Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Parties and Coughing

So I'm still sick and like Music Guy said we shouldn't go to our friends Christmas Party because of it. But I've been so ba humbug the last few weeks that I figured a fun filled Beacon Hill Christmas Party would do the trick to get me into the spirit! I think it worked! Though my cold is not any better (dare i say worse). Here's a little picture of my new friends I met at the party last night, Hadley, Kim & Kimba. Kim and I of course bonded over our name, at one point she asked her friend if she should starting using "Kimberly" instead of "Kim", too cute! They were a fun group to hang out with! MG's sister J and her husband G were there also, it's always nice to see them!

My doctor was on call today and I spoke with him this morning and he said "God you sound terrible", I pay good money for that advise people! He told me to keep doing what I'm doing and to come in tomorrow morning and see him. Just by talking to be on the phone he thinks it's bronchitis. So I did ask him if I could skip the visit and if he could just give me some drugs, he didn't think that would work and wants to do a chest x-ray as I have asthma. So let's look at the upside of going to the Doctor's: the office is in Beacon Hill right by the Whole Foods, and I need to do our Christmas dinner shopping. I can then run quickly to Trader Joe's to get the rest of the shopping done, i.e. buy wine! Has anyone had the Trader Company wine (Velvet Moon, Honey Moon) it's $5.99 and pretty good! Thanks A for bringing it over! I'm already taking tomorrow as a vacation day so I'm happy to not have to go during work.
Did i mention my ribs hurt from all of my coughing? I don't think I'm a baby when it comes to being sick, but this cold might be different. Let's just pray I get better in time for Christmas, no body wants me coughing all through mass.
Has anyone ever tried a Neti Pot? My dad says it worked wonders when my step-mom was sick. So I might quickly run out and get one, why not?! Though the going out part doesn't seem to appealing.
Can I tell you Facebook is the new "we need to exchange phone numbers/email address", it's now, "Are you on Facebook, if so what's your last name so I can friend you", it's a good way to know way more about a person then you ever wanted to. And you have a better probability to hang out if you're seeing what they're doing all the time. That being said, I have three new friends from the party last night. They were super fun girls and I look forward to seeing them again!

Random post I know, I'm watching the Pats game, blogging and trying not to annoy my husband by coughing all over the place. I think he's fed up with the extra noise in the house! :) In sickness and in health my friend!!
Back to bed for me. Humph!


Liane said...

I must say the Neti pot has been an absolute life saver for me. As you know I am a huge allergy nerd and it makes me so much more comfortable!!! get the neti pot!!!

Nina Diane said...

I hope you are better soon. I'm watching the Pats too....clobber Arizona! Wish I could have said the same for the Cowboys last night....

Donna said...

Terrible that you are sick! Hope you are on the mend soon!

RED said...

Your pink scarf is the perfect pink! I LOVE IT! so luxurious looking as well!
you don't look sick at all in that picture! hope you feel better soon!

tv said...

All my healthcare-field friends keep telling me that I absolutely must get a Neti Pot because my sinuses are a constant mess so I'm assuming they're giving good advice (and I'm just too lazy to go try it). Feel better Kimba!

Kimba said...

Red, I got the scarf at Macy's, I love it!

I'm happy I didn't look as sick as I felt! :)