Thursday, November 01, 2007

Random question and thoughts...

What are the odds that JCrew will do a 20% off sale items soon?

We had a very nice Halloween, though walking on cobblestone and brick is not ideal for me at the moment.

We're going to Aria this weekend to have three of my lovely bridesmaids check out the dresses I think I've decided on! I say think because I had one bridesmaid back out and it kind of has throw me for a loop on things. I had my head set on the dress/idea (mainly because they would get a discount) and now that i'm down one they will not recieve the discount. But I like the dress and will wait to see what the girls say on Saturday when they see them.

Either Saturday night or Sunday morning we're going to head to the Cape to get out of the city which seems like it's been forever.

Major reorganization in my company, but my line of business is fine. And those of you who know where I work don't worry your assets are fine! But it really sets the mood for the people around me.

Major reorg needs to happen with my closet and STAT.

That's all i have for now!


Suz said...

did you get in on the free shipping at least? I picked up the black wool jumper/shift dress thing and a clutch for 'just because'.

Maybe they'll reorganize you to the NYC office :)

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing - I was about to order me up some long-sleeved ts ..great sale price, but I know the minute I do it, the sale will happen the next day, so I am trying to be patient :)

Perfectly Plump Preppy said...

I need some closet organization and stat. My parents just had some custom closets done by California Closets and I don't think that is a half bad idea. Plus I would be forced to get rid of a lot of crap that seems to be taking up room.

IrishEyes said...

Lots of GREAT dresses - I checked out the site. Anxious to see what you and your bridesmaids pick! Photos on Monday?

Stefanie said...

Kimba, I'll let you know when J. Crew does another 25% off weekend.