Monday, December 15, 2008


I'm rocking a pretty bad cold and I was actually told by my co-worker I should go home early as my coughing was scaring everyone. I agreed and took off, though it was 4:15, still I beat the traffic and was able to jump on the bus without waiting!

The upside, i'm at home working with a rerun of Wife Swap on. The show is so bad it's kind of good, I never watch it but when I do I get a big kick out of it!

I was happy to beat MG home so I could turn all of the Christmas Lights on and he could see how nice it looks when I come home everynight and their on!

I'll be posting our weekend wedding pix tomorrow!

Now TMZ is on, only bad TV is allowed when I'm home alone! (Too bad I already watched last weeks Starter Wife!)


Donna said...

Take care of yourself, Kimba! Not a good time to be sick. Your tree and new home are beautiful!

Mrs.Preppy said...

Awful TV is the best when you are home sick.... That is all I have been watching the past 2 days while I am curled up on the couch.