Friday, October 17, 2008

Red Sox Nation "Believes"

If you're a baseball fan you had to enjoy last nights Sox game (that is if you stayed up)!

WHAT A GAME, that is all I can say!!! We're headed back to Tampa and we're still playing deep into Soxtober!

Very excited for the Head of the Charles this weekend, always a good time and always a very long day! This is the weekend that really makes you feel like fall has it Boston, the Regatta, Sox in the playoffs and cool crisp days! LOVE IT!!! Oh and the C's have a preseason game at the Garden tonight!
Hope you all have a great weekend and don't forget to sport your Sox gear this weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

That was incredible - we actually shut the game off in the 7th & were STUNNED this morning when we heard/saw that they won!!! Amazing, simply AMAZING :) I am not excited about having to lose more sleep this weekend, but perhaps we need to tune out again in order to get the win .... ???

Tickled Pink Talk said...

I am still in shock! My hubby came to bed and told me they came back to win (I had already gone up) I woke up this morning and asked him if he really told me the Sox won last night!
Just found you from Preppy Sue I am a Boston area girl too.
Congrats on your wedding, it looks like it was beautiful!


Cindy said...

I remember going to the Head of the Charles about a million years ago! And afterward we went to hte Hong Kong Somethingorother--a giant pink Chinese restaurant--and had this drink called a Scorpion Bowl. They were absolutely the grossest things. Is that place still there? Like I said, it really was about a million years ago.

Anonymous said...

Kimba, most of the time I'm completely happy here in Hong Kong, but your posts, they make me homesick!! Lox

Donna said...

Another fabulous game. We are thrilled for your Sox. Fun to watch them play. We are becoming Youkilis and Papelbon fans. Hated them both last year when they beat my Rockies!

Tickled Pink And Green said...

Hubby (HUGE Red Sox fan - he's from Mass) went to bed thinking it was hopeless and woke up to the surprise of his life!