Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday = Funday

The weekend has been wonderful! We got and decorated our tree Friday night, we had the fire going, Christmas tunes playing and the Celtics in the background. A perfect evening in my book! (If you want a good laugh you can go back to Dec. 11, 2007 post and look at our tree from last year!) Every year we say we're not going to get a huge tree and this is our third tree together and well it's the biggest yet. Maybe next year!

Saturday I was up early and out to the mall, in which i walked around aimlessly for an hour, very unproductive! I figured to make my outing worth it I would head to Trader Joe's and get the weeks shopping out of the way. I got a whole slue of different wines to try, we're hosting Christmas dinner so I loaded up. And of course I ran into someone I work with and luckily it is the holiday season and the multiple cases of wine could be justified!

Moving right along! I got home and bundled up and went out for a run, it wasn't too bad actually though when I ran along the Navy Yard the wind was pretty fierce. I continued to the Bunker Hill Monument, it is never open when I got for my runs but finally I timed it right! 294 stairs later I was finally at the top, it was absolutely beautiful and such a clear day. I had my phone with my so I got some pictures!

A view of the Boston skyline and the harbor

Anyone who lives local or visits Boston I would recommend doing this, it's a bit of a "hike" but it is very worth it when you get to the top. I also don't know how people could do it in the summer, it would be way to hot for me! I live a few blocks from there so I ran almost home and walked the last block, where I stepped wrong on the sidewalk and rolled my already bad ankle and took a big digger. I hobbled to the nearest bench and pretty much teared up it was so painful! I was so pissed, not sure if I was upset because I know I need to wear a brace on it when I workout or that we were going to a wedding in a few hours and I only had heels to wear. So I gimped home iced it and sucked it up and went with my original heeled plan!
we hopped in the cab with A & B and headed over to the Boston College Chapel for the wedding, what a beautiful Church! And the reception was at the Artists for Humanity EpiCenter in South Boston. It was a cocktail reception and so a full out dance party, we had a blast! I will upload some pictures in a separate post!
Needless to say today I am on the couch with a bag of ice and walking is not too easy. But I'm hoping tomorrow it will be on the up, because this truly sucks!


Nina Diane said...

no pics of the tree?

tv said...

Both my ankles have suffered so much damage in years that I feel your pain...and I'd personally be more upset with having to put on the heels. Lots of RICE - Feel better!

Libby said...

Kimba, the tree looks fabulous! And a special thank you for the gorgeous photo of Boston-- I miss it so much!

Merry Merry to you and Ry!

Kimba said...

I will make a point to post more Boston pix for you!!!