Tuesday, October 09, 2007

There and back.....

Hope you guys had a great weekend! Go Sox Go Pats!!!

This is going to be a great week, I can't wait until Friday evening.

I had a great QUICK trip home, some much needed quality time with Liane!

I ran by the store to pick up a veggie tray (no joke was only $7.99, where as here it is $17.99) and found myself very excited to see Wisconsin Cheese!
We had such a great evening!

Bride and Maid of Honor....."Now it's only down to 15 choices..."

We meant business!!!

Liane decided on a super cute bridesmaid dress! I have some pictures but i'm going to try to find it on line and post!

You really just saw my whole weekend back home, it was that quick. I'm looking forward to going back in a month with Music Guy and his parents for the Wisconsin vs. Michigan football game!
More later!


Future Mrs. S said...

Are you letting each girl choose their own style? I think that is a great idea to keep everyone happy. If they are comfortable in their dresses, it will show through in the pictures (or so I'm told!)


hello sunshine! said...

Not gonna lie, I'm SO excited that the Sox are still in and those damn Yankees are OUT! (Yes, I live in NYC. No, I do NOT root for the Yankees! My dad'd be so sad to find that out :))

Kimba Rimba said...

Liane is having us all wear the same one. I also am a fan of that idea. I like everything to match and I do not like the look in pictures. But that's just me!

RED said...

YUM! cheese! you look so cute kimba with your dresses and matching cardigans! love that look! looks like a good weekend though, although i'm sure the next time you are out it will be more traditional type of fun! cant wait to see the dress!

Libby said...

Looks like it was a wildly successful trip home!

Nina Diane said...

oh oh....I'm the big ole Cowboys fan and do you think I'm scared about the game this weekend....I won't lie, yes I am! But yeah Sox!!

MMM said...

Can't wait to see the dress!