Monday, November 05, 2007

Thank goodness for two shoes

Today is the first day I've worn two shoes in two weeks. And they are new ones also! I got some cute black flats with a gold buckle on the top.

No more boot, my ankle is still pretty sore but I was feeling like the cast was making it worse as my foot could still move around and it was pretty awkward. So I'm happy to say I can travel this weekend sans boot.

Lots of hugs and prayers for my father who ended up in the hospital this weekend and is having gallbladder surgery today. I talked to him Saturday and Sunday and he sounded good. We're headed to his house this weekend so it's bittersweet timing. Always scary to get a phone call your parent is in the hospital. But he's a touch cookie! No word yet, I've been carrying my cell phone everywhere with me today.

Moving on to happier subjects!

Speaking of cell phones. I think I'm breaking up with Verizon, I've had them forever and actually love their service and I get a 20% discount through work. But the thing is they don't offer the iPhone so that leaves me to turn to At&T. Music Guy and I were talking that it could be my Christmas present! I'm all for that. I am always playing with his and would love my own. And my contract is up with Verizon so it's perfect timing. If I get an iPhone between the two of us that would be three iPods, two iPhones, a MacBook, an AirPort Express and countless other Apple accessories. What I know he really wants is Apple TV, but there is no reason to get that until we have a newer TV.

What is your favorite Apple product?


Debbie said...

Good wishes to your father. Praying for a speedy recovery.

Kimba Rimba said...

Thanks Deb! :)

SBCVandy said...

I am in love with my iPhone! It is super addictive. I'll be thinking of your Dad.

J said...

I hope your dad is doing okay! My mom had gallbladder surgery at this time last year and got through it just fine and I'll hope the same for your dad.

Future Mrs. S said...

My thoughts are with you and and your dad!
I totally miss my MAC. At my new job, I'm working on a PC. It's super strange. I love my IPOD nano. It's perfect for the gym!

Libby said...

My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your dad, Kimba.

Donna said...

My husband just got his first iphone. He loves it and is a big Mac guy. I love to play with it and don't tell, but i want one too, even though I got a new phone the day he got his.

Prayers for your dad, Kimba! And good news about your wearing shoes!

Rebecca Jill said...

Blessings and prayers for your dad. My dad had gallbladder surgery last January.

Good news about wearing two shoes!

I love my iPod -- filled with my favorite tunes, podcasts I'm addicted to listening to and my favorite eps. of Veronica Mars from Season 3 and Friday Night Lights from Season 1.

TCP said...

I hope everything goes well for your dad today!!

IrishEyes said...

All the best to your Dad. Kimba, I am sure he will pull through just fine, but prayers are being lifted. Great news about your hoof! That has to be such a relief you don't have to go hobbling thru the airports and the weekend -- makes it tough to keep up! My fav. . .my Nano, just my little $80 Nano that is compact, a bright pink, and keeps me tapping my toes for hours. :-)

LooLoo said...

Glad the read your father will be better!

Oh, iPhone, I am a jealous girl!

RED said...

I'll be thinking of your dad, hoping for a speedy recovery!
Also, hoping you get the iphone, I hear they are awesome, but I'm locked in with VErizon for another year.

(sorry for the delayed comment)