Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A few details

I added some random pictures of the day, the first couple pictures were taken by our photographer Russ Price, he did a great job and was very fun to work with!

The veiw of the Hyannisport Club
The view from the deck overlooking the Nantucket Sound
Name cards, I cut each name card and attached the ribbon, lots of work!

I ran out of table names so I thought VV was a good choice and we also were using Cape themed table names

The Action Station on the deck during the Cocktail hour, they were making potstickers, the Action Station was a Music Guy must have, it trumped the raw bar

A & B

Mr. & Mrs. Music Guy (you'll notice i could not stop laughing 99% of the day)

Even during our first dance I had the same look

My dads toast

I had no idea how to even attempt to cut the cake, Russ stepped in and gave me a quick lesson

Same silly look, though this time I was laughing becuase i was close to getting cake down my dress

More to follow!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Ok so no picture you take of yourself is that good, but I got my hair cut and I wanted to share!

I got a heck of a lot cut off, I am able to donate it for Locks of Love!!!

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What will they think of next?/!

I am more of an Equal gal myself but I saw an add for this last night and wondered if you Splenda users will switch? Claims to have the same taste, I think it's a great idea!

I am hoping to add more pictures very soon, I am trying to get them all on one site for easy upload!

It is suppose to be the last mild day here in Boston, I feel torn...should I be bummed that it will be getting colder and colder or am I looking to embrace the fall/winter? For now I think I'm going to embrace the fall and tackle winter when it gets here!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Just sayin'

I know many of you are amazing cooks and wouldn't even think about take out but this is too good not to blog about.


What are your thoughts?

Hair on the dog?

The lovely view I had while on the bus heading to work this morning!

Now I see people drinking on the street all the time but doing on a packed city bus...Really? Normally they're sitting in the Commons on a park bench or on the sidewalk on Arch Street. For some reason this threw me for a loop this morning.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Red Sox Nation "Believes"

If you're a baseball fan you had to enjoy last nights Sox game (that is if you stayed up)!

WHAT A GAME, that is all I can say!!! We're headed back to Tampa and we're still playing deep into Soxtober!

Very excited for the Head of the Charles this weekend, always a good time and always a very long day! This is the weekend that really makes you feel like fall has it Boston, the Regatta, Sox in the playoffs and cool crisp days! LOVE IT!!! Oh and the C's have a preseason game at the Garden tonight!
Hope you all have a great weekend and don't forget to sport your Sox gear this weekend!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Quick HI

I hope to load more pictures very soon.

With Market conditions it's been tough to break away, but I will have some time this weekend!

Speaking of the Market I am currently very luckily to be working at one of the top firms in the industry on both Investment and Banking. But don't get me wrong it is still scary as hell no matter where you work or what you do.

Hang on out there!!!! As of now the Dow is up!

Be back soon!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wedding Weekend Vol 2.

And the day begins! We went to Serenity Salon and Day Spa in Marstons Mills, I was very impressed with everything! A big plus is that you have the whole Salon to yourselves!

I guess I succeeded on keeping my hair long for the big day.

Early for a close-up like this, but you need pictures of every step of the way!

My flowers!

The bridesmaid flowers, they didn't turn out exactly how I wanted, but I also wasn't too pickey about how they looked.
One of my many "something blue", as most of you know Carolina Herrera adds this touch to each of her dresses. They use the first letter of the brides first name.
The lovely Kate posing with our trolley "Katie"!
The guys!
The ladies pulling up to the church!

Final touch up before we enter the church.
The two best flower girls ever!!!
So darn cute!
Aww, it meant so much to me to have both my parents walk me down.

Hug it out.

I just love this picture, I just didn't love kneeling in that dress.

I really thought I was going to trip rounding the Holy water.

Awww, Mom!!!

Great family picture, my father, mom and my brother!

And now my new family!!!

The trolley time was awesome and so much fun!

Fave A & B

I took a second to look at my dress before dropping it on the ground and sand.

Bridesmaids, bouquets and beers

We had the most entertaining wedding party and a pretty nice backdrop!

How much better does it get using a dingy as a prop while on Hyannis Port Beach

Two maid of honors, one best man, one newly married couple and a dingy!
The girls and Ted Kenndey's sailboat about to sail past!
Mr. & Mrs. Music Guy
Hyannis Port

I'll post the party pictures tomorrow!!!

Hope you enjoyed!

Wedding weekend vol. 1


I'm finally able to upload some pix, these are just a few shots I thought would tell a good story from the weekend!

One of the many speeches given throughout the weekend, here is Music Guy and I Thursday night welcoming everyone who came down early to kick off the weekend! I'm wearing "pinky" and drinking a Cape Codder out of a solo cup, I kept it classy!
Moving right along to the rehearsal, I will spare you the normal rehearsal pictures of everyone lining up and all that good stuff. Oh and I'll spare showing you the pictures of the wedding party standing around waiting for the cough bride cough who was late. Though I came with three of my bridesmaids so it couldn't have been my fault!

Speaking of bridesmaids, here is a picture of a couple of them (focus on the two brunette) they were giggling through the whole thing it was pretty funny to watch the two of them. The two flower girls were better behaved then they were, i loved it!

The lady to the right works for the church and was well, not very pleasant. After the rehearsal JJ told her she was sorry for giggling and that they'd be fine tomorrow. In which JJ was then told there is no drinking on the premises. Ok then.....

Off to Asa Grill on Main Street in Hyannis for a uber fun rehearsal dinner!

My wonderful Maid of Honor Liane and I! Oh and my glass of wine which by the looks of the picture above and below never left my hand.

Oh here I am sans the glass! We gave our gifts out and each had a little something to say, speech #4 I think for the weekend. And the bags did have our wedding logo on them. I was able to get stickers made and tagged anything I could!

Kimba and Mikey back at the hotel bar!

Yeah Fave A and Kimba!!!!

I swear that is a small table, not just a whole lot of beer bottles. The crew hanging out at the hotel bar!

After this last picture I really don't think there is much need for any other ones from that night!

Next up the day of!!!!