Monday, December 29, 2008

As Seen on TV - Vol 1

Strap Perfect

And I thought the Snuggie was the best thing seen on TV in ages (Shamwow is pretty close), but the Strap Perfect has to be the oddest product yet! The ad shows the women in skimpy tank tops with big bra straps, after you attach the "strap perfect" you look like you lose 10 pounds and gain a cup size. 

What will they think of next?!

Friday, December 26, 2008


I know it's the Holidays, but i couldn't let this pass.

She is looking pretty scary.
**Courtney Love

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


We're about to head down to the Cape for the night and then it's back into the City to host Christmas dinner! 

Two years ago today, my mom and I went to the Cape for Christmas and little did I know what Music Guy had in store for me! We got engaged and it was in the 50's and there was no snow a perfect setting for a beach engagement! 

I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful husband, family, friends and of course all of my blogging friends! I'm one lucky gal!

Merry Christmas to you all!!!



Monday, December 22, 2008

My two picks...

I am going to go ahead and try my luck at a pair of Uggs with a Burberry tote on my arm.

I wore my winter boots all day while I was running around from store to store and I don't need to replace them yet, they're as good as new so I would be getting the Bean Boots just because I "wanted" them.

I also have a good black purse and I think the Burberry tote would be a fun add to my bag collection. And I showed Music Guy both of them and didn't like the kate. Not sure how on earth he couldn't like it.

Thank you all for your help, it was fun to read what you're picks would be! I'll let you know what I think when my purchases arrive. I will let you all say I told you so if I regreat not getting the kate spade purse! :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Purse-onal choice

I'm going to get one of these two purses, but I'm not sure exactly which one, a little help would be wonderful!

kate spade medium shopper
Burberry Haymarket tote

I am thinking about the Burberry, what do you think?

Christmas Parties and Coughing

So I'm still sick and like Music Guy said we shouldn't go to our friends Christmas Party because of it. But I've been so ba humbug the last few weeks that I figured a fun filled Beacon Hill Christmas Party would do the trick to get me into the spirit! I think it worked! Though my cold is not any better (dare i say worse). Here's a little picture of my new friends I met at the party last night, Hadley, Kim & Kimba. Kim and I of course bonded over our name, at one point she asked her friend if she should starting using "Kimberly" instead of "Kim", too cute! They were a fun group to hang out with! MG's sister J and her husband G were there also, it's always nice to see them!

My doctor was on call today and I spoke with him this morning and he said "God you sound terrible", I pay good money for that advise people! He told me to keep doing what I'm doing and to come in tomorrow morning and see him. Just by talking to be on the phone he thinks it's bronchitis. So I did ask him if I could skip the visit and if he could just give me some drugs, he didn't think that would work and wants to do a chest x-ray as I have asthma. So let's look at the upside of going to the Doctor's: the office is in Beacon Hill right by the Whole Foods, and I need to do our Christmas dinner shopping. I can then run quickly to Trader Joe's to get the rest of the shopping done, i.e. buy wine! Has anyone had the Trader Company wine (Velvet Moon, Honey Moon) it's $5.99 and pretty good! Thanks A for bringing it over! I'm already taking tomorrow as a vacation day so I'm happy to not have to go during work.
Did i mention my ribs hurt from all of my coughing? I don't think I'm a baby when it comes to being sick, but this cold might be different. Let's just pray I get better in time for Christmas, no body wants me coughing all through mass.
Has anyone ever tried a Neti Pot? My dad says it worked wonders when my step-mom was sick. So I might quickly run out and get one, why not?! Though the going out part doesn't seem to appealing.
Can I tell you Facebook is the new "we need to exchange phone numbers/email address", it's now, "Are you on Facebook, if so what's your last name so I can friend you", it's a good way to know way more about a person then you ever wanted to. And you have a better probability to hang out if you're seeing what they're doing all the time. That being said, I have three new friends from the party last night. They were super fun girls and I look forward to seeing them again!

Random post I know, I'm watching the Pats game, blogging and trying not to annoy my husband by coughing all over the place. I think he's fed up with the extra noise in the house! :) In sickness and in health my friend!!
Back to bed for me. Humph!

Friday, December 19, 2008


I wanted to take this time to wish my wonderful mother a very happy birthday!!!

You have been my rock and best friend for the last 26 years, I love you dearly!

Here is to many many more!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bunker Hill

Check out this blog post for what has been going on in my neck of the woods! 

Bunker Hill Pilot

It was of course all the buzz while I was getting my hair done tonight. Staring in the new Pilot is Donnie Wahlberg, Brian Dennehy and Bridget Moynihan. My stylist wants to break into Hollywood doing hair and makeup so she strutted her stuff over to meet the on site makeup person and was able to get his # and has already shown him her work and they have a meeting set up for her to help him when he's in town. She's a total rockstar so I'm not surprised she was able to wow him! She also was on set with them while they were shooting in East Boston and "Southie" South Boston. 

Well speaking of my neck of the woods, we're supposed to get a mighty snow storm tomorrow afternoon that will be similar to Dec13 2007 snow storm.
You can read my post from last year here. Good luck my Boston friends, I don't want to read any stories of any of you sitting in your car for 8 hours trying to get home!

Let it snow!!!


H aka Kapa Prep aka Monograms and Manicures has been blogging this week about boots, a great blogging subject I might add! She has posted some very cute ones that I would love to scoop up this second! So it got me thinking about my boot situation (a little different type of boot but that's living in New England).

I am about 90% sure I've talked myself into getting Uggs. I've heard how comfortable they are and that they keep your feet dry and warm. Which is huge for commuting in Boston, I never thought I would break down and get a pair but this winter might be it.

But today I got to thinking about the Bean Boots, would it make more sense to get those over Uggs? Now that we're home owners I foresee a lot of shoveling in my future. I do have Columbia boots that I got my freshman year of college because my mom said I HAD TO HAVE THEM if I was going to walk around campus in the Wisconsin winters. I've worn them a handful of times but not much, they're very bulky.

I like the classic look of these and love rubber moc boot, but they are not good for tromping through the snow.

Bean Boot:
Though this is what I think of every time I think about owning a pair of Uggs.

I know I've really listed two totally different types of boots. But do I go for the Uggs because I already have winter boots or keep my Ugg dream alive for another season and get the Bean boots?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"The Tree"

Our tree Mr. Chubster fell over last night. I was already in bed watching back to back to back episodes of Real Housewives of Orange County, don't judge I'm sick! When MG came in the room and asked if I would mind helping him. I came out and there was leaned up against the wall (neatly placed after it took a digger) with the ornaments all over the floor.

So after work this evening we will be redecorating our tree.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


We had such a wonderful time at the wedding this weekend! Their theme was the song from Lionel Richie "All Night Long", it was featured in little parts through out the wedding. I'm bummed I don't have a lot of details pictures, more dancing ones! But I will post when I get more of our friends pictures. It was awesome! The reception was at the EpiCenter in South Boston, I am a huge fan of cocktail receptions! The night turned into a full on dance party!

How cute is this sign, it was hung up as you walked in!
A view from above the par-tay

A list of the signature drinks and the menu for the evening

Kimba & A's clam chowder

My new friends, she's from Madison, Wisconsin! And we dressed alike!

Kryan & The Hicks

Kimba & Fave A

A few the men in the picture may or may not read ATK now and then

You will not meet a person who loved taking pictures of themselves more then me!

And...ARM LIMBO!!!! (And yes that is MG on the left)

Fake stashes for the crew

I will post more pix when i get them!

Monday, December 15, 2008


I'm rocking a pretty bad cold and I was actually told by my co-worker I should go home early as my coughing was scaring everyone. I agreed and took off, though it was 4:15, still I beat the traffic and was able to jump on the bus without waiting!

The upside, i'm at home working with a rerun of Wife Swap on. The show is so bad it's kind of good, I never watch it but when I do I get a big kick out of it!

I was happy to beat MG home so I could turn all of the Christmas Lights on and he could see how nice it looks when I come home everynight and their on!

I'll be posting our weekend wedding pix tomorrow!

Now TMZ is on, only bad TV is allowed when I'm home alone! (Too bad I already watched last weeks Starter Wife!)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tree - 2008

Here you go, our tree! It doesn't look as big in the picture, but believe me the thing is massive.

In honor of the Pats game that is on right now!

This was the favor at the wedding last night, a glass ball and the ribbon has their name and wedding date on it. Super cute idea!

Ho Ho Ho

Sunday = Funday

The weekend has been wonderful! We got and decorated our tree Friday night, we had the fire going, Christmas tunes playing and the Celtics in the background. A perfect evening in my book! (If you want a good laugh you can go back to Dec. 11, 2007 post and look at our tree from last year!) Every year we say we're not going to get a huge tree and this is our third tree together and well it's the biggest yet. Maybe next year!

Saturday I was up early and out to the mall, in which i walked around aimlessly for an hour, very unproductive! I figured to make my outing worth it I would head to Trader Joe's and get the weeks shopping out of the way. I got a whole slue of different wines to try, we're hosting Christmas dinner so I loaded up. And of course I ran into someone I work with and luckily it is the holiday season and the multiple cases of wine could be justified!

Moving right along! I got home and bundled up and went out for a run, it wasn't too bad actually though when I ran along the Navy Yard the wind was pretty fierce. I continued to the Bunker Hill Monument, it is never open when I got for my runs but finally I timed it right! 294 stairs later I was finally at the top, it was absolutely beautiful and such a clear day. I had my phone with my so I got some pictures!

A view of the Boston skyline and the harbor

Anyone who lives local or visits Boston I would recommend doing this, it's a bit of a "hike" but it is very worth it when you get to the top. I also don't know how people could do it in the summer, it would be way to hot for me! I live a few blocks from there so I ran almost home and walked the last block, where I stepped wrong on the sidewalk and rolled my already bad ankle and took a big digger. I hobbled to the nearest bench and pretty much teared up it was so painful! I was so pissed, not sure if I was upset because I know I need to wear a brace on it when I workout or that we were going to a wedding in a few hours and I only had heels to wear. So I gimped home iced it and sucked it up and went with my original heeled plan!
we hopped in the cab with A & B and headed over to the Boston College Chapel for the wedding, what a beautiful Church! And the reception was at the Artists for Humanity EpiCenter in South Boston. It was a cocktail reception and so a full out dance party, we had a blast! I will upload some pictures in a separate post!
Needless to say today I am on the couch with a bag of ice and walking is not too easy. But I'm hoping tomorrow it will be on the up, because this truly sucks!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Vita Muffins

I have been so busy this morning that I couldn't take time to run to and put my muffin in the microwave so I instead thawed it out on my PC fan under a lamp. Not my finest moment!

We have our final wedding of the year this weekend and I can't wait! It is being held in Boston which is even nicer for us city folks! I know the Bridesmaids are wearing black dresses but it is an evening wedding and i've told myself it is acceptable to also wear a black dress as what else does one wear to an evening wedding in the winter!

We're getting our tree tonight! And it happens to be 60' in Boston, though it is raining right now and it is back to freezing tomorrow, i am loving this weather!

That's right, we don't have our tree and I have zero shopping done. And with said wedding this weekend, I don't see a whole lot of my shopping getting completed. It might be a cyber type of year, it will be a light year I can tell you that!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Gym vs. Lunch debate

Colleague: "We're headed out to lunch want to join us"

Gym goer: "No thank you, I'm headed to the gym"

Colleague: "You're going to the gym during work"

So let me ask you this...Why is it ok to go out to lunch for an hour and chit chat but if you go to the gym for an hour your "slacking".

Just sayin'

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

All Bull...

Market that is!

This picture is of three favorite things on my desk: my Black Dog nalgene bottle and the Stock Exchange Bull, I'm very optimistic that soon enough we'll be in a Bull Market!!!

See what a ton of iced coffee can do to this gal!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Wrap it up

If you look at these three pictures you can tell I'm a huge scarves! And if you also look at these pictures I tend to pair navy and white together.

How long do you think this trend will last? Are you a fan? I can sure tell you i'm going to keep it alive even after it's gone!

Hanging in Maine this fall; light boatneck cashmere JCrew sweater (navy)
Honeymoon; embossed JCrew dress

Wedding in Newport; Cotten Candy JCrew party dress

The theme here is navy, white and JCrew. I need to get out more!

One look I do not have pictured here is when I wear it to work with a suit and never take it off. Keeps me nice and toasty! Though it was meant to be worn just when I'm outside!