of Nantucket and KEP Designs of New York City at the event displaying their products. Wear your festive attire, enjoy hors d'oevres and cocktails.

View KEP Designs Collection

Trunk Show: KEP Designs
December 6th: 5-9PM

View Thather Spring Neckwear Collection

Trunk Show: Meet Thatcher Spring and see the entire collection of ties.
December 6th: 5-9PM

Don't forget to enjoy Free Shipping on our web site.
We look forward to seeing you and Happy Holidays!
NRONorth River Outfitter

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Grande vs. Venti

Once in a while I will get a Caffè Latte at Starbucks. Today I got a Grande and realized there is only a 23cent difference. Now why wouldn't you get the Venti pay a little extra as it's only milk and it's good for you?

I didn't get home until about 7:45 last night, that makes for a short evening. I was on a mission to finish my Shopaholic Ties the Knot. It has taken me a long time to get through that one, I admit it was good but I feel it dragged on a bit in the middle. I was starting to get annoyed but all in all I enjoyed it. So am I right to assume Shopaholic & Sister is the next one to read? And then the baby? But I feel I might need a break from Becky Bloomwood, I read the first three in a row. I have the Lovely Bones to read but I am afraid it is going to be kind of a dark read.

Ok I started this at 9am and i've only gotten this far? Sad.....

Monday, November 26, 2007

Say it isn't so....

Linda Hogan has filed for divorce. I'm not going to lie i'm a tad bummed out about this. I think this next statement might be chalked up with "your the only one Kimba" I watch Hogan Knows Best. And I think it's a pretty funny show. I do only watch it when I run across it I do not have a DVR series set up.

A good question asked on Hollywood Scoop "This just goes to show you that there really is a reality show curse. Besides the Osbournes, has anyone else survived after a reality show? "

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Back to work

It's been a nice few days off! But i'm already starting to get stressed about work so I know my vacation is over! 

We...err Music Guy spent some time today on  our wedding website and it's almost done! We decided to create our own and it sure is our own! I have to get pictures of the wedding party and add our registry which means I have to actually start to register. Which won't be to big of a deal as we're pretty sure what we're going to register for. 

I did some annoying cleaning today,  wiped down the cupboards inside and out and cleaned the floorboards under the cupboards. Also did a lot of dusting, which is project that could be done daily. Has anyone used the Mr. Clean Eraser DUO? It works pretty well though you don't get as much use out of them for what they cost but it is a time saver. And most of the time that is priceless! 

Well we're about to put up our Christmas decorations, bring on the garland!

Enjoy the Patriots game all you Pats Fans!!!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Wii arm

Yep, my arm is sore. It feels like i've slept wrong, but it's from playing Wii baseball. Pretty sad if you ask me! But I can throw a nasty 93 mph fastball! I still am working on my takes time!

I'm not going to lie i'm going to be very happy when November is over! I need to find a good meme to do! Anyone have a good one?

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and are staying warm! It's chilly out there!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

And we're home...

Traffic was a breeze coming back from the Cape this afternoon. A little under an hour and a half, I will take that any day!

Our "wedding planning" meeting went well this morning. Though I showed up 15 minutes late! Things are moving right along and I'm feeling good about our to-do list. It's long but everything we have to have done has been done months ago. 

I'm home and ready to relax it's too cold for me to head out this evening! It's going to be a long winter!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Day

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

I need to rest up for our 2 and a half hour wedding planning meeting tomorrow morning!

We all got a Christmas present this afternoon. Wii. It is set up and we've all had our turn. All I can say is I need a lot of practice! I didn't do so well at Duck Hunt and Golf, but it is a blast!

Now we're all watching Grey's and I'm ready for bed!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

You are not the biggest loser....

Well my girl Kae was eliminated last night on the Biggest Loser. She looked fantastic when she came back for the live weigh in! I didn't realize Neil (from Marblehead) was only 25, he looks 35. Nothing wrong with looking 35....but there is when you're 25. I wish when they were weighing in they would tell you their height. I like Sami Brady...err Alison Sweeney as the host though she's been looking a little busted as of late. Great show!

It's been a busy last few days. I spent as much time in the office yesterday then I did at home. But I am hoping to leave early today and won't be back until Monday! Looking forward to a very nice Thanksgiving on the Cape.

Hit the gym this morning, I always forget how freaking wonderful it is to have the gym out of the way!

Oh...speaking of Biggest Loser one of the trivia questions was "How many grams of sugar is in one large scoop of canned Cranberries" I don't remember the exact number but it was close to 104. The same as 5 candy bars. Yep, canned cranberries are my fave side dish. Thanks!

I know some of you are participating in NaBloPoMo and I am also trying to make a showing. I have posted everyday and though some are pretty weak it's still a post right? Well the other night Music Guy said my blog is now watered down. I agree but who asked him anyway! So thanks to those who are sticking with me. Something exciting is bound to happen in the month of November for me to post about, I promise!

One thing I am thankful for are my fabulous blog friends!

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Your birthday Dad!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Wedding Blogs

There are a lot of Wedding blogs out there and believe me I've checked  most of them out! I came across one this weekend I've quickly become a huge fan of! Sarah Dennis of Toast & Tables has tons of wonderful ideas and great tips! Sarah recently did a nautical theme post and I of course ate it all up!

Two more work days left for the week and I could not be happier! I had a very lovely lunch with Sara today. It's always nice to catch up in the middle of the day! 

Let's get Mike Lowell a pen here people! Libby he's comin' back!!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Will the Pats score more than 60 points tonight, hope so!

They really are making the Bills look silly, love it!


Sunday Sunday Sunday

We rented Knocked Up this afternoon and damn it was funny! I can't tell you the last time I've seen a movie. I'm not a movie person whatsoever. The last movie I saw in the theater was Failure To Launch. So that was about two years ago. Just not a fan.

What a heart breaker the MLS Cup was. Maybe next year Revs!

Almost one hour to kick-off. Go Pats!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

What dust?

After a great workout this morning I spent a good part of the afternoon cleaning. And if I do say so myself we are pretty much dust free! Always a good feeling. But tomorrow I'm getting after my closet. That should be fun! HA!

We had a nice evening hanging out with the Hicks last night. They got married in September so needless to say there was a lot of wedding talk.

Speaking of you have any suggestions on wedding shoes? What are good sites to check out? And some dos and don'ts?

Hope you're having a good weekend! I was a huge fan of seeing the sun today!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Family Tree?

We were watching Fox 25 news this morning and they referred to a Christmas Tree as a "Family Tree". You have to be kidding me, that's new to me. 

Speaking of, when do you typically get your family Christmas Tree?

We will be getting it next weekend! Hopefully unlike last year we'll get a tree that will actually fit in our living room. Our tree last year was so big when we got home we almost threw it out and it dropped so many needles I swear I was still picking them up in July!


Thursday, November 15, 2007

One sign of stress

my face breaks's a good look!

Now that I got that out of the way!

Pretty funny (if you're me) I received an Outlook Calendar Invite this afternoon from Music Guy. The subject was "Wedding Planning" with a two and a half hour time block for next Friday when we're on the Cape.

I sent one back with my meeting the next day with the florist, I don't think the same humor was still there!

One week until Turkey Day!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Some thoughts.....

I copied this from the knot.

I have finally gotten my head around the fact I am not going to really use hydrangeas and peonies. In September the cost would be over the top and I can come up with something just as nice. It will just take a little time. I am emailing back and forth with the florist to pick a Saturday that will work as she's on the Cape. After we sit down I'll have a better understanding of everything.

white bouquet of stephanotis, Akito roses, and calla lilies with pearl accents.
minus all that ribbon.
Stephanotis have a small similarity to hydrangeas, this isn't the best picture of them, but in person I think they're pretty (cheaper).

I like simple white roses for my bouquet and one rose for the boutonnieres. I am planning on having Vineyard Vines ties and I like the look of a simple rose as is. I do not have the ties picked out. But am pretty set on them being light blue to match the sashes on the bridesmaids.

I sure wish I knew more about flowers! But heck there is a whole lot i'm learing about this wedding stuff!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

First of a few

Here are some people pictures. I still have a few more people who will pass along their pictures from the weekend. Here are a few from my mom!

Friday night my dad hosted a welcoming dinner for Music Guy's parents. My step brother, step sister and their family came also so did my mom and brother. A very nice way for MG's parents to meet my step mom's kids.

As I posted about on Friday we had a 6:30am flight out of Boston. We all got up at 4:30am and were at Logan by 5:30am and in line only to be told we would have a four our delay for "mechanical problems". They had to reschedule us to take the next flight at 11:15am (a flight from Milwaukee to Boston was coming in at 10:45am) which they said was going to be carrying the part to fix our plane. And being the first flight out of Boston means that plane was there over night. So you're telling me they had no idea about this last night and it was only at 5:30am they found it out? There was no notice before 5:30am the flight would be delayed. Midwest Air was recently sold and I can assure you our flight was not full and neither was the 11:15 flight so it makes since to cancel the 6:30 flight and put us all on one. We did get out on time and made it to Milwaukee around 1:15pm. Got our rental car and we off to Madison in no time.

I took them around the UW campus and stopped at a local bar for the freshest Miller Lite and fried Cheese Curds, it was a small order. You really only need a taste, you want more, but really shouldn't.

The rest of the evening was spent at my dads for some family time.

Here I am with my mom and brother
Music Guy and I
Saturday Morning we headed to Union South for a over the top Tailgate party. My Godparents rent a room every year and it is catered with brunch and "tailgate" beverages. 8:30 is a little early, but for the Badgers you have to just go with it! Part of the Marching band comes and puts on a little show. We had great deck seating overlooking the show.

My mom and I

My dad picking on me.....

Here we're getting out game faces on!

The band!

Who ever this guy is....I love your hat
Badger Red

My team came out on top but Music Guy was a good sport!!!

It was such a wonderful weekend I got to spend a lot of quality time with my family and was so happy to share it with Music Guy and his parents! I will have more pictures to share as they come in.

I enjoyed my day off yesterday. I spent some time at Natick Collections, and JCrew I was not impressed with your new store nor the people you have working there. I then went to Barnes & Noble sipped a Latte and read a few errr 5 gossip magazines. Then it was off to get my weekend errands done and tend to the my house cleaning.

We were at the gym a little after 6 this morning and all day i'm a few hours a head of myself. I think my afternoon is going to drag a tad, nothing a Diet Coke can't take care of!

Happy to be home!!!

Dear JCrew,

When this jacket goes on sale, can you do my a solid and shoot me an email?/!



Monday, November 12, 2007

Got Pics?

Yes, but I am having a heck of a time trying to load them.

I have the laundry in and I'm about to make dinner. We're having a Chicken Caesar Salad, very much looking forward to it. I got frozen grilled chicken strips from Trader Joe's, Caesar Salad mix and packaged romaine lettuce. My kind of dinner! Why do it any different?/!

I will post the pictures tomorrow and give you a weekend update!

Hope you had a good Monday!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

And we're home

We had a very uneventful flight back this afternoon. I will update you tomorrow with stories and pictures! And there are a lot of pictures.

43 shopping days left...I am off tomorrow and am looking forward to maybe getting a few gifts out of the way. I do know I'll spend a good hour plus at Target as the last time I was there I was rushed, and I just do not like to be rushed while at Target!

I tried all weekend to blog from my BlackBerry and it was successful. I tried to post on Friday about 10 times and finally it worked. I was getting so ticked, it's "easy" to do it that way.

Off to Papa Gino's to pick up my Super Veggie Pizza!

Saturday, November 10, 2007


I hope this works? Gooo Bucky!

Friday, November 09, 2007

what gives

I have tried to blog from my blackberry about 5 times while sitting here at the airport waiting for our 6:30am flight. Yep, check the time its 11am. We've been delayed since 5:30am.

Our plane just got here and I am praying the super loud lady across from me does not sit near me as I will lose it. Or at least tell her to take it down a notch.

Fingers crossed we get to Madison by game time. Which is 24 hours from now, but who knows! :)

Thursday, November 08, 2007


In this weeks People (Keith Urban on the cover) Reese Witherspoon is sporting a pair of KEP Designs earrings. How cool is that, big hugs to Kell!

Off to sit in a window-less conference room from 10-4 the upside is I do get Blackberry service! Suz I'm counting on you to keep me entertained!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wednesday but my Thursday

This morning my boss asked me if I've even gone home. Guess that's a good thing!

If you have not tried the English Muffin Sandwich by Smart Ones you really need to. They have 200 calories and 13g protein, and ready in under 2 minutes. It's a nice change from oatmeal.

Speaking of English Muffins, I have a good quick dinner idea: Boca Pizza

-Morningstar Farms Tomato & Basil Pizza Burgers
-Thomas Hearty Grains English Muffins
-Shredded Mozzarella
-Marinara sauce
Put the burgers in the oven until they are done, toast up the english muffins in the oven, melt the cheese, spread sauce.

Makes a good quick sandwich!

Enough food chatter.

Tonight I have to get packed for the weekend as tomorrow night we're going to dinner for G's birthday. Looking forward to trying out a new place in Beacon Hill (well new for me).

Yikes, this blog is quickly going down hill! :)

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Election Day

Thank you all for your thoughtful comments, my father is back home and sounding good!

I have an all day meeting on Thursday and I'm off on Friday so today was crazy and tomorrow will be the same. I'm looking forward to a four day weekend! Three weeks in a row I will have had a four day work week! And hope the week of Thanksgiving is only three days, I think I can swing it. We're going to the Cape for Thanksgiving, looking forward to some days down there!

Music Guy downloaded Firefox for our Mac so I finally have full blogging privileges at home!

I was reading on line that the are making a Shopaholic Series movie? I think that would be pretty neat expect for there is talk Becky is going to be American...? Weird.

The Sox signed Shilling, that's all fine and good but lets get Lowell! Do any of you read Shills blog 38pitches

Again, thank you guys for your prayers! As I said he reads my blog and will love to see that! HA!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Thank goodness for two shoes

Today is the first day I've worn two shoes in two weeks. And they are new ones also! I got some cute black flats with a gold buckle on the top.

No more boot, my ankle is still pretty sore but I was feeling like the cast was making it worse as my foot could still move around and it was pretty awkward. So I'm happy to say I can travel this weekend sans boot.

Lots of hugs and prayers for my father who ended up in the hospital this weekend and is having gallbladder surgery today. I talked to him Saturday and Sunday and he sounded good. We're headed to his house this weekend so it's bittersweet timing. Always scary to get a phone call your parent is in the hospital. But he's a touch cookie! No word yet, I've been carrying my cell phone everywhere with me today.

Moving on to happier subjects!

Speaking of cell phones. I think I'm breaking up with Verizon, I've had them forever and actually love their service and I get a 20% discount through work. But the thing is they don't offer the iPhone so that leaves me to turn to At&T. Music Guy and I were talking that it could be my Christmas present! I'm all for that. I am always playing with his and would love my own. And my contract is up with Verizon so it's perfect timing. If I get an iPhone between the two of us that would be three iPods, two iPhones, a MacBook, an AirPort Express and countless other Apple accessories. What I know he really wants is Apple TV, but there is no reason to get that until we have a newer TV.

What is your favorite Apple product?

Sunday, November 04, 2007

So we won!

Yikes... It was a big day in football in the Kimba Music Guy house....

Wisconsin lost...Michigan won... BUT

Packers won big time in the end.

Pats...I am not made for games like that...but in the end they won. I knew they would (until half way through the game).

Music Guy just talked to his parents and they do not yet have TV, but we kept them updated. LETS GO PATS! It was stressful but it feels good!

It really is stressful to be a fan of sports. You lose sleep, you yell and scream hoping the people below you (Zac and Sara) know it's about the game! LETS GO TEAM!!!!

Love love love being a fan!!!!!!!

Last week at this time it was a big night for us Sox fans!

Dear Lord we are so happy to sleep from here on out!!!!

Thanks Pats!!!


That is what it looks like it is about to do. But no it's just going to be dark in less than an hour.

I just spent over an hour and a half cleaning one of our two bathrooms. The second one can wait for another day. I went through my drawers and I have three huge makeup cases full of makeup. I am about to go through them, it is all the samples you get with the free gifts. I no joke have about 50 lipsticks, I think I need to down size a tad. My mom is so wonderful she buys her makeup and then gets the gifts and a lot of times she gets two and I get one and she goes through hers and gives me what she doesn't want. Love her for that!

This morning I went to Starbucks and got my first hot venti latte of the season and sipped it as I strolled through Target at 9 this morning. My kind of morning. Though my parents read my blog now and then, I really should have posted I was in mass at 9am. Then I picked Music Guy up at the gym and we went to the store, hit Home Depot, washed the Jeep inside and out and then home to do the same.

Now it's game time and that's it for the rest of the day!

Hope you guys had a great weekend! 4 day week for me next week. Friday morning we're (along with MG's parents) are headed to Madison for the Wisconsin vs. Michigan football game. GO Bucky!!!! More about that later in the week!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Fog Happens

Famous ACK saying.

The weather here in the Northeast is nuts. In Boston it's not as bad is on the Cape, Music Guy's parents lost power this afternoon. So we're not heading down this weekend. I was really looking forward to it, but weather happens.

Though it's pretty cruddy out it didn't put a damper on our dress outting this morning. I am sticking with the dress I orginaly thought, which is another thing off the wedding to-do's. Every one seemed to be a fan of the dress so I know the two who could not be there will be also. Speaking of they will send out sample dresses to bridesmaids who do not live in LA, DC or Boston and can not make it to the store. So i'm very happy my MOH will be able to try on the dress before we place the order!

We headed to Joe's on Newbury after for lunch. I just love that place. (i'll add links when I get to work, blogger doesn't work well with our Mac, or it's user error). A of Fave Couple and I hit H&M after to check out maternity clothes...Yep A is preggers! And get this their baby boy due on my birthday! Also any day now another friend of ours will have their second girl!!! It's the year of weddings and babies, well I guess it's the age we are. Everyone knows about that! We did a bit more shopping and had a wonderful afternoon. Isn't any afternoon wonderful when you buy two new pair of shoes?!

Hope you're having a great weekend! And if you're on the Cape, hang on it's windy out there!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Happy it's the weekend....

I am so happy it's finally Friday!

Anything good planned for the weekend ladies?!


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Random question and thoughts...

What are the odds that JCrew will do a 20% off sale items soon?

We had a very nice Halloween, though walking on cobblestone and brick is not ideal for me at the moment.

We're going to Aria this weekend to have three of my lovely bridesmaids check out the dresses I think I've decided on! I say think because I had one bridesmaid back out and it kind of has throw me for a loop on things. I had my head set on the dress/idea (mainly because they would get a discount) and now that i'm down one they will not recieve the discount. But I like the dress and will wait to see what the girls say on Saturday when they see them.

Either Saturday night or Sunday morning we're going to head to the Cape to get out of the city which seems like it's been forever.

Major reorganization in my company, but my line of business is fine. And those of you who know where I work don't worry your assets are fine! But it really sets the mood for the people around me.

Major reorg needs to happen with my closet and STAT.

That's all i have for now!