Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloweeeny

I didn't end up going to the rally nor leave my desk at all yesterday. But I did see the replay on NESN last night and it was crazy! After seeing it on TV I was happy I was desk bound.

The hoof is hanging in there, annoying more than anything really. Oh and painful!

I think I'm the only one wearing orange in my office, don't people dress for Holiday's anymore? Like red on Monday for the Sox, and some sort of turkey pin for Thanksgiving? But to paint the right picture, I have on a orange JCrew cashmere sweater with a black suit. The festive pumpkin sweater is for tonight! :)

Hope you and your family have a good Halloween, I can't wait to see pictures! Of kids and dogs! Speaking of, I've seen 4 dogs in costumes and not one kid?/!

Short and sweet, i'm all over the place this week.

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Libby said...

I have no costume for Devil Dog. I am a bad puppy-mommy.

Happy Halloween!!