Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Vita Muffins

I have been so busy this morning that I couldn't take time to run to and put my muffin in the microwave so I instead thawed it out on my PC fan under a lamp. Not my finest moment!

We have our final wedding of the year this weekend and I can't wait! It is being held in Boston which is even nicer for us city folks! I know the Bridesmaids are wearing black dresses but it is an evening wedding and i've told myself it is acceptable to also wear a black dress as what else does one wear to an evening wedding in the winter!

We're getting our tree tonight! And it happens to be 60' in Boston, though it is raining right now and it is back to freezing tomorrow, i am loving this weather!

That's right, we don't have our tree and I have zero shopping done. And with said wedding this weekend, I don't see a whole lot of my shopping getting completed. It might be a cyber type of year, it will be a light year I can tell you that!


Sarah said...

MAN I wish all brides let their bridesmaids wear black. How convenient would that be?

Jen said...

Actually, for my wedding in August, all my bridesmaids wore black. Our wedding was a Jewish Reform service, and I've seen black dresses on bridesmaids in many a Jewish ceremony - it's not really viewed as an unusual thing in my circle of friends. The pictures turned out wonderfully!